Spandex add Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 to Hardware Portfolio


Epson Gs6000 Productshot Spandex

Wide format printing solution delivers new levels of colour quality and durability to high-end signage market

Spandex has once again increased the revenue-making opportunities for its customers, having added the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 large format digital inkjet printer to its growing hardware portfolio. Thanks to a new 8-colour ink set, the GS6000 offers the widest colour gamut to date and enables print businesses to produce superb long-lasting durable prints and photo-realistic colours across an increased range of both indoor and outdoor graphic applications.


Superior quality and performance

Importantly, the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 delivers the quality and performance required to meet ever-increasing customer expectations. Users benefit from 160cm-width printing and up to 1440x1440 dpi resolution with the finest ink droplet size of 3.7 picolitres. At the same time, turnaround times are significantly reduced, thanks to print speeds up to 25.2m2/hr using Epson’s variable-sized ink droplet and MicroWeave half-toning technologies. These attributes combine to deliver fast-drying, scratch-resistant prints that are water and UV resistant for up to 1.5 years without lamination.

“With its ability to produce images that dry faster, look better and last longer, the Epson GS6000 sets new standards in wide format printing”, says Jim Rich, Director, Product Management at Spandex. “In what remains a difficult time for print business owners, the GS6000 allows our customers to increase their service capability and offer a greater means of reaping the rewards that come from undertaking high-end sign and graphics projects.”


Increased business opportunities

Using the new 8-colour UltraChrome™ GS ink set, which is available in efficient 950 ml cartridges, the GS6000 allows printers to extend their creativity and service offering with unrivalled colours into high-end applications including airport and exhibition graphics, signage, and photo or fine art reproduction. In addition, the ability to switch easily between a range of different substrates makes the GS6000 a versatile production solution for printing stunning, durable graphics in an array of commercial applications.


Environmentally- and user-friendly

The Epson GS6000 also offers increased environmental friendliness, via its eco-solvent UltraChrome™ GS ink. As these inks do not emit harmful VOCs, only light ventilation is required and the extra expense of installing additional air purification systems is avoided. As well as an improved working environment, operators also benefit from a large and easy-to-use LCD panel incorporating Epson’s renowned interface, ensuring minimal training time. Support for heavy rolls up to 30kg and an auto-take-up-reel enable versatile media management and standard Giga-Ethernet and USB2.0 allow high-speed connectivity.