SGIA releases new digital equipment evaluations for Mutoh products

Mutoh Valuejet Vj1628td

SGIA recently completed new Digital Equipment Evaluations from some of today's hottest products in the specialty imaging industry, including Mutoh. These reports provide SGIA members with objective data they need when considering a wide-format digital investment.

"We prepare thorough evaluations of each system and then turn the findings into unbiased reports that offer a clear description of the equipment across manufacturers," said SGIA's Digital Specialist Jeff Burton. "These reports show significant comparisons of a variety of digital devices and will ultimately help businesses buy with confidence."

New Digital Equipment Evaluations are now available for these Mutoh products:

  • ValueJet 1628TD-64
  • ValueJet 2606-100
  • ValueJet 1618A
  • ValueJet 1614-64
  • ValueJet ValueJet 1608-HS
  • ValueJet 1304-54