20 May 2024

Tradeprint drives sustainable strategy with HP Latex printers

Tradeprint has opened up about how its use of HP Latex print technology is supporting the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Dundee-based trade printing specialist Tradeprint has opened up about how its use of HP Latex print technology is supporting the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and its efforts to drive customers to more environmentally friendly output.

Founded in 1997, Tradeprint has established itself as a full web-to-print business that acts as a print partner for thousands of aspiring organisations across a wide range of industries.

A business with its finger very much on the pulse of the market, Tradeprint is constantly looking for new opportunities and ways it can adapt its operations to satisfy new trends and the ever-changing demands of customers.

One of the core focus areas for Tradeprint is sustainability. Having witnessed a significant increase in demand for more planet friendly print, Tradeprint is committed to delivering exactly this to clients in all areas – all while continuing to produce extremely high-quality products.

In September last year, Tradeprint was able to significantly enhance its sustainable print offering when it acquired no fewer than five HP Latex printers. This came after Tayprint, one of the company’s main suppliers, liquidated, allowing Tradeprint to take ownership of the HP Latex machines and commence work almost immediately.

The acquisition included two HP Latex R2000 flatbed printers, an HP Latex 570 large-format printer and two HP 3600 Latex large-format printers all of which were installed by the reseller Perfect Colours.


HP Latex printers

By taking on HP Latex printers, the business has been able to expand and strengthen the environmentally friendly services it offers to customers.


As Anthony Rowell, Sales and Customer Success Director, and also Sustainability Lead at Tradeprint explained, the company was delighted to begin working with HP directly. Tradeprint has experienced the quality of HP Latex printers through its partners for a number of years, but the opportunity to bring work in-house has allowed the business to take significant steps forward.

Business growth with a sustainable edge

Much of this, Anthony said, applies to Tradeprint’s commitment to the environment. By taking on HP Latex printers, the business has been able to expand and strengthen the environmentally friendly services it offers to customers.

HP Latex printers run water-based HP Latex inks, which have significantly less impact on the planet than other ink types such as solvent, eco-solvent and UV. They are also odourless and contain far fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than other inks. Add in HP-led schemes such as the cartridge and print head take-back program, offered through the HP Planet Partners initiative, and the Tradeprint-HP Latex partnership is a match made in heaven.

“As Tradeprint’s sustainability lead, it’s great to be able to use HP Latex,” Anthony said. “We buy in to their sustainable approach with the energy efficient devices, water-based odourless inks and the cartridge take back scheme.

“I think one of the best aspects of working with HP – and HP Latex in particular – is their approach to greenwashing; they are very clear about underpinning any claims with fact-based explanations. It is reassuring for us.

“HP Latex provides several advantages when you consider sustainability; we don’t need special ventilation on the shop floor, the prints are odourless, there’s no reactive monomer chemistry. To put it simply, printing with HP Latex avoids the problematic reactive monomers associated with UV printing.

“It’s better for the workforce and meets the increasing requirements of customers who want to be purchasing more responsible print collateral.”

Supporting production at Tradeprint

As to how the HP Latex printers fit in with Tradeprint’s offering and the services it delivers to clients, Anthony praises the flexibility of the machines and the type of work they are able to create. He said with wide-format proving to be its fastest growing category, the HP Latex printers are allowing the company to deliver more work – and faster.

“We print a wide range of standard rigid and flexible banners, signage, and display output on the HP Latex devices,” Anthony said. “We also are committed to eliminating problematic plastics, so that’s a win-win with the HP Latex machines working so well with some of the PVC-free substrates we use.”

Considering why Tradeprint places such a strong emphasis on sustainable production and its desire for more of its customers to follow a similar route, Anthony said by offering sustainable options, the company can meet the growing demand for environmentally responsible choices – all with the aim of attracting an even larger customer base.

“The focus on sustainability and the promotion of sustainable print options are driven by a combination of environmental concerns, regulatory pressures, cost savings, customer demand, corporate responsibility, and technological advancements,” Anthony said. “Embracing sustainability in printing benefits both businesses and the environment, making it an important aspect of modern business operations; it’s the right thing to do.

“Many consumers are increasingly looking for more sustainable options for products and services. We are hoping by being proactive with initiatives around sustainability, like the introduction of circulatory concepts into print production, it is not only environmentally responsible but also aligns with economic and social benefits.

“By promoting sustainable and circular printing practices, Tradeprint can reduce waste, conserve resources, meet customer demands, and enhance our overall competitiveness in a rapidly changing market.”

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