PressOn purchases latest HP R2000 Series hybrid printer

PressOn Purchases latest HP R2000 Series Hybrid Printer.

PressOn, one of the UK’s leading large format digital printing companies, has just taken delivery of the latest HP R2000 Series hybrid printer. The new generation machine prints on both rigid and flexible materials and will help PressOn continue to satisfy continually increasing customer demand in 2019 for high quality, fast turnaround, large format graphics.

PressOn’s joint MD, Andy Wilson commented,

“We have a number of HP machines at PressOn – we run two HP LX 570’s, and we bought the World’s first HP LX 3000 back in 2013. We followed that with the HP LX 3500 in 2015 and then in 2018 the re-engineered version of that - the HP LX 3600. As PressOn continues to grow in 2019, we’ve very happily found ourselves yet again at capacity. So, we’ve turned again to HP and chosen the impressive R2000.

The new R2000 Series represents excellent value for money and produces an incredible colour gamut. It’s printing the glossiest densest whites of any machine we have ever tested - which alone is impressive. The improved environmental credentials offered by the R2000 were also really important to us as our own customers become more focused and demanding for us to prove environmentally sound supply chains.”

PressOn has sited the two other key factors that helped them choose the R2000: 5L water based latex inks packaged in cardboard satisfied PressOn’s requirements for environmentally improved print solutions, along with offering increased productivity, whilst the assisted loading and vacuums zones on the flat bed led to very accurate alignment of rigid substrates.

PressOn have completed their first project on the new R2000 - printing direct to ACM for a hoarding graphics project. PressOn will be utilising the high-quality white inks for the retail environment and see them as an advantage when printing window manifestations – in particular glass manifestations in office environments that often demand white graphics. The odourless prints and the excellent colour consistency across both rigid and flexible materials will also be a great advantage when printing graphics for interiors and exhibition customers.

This machine is just the second R2000 to be installed in the UK. HP channel partner, Papergraphics, has facilitated these, and recently a third R2000 installation, since becoming an appointed distributor for the HP R-series printers.