invests in Mimaki JV33 printer to expand product portfolio

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YPS has 'further cemented its reputation for boosting local businesses' with the sale of a Mimaki JV33 printer to promotional print specialist The County Durham, UK-based print service provider is now hoping to expand its product portfolio to include complementary large-format products thanks to the 1.3m machine's versatility. started in 2008 by outsourcing 'every bit of print.'  The company currently employs eight staff, has a turnover of around £800,000 and can produce 80 percent of its work in-house. The core of's business is in stationery, flyers and promotional gift products, but its investment in the new Mimaki means it can keep more of its banner work in-house and enjoy bigger profit margins, as well as opening up new revenue streams with related products.

"We are delighted with the purchase; it's been a very wise investment for us," says managing director Adam Chetter. "The machine has been running non-stop ever since we have bought it and we're beginning to wonder what we ever did without it."

Adam has dealt with YPS for Epson inks and media since he met Garry and Paul at an auction a few years ago, and knew he could rely on the company for good advice. "When we were looking to buy a new machine we found that YPS giving us their time and great customer service was influential in our decision making, allowing us to visit them to test drive the JV33 ourselves," he says of the pre-sale experience. Since the Mimaki has been installed, nothing has changed: "The customer service is second to none, both in terms of knowledge and response."

So far has mainly been using its JV33 to print posters and banners for stands, but Adam says the company has the potential to start offering canvases, bespoke printed wallpaper and outdoor-durable banners. The machine's quality and flexibility has impressed the team so much that Adam says he would definitely consider buying a second Mimaki. "Since the purchase of our JV33 it has been rewarding us increasingly every week," he enthuses.

The hardware isn't the only thing to have made an impression on Adam, though: the level of service and support has received from YPS has also given the company full confidence in YPS's suggestions. "We have been given a lot of help and advice from YPS and we have had complete trust in it," Adam says. "I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Garry and his team to anyone. I felt just as valued as a customer for inks and media as I do having made a big plant investment - that's just how they operate."

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