Roland Launch 64” VersaCAMM VS-640 'Print and Cut' with Metallic Ink


Roland Versacamm Vs 640

Roland Launches Revolutionary 64” VersaCAMM VS-640 – One Big Printer/Cutter. One Small Price. Three Great Configurations.

Roland DG, the leading manufacturer and supplier to the sign and allied industries of inkjet printing, cutting systems and related consumables today announced the launch of the new, 64” VersaCAMM VS-640. Available in three configurations, this next-generation printer/cutter continues the record of innovation established by Roland’s VersaCAMM line, and delivers entirely new application potential with genuine metallic ink and the advanced ink handling technology required to print it. The printer is also available configured to print dual CMYK for top quality output at high production speeds, and as a Hi-Fi colour printer with light cyan and light magenta, plus white ink.

Positioned squarely at professional graphics producers such as sign and display manufacturers, the VersaCAMM VS-640 has the potential to redefine what a wide format inkjet printer can do for graphics producers and what wide format digital inkjet print can do for their customers.

Configured to print Roland’s award-winning new Eco-Sol Max metallic ink, the printer produces a dazzling range of pure metallic and pearlescent colours. The user can freely combine silver, process colour and white to effortlessly create a range of specialist effects yet to be imagined. Equipped with a VS-640 configured for metallic ink, the user can produce effects that were once the exclusive province of costly offset or screen processes. Now they’re possible without costly origination or specialised media for use anywhere conventional durable inkjet output can be used - and in thousands of places it never has been.

The VS-640 also features a new print head which enables a greater range of variable dots to be printed. When configured with light cyan, light magenta and white ink, the result is immediately apparent in the printer’s output. Images rich in colour and density now display even smoother gradations, and solid colours are faithfully rendered free of artefacts. Roland’s Intelligent Pass Control further contributes to productivity and quality, elevating the VS-640’s Hi-Fi output into a class of its own beyond four-colour.

For users looking for outright productivity, the VS-640 is available configured with a dual CMYK ink setup. In this configuration, the printer is able to cruise at high production speeds while maintaining quality standards normally associated with unidirectional print. Free from chromatic artefacts, the output stands close comparison with output from printers produced at much slower speeds and gives users of the VS-640 a distinct and measurable commercial edge when addressing the volume markets for print.

Whatever configuration is chosen, the VersaCAMM VS-640 provides a robust 64” print&cut platform in one manageable footprint. Easy to work with, maintenance is largely automatic and requires little in the way of operator intervention. The VS-640 boasts the same ink recirculation system as that introduced on the SolJet Pro III XC-540MT, which prevents the pigment in metallic and white ink from settling, and thus reduces ink wastage and running costs. Also, thanks to a heavy-duty take-up unit, unattended print&cut operation is possible and accuracy is maintained over the longest production runs.

Metallic ink and other configurations ask a lot of the RIP used to drive the printer. Roland VersaWorks 4.0 colour management RIP software is supplied with the VersaCAMM VS-640. VersaWorks supports the Roland Color System, which accurately reproduces spot colours from colour charts and swatches. The Roland Metallic Color library in VersaWorks features metallic colours that print using CMYK+MT in a single pass. This palette features over five hundred colours, including gold, silver, bronze and other metallics, so that users can simply choose a colour from the list in VersaWorks to apply to their graphics. VersaWorks’ other talents also include estimating ink usage and other productivity enhancing features which work with the VS-640 to make it a production orientated partnership.

The VersaCAMM VS-640 also features the all-new Roland OnSupport, a diagnostic support package that assists the user in informing them of tasks such as print finish, low ink or emergency stop via email alerts. A perfect tool for people who cannot afford to be with the printer 24/7 Roland OnSupport is the start of complete control for print producers everywhere.

Despite its innovation-led features and the entirely new possibilities they introduce, the Roland VersaCAMM VS-640 is priced to appeal to print producers of more or less any size at £17,999, including the take-up unit. The first opportunity to see this innovative new machine will be at this year’s Sign and Digital UK, 13-15 of April, where it will be making its European debut.


Roland VersaCAMM VS-640 Features:


  • 64” wide printer/cutter with the latest cutting-edge print-head technology for unmatched print quality and versatility.
    The new print head fires additional smaller and larger droplets than the previous model, totally seven different sizes for more precision printing with reliability.
    New variable droplet technology automatically optimizes the drop size, selecting the most suitable three droplet sizes from the seven available. The result is beautiful and smooth gradation for close viewing. Roland Intelligent Pass Control® also assures the highest productivity whilst maintaining smooth gradations and flawless solid colours
  • Compatible with a wide range of media including vinyl, banner, canvas, paper and  transparent film
  • Maximum print speed of 23m²/hr
  • Available in three ink configurations:
    8 colour CMYK + Metallic Silver + White for unique metallic applications to differentiate from others and the brightest white text, graphics and floods
    6 colour CMYK+LcLm for beautiful and smooth gradation and a broad range of applications
    4 colours dual CMYK for the most economical production
  • Metallic Silver ECO-SOL MAX ink
    512 metallic colours available in the Roland Color System Library
    Combines with CMYK for a spectrum of new metallic hues including gold, bronzes and a wide range of pearlescent colours.
    Just select one of the 512 metallic colours available from the Roland Color System Library and add to your graphic design
  • Roland’s unique Advanced Ink Circulation System
    Prevents the pigment in metallic and white inks from settling and reduce running costs
    Requires no manual intervention
  • Roland’s integrated Print&Cut technology quickly and easily prints and digitally die cuts finished graphics on demand into virtually any shape
  • Take-up system (TUC-2)
    Rolls up Print&Cut graphics automatically for unattended production
    Handles media roll weights up to 30kg (66.1lbs)
  • VersaWorks® Professional Colour Management RIP Software included