See the NEW HP Designjet L26500 & L28500 latex printers in action

HP Designjet L28500 latex printer

See the new HP Designjet L26500 & L28500 in action on YouTube

HP yesterday launched two new additions to their HP Designjet latex printing family, the HP Designjet L26500 printer, and the HP Designjet L28500 printer.

The HP Designjet L28500 is a 104-inch-wide latex printer delivering speeds up to 70 percent faster than the HP Designjet L25500 Printer, while the 61-inch HP Designjet L26500 Printer is ideal for customers entering the growing soft-signage market.

Want to be among the first to see them in action? Don't worry, no travelling involved, you can see it all from the comfort of the chair you are currently sitting in - we've uploaded the HP videos onto our YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure.

Watch the new HP latex printers in action on YouTube...

Working with HP as a beta test site for the new HP Designjet L26500 printer, FASTSIGNS International is a multinational corporation with more than 530 franchise locations in seven countries.

“Our ability to test the HP Designjet L26500 Printer ahead of market allows our franchise partners to be more competitive by implementing new technology faster than their competitors,” FASTSIGNS CEO Catherine Monson says.

NEW HP Designjet L26500 latex printer in action on YouTube: HP Designjet L26500 Video

Nivell Publicitari is a print service provider based in Barcelona in Spain. For over six months, Nivell has been beta-testing the latest addition to HP Latex Printing Technologies, a wider, 2.5-meter (104-inch) HP Designjet L28500 Printer for durable, high-quality indoor and outdoor applications.

NEW HP Designjet L28500 latex printer in action on YouTube: HP Designjet L28500 Video


Availability of the HP Designjet L26500 Printer will vary by region beginning November 3rd. The HP Designjet L28500 Printer is expected to be available towards the end of January 2012.