Seiko I Infotech enhances its range of ColorPainter inkjet printers with H2 series

Colourgen Seiko H Series

Colourgen has announced the availability of the new Seiko I Infotech (SIIT) ColorPainter H2 series of mild-solvent inkjet printers. The printers, which were previewed last October in Japan, are available now from authorised Colourgen Business Partners.

The new ColorPainter H2 series is available in two widths , 104” (the H2-104s) and 74” (the H2-74s) . Two colour configurations are available - four colour configuration for higher productivity and economy, and eight colour configuration for better image quality and true grey-scale printing.

Melanie Enser, product marketing manager at Colourgen, says, “The ColorPainter H2 Series has unmatched productivity as it prints images with consistent colour density at a maximum printing speed of 100 m²/h in four colour mode and 50 m²/h in eight colour mode.  In fact, the quality in four colour mode at 100sqm per hour is extremely impressive and makes this printer a true contender for users who need very high speed, quality banner printing."  

She continues, "Several new innovative printing functions taken from the ColorPainter W-Series are now standard in the H2 series including Smart Nozzle Mapping - which offers the ability to remap a clogged nozzle instead of having to replace a print head - and Dynamic Dot Printing (DDP) Technology - which allows the printer to jet three different drop sizes per print pass. This means the printer can print at maximum printing speed without density loss.”

Colourgen also now supplies Seiko I Infotech’s new low odour, HAPs-free (hazardous air pollutants) inkset for the ColorPainter W -Series large format ecosolvent printers. The new IX ink is better for both the environment and for employee health as SIIT has eliminated HAPs from both the ink chemicals and the pigments.

Seiko I Infotech’s IX inks have been specially formulated for low odour printing. The residual odour of the printed image evaporates quickly, extending the application range of the ColorPainter W series printers from outdoors to the more odour sensitive indoor market, such as signage in grocery shops and small space graphics in trains and lifts.  The IX inks are supplied in ink bags designed for SIIT’s innovative re-loadable cartridges, which reduces environmental waste.

Melanie Enser concludes, “We are delighted to be able to offer both new developments from Seiko I Infotech and believe they will be popular products with our customers.”

To see the printer in action, please view the short video on Colourgen's website: