25 Jun 2024

Ricoh Pro L5160 transforms coffee shops with backlit graphics

Thousands of backlit graphics were printed on the Ricoh Pro L5160 and installed in coffee shops across the United Arab Emirates.

A leading Ricoh customer in the United Arab Emirates has deployed its new Ricoh Pro L5160 printer, installed in December 2021, to produce thousands of stunning bespoke backlit graphics for use in a network of coffee shops across the country.

The client, a well-known coffee shop chain, put out a tender for the supply of backlit advertising panels to be installed behind the counter in its shops. These would be used to promote seasonal beverages and special offers, as well as display menu choices.

Ricoh’s customer, one of the largest print service providers in the UAE, stepped up to the challenge, working in partnership with Ricoh’s regional technology partner Giffin Graphics to pinpoint the best machine for the project.

The Ricoh Pro L5160 was soon identified as the ideal solution, with its ability to produce high-quality and colour-matched graphics more productively than other systems, as well as the fact it can print on non-branded media.

The device uses odourless and quick-drying GREENGUARD certified latex inks, meaning it met strict criteria set by the client in terms of ensuring the panels were produced in line with its long-standing focus on sustainability. To ensure the panels were safe for indoor use, the client requested that the graphics be printed using solvent-free inks.

Print samples submitted to the client were quickly approved and the Ricoh customer soon made the decision to invest in the Ricoh Pro L5160.

Giffin Graphics installed the printer at the customer’s facility, where it was immediately put to work on the coffee shop job. Operating around the clock, the Ricoh Pro L5160 met the initial order of over 2,000 backlit graphic panels in less than two weeks.


coffee lightbox ricoh


The client was more than satisfied with the quality of the panels, with its brand’s distinctive colours reproduced perfectly, while the graphics stood out when lit from behind. Such was the success of the project that the coffee chain has since placed several repeat orders, tweaking the graphics to promote new seasonal beverages and offers.

Ricoh’s customer is also now using the Ricoh Pro L5160 to produce a range of other work, utilising the white ink as a fifth colour to create eye-catching materials such as high-impact window graphics.

The Ricoh Pro L5160 has quickly established itself as the company's go-to solution for large-format printing.

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