swissQprint launches 9 picolitre droplet size for Oryx, Impala and Nyala systems

Swissqprint Nyala Tandem Print

swissQprint has announced that its Oryx, Impala and Nyala inkjet systems are now capable of producing output from droplets of just 9 picolitres, as an alternative option to the usual 14 picolitre volume.  With these smaller ink droplets, the Swiss company says it is close to matching offset print standards.

Fespa 2013 saw the launch of a new, 9 picolitre droplet size for swissQprint inkjet systems. It gives users an additional production mode for ultra-exacting photo print work with fine colour gradations, ideal for subjects that require uniform expanses of colour without screening artefacts, and reproduction of fine detail. It fulfills the needs of pin-sharp typography with bravura, too, and all of this with no appreciable reduction in speed compared to the previous highest-quality mode.

The output software automatically selects the 9 picolitre droplet size when RIPing print files for fine art applications. With light shades in use, the maximum visual resolution on the substrate reaches 2160 dpi. Small print runs and prototypes may thus be displayed confidently alongside offset reproductions. The smaller droplets represent an attractive extension of capabilities for digital printers, with potential to draw new jobs and customers.

The new droplet size is integrated immediately and at no extra cost on all three of the company's models: Oryx, Impala, and Nyala. The usual 14 picolitre droplet size will remain the default.