SwissQprint introduces new approach for continuous printing of oversize media


swissQprint recently introduced a new approach for continuous printing of oversize sheets. Both the Oryx and Impala models can now be retrofitted with the new “Board Option” which removes the need for a conveyer belt system.

Oryx and Impala use a new method to automatically index oversize sheets during the printing process, allowing for full vacuum power, unmatched quality and astounding accuracy. Once the print carriage has reached the end of the table, the table vacuum is reversed, generating a cushion of air between the table and the sheet. The sheet is then automatically indexed forward with even heavyweight items gliding effortlessly on the air cushion.

Once the sheet is positioned precisely the vacuum is reapplied and printing continues. Onlookers at the demonstration of this process on swissQprint‘s booth at FESPA Barcelona were amazed by its precision. The Oryx and Impala place the sheet so precisely and intelligently that it is virtually impossible identify the index position.

Coupled with its precision, this process also offers remarkable efficiency. The machine does not need to be reset between commonly used formats and XXL production runs, and less factory floor space is required than oversize machines. A conveyor belt is not required, so firms that only process rigid media can save on the investment required for a roll appliance. Of course, with swissQprint’s modular approach, the new ‘Board’ option can be added on at any time.

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