08 Apr 2020

Elements goes on-line in run-up to FESPA


Elements Atom

As the final count-down starts for FESPA 2010, IGS UK has announced its new Internet presence at www.elementsps.net which covers the entire Elements range of green printers and complementary inks, materials and software. The immense levels of interest generated since the initial announcement of this truly versatile and environmental production solution has also resulted in demand from partners and regional distributors across Europe and the rest of the world.

The Elements family of wide-format printers is the first to incorporate a totally green ink formulation which has the durable properties of solvent-based chemistries without any of the hazards or odours. Supplied as complete turnkey system, including H2O inks, a comprehensive and growing selection of matched Krypton Eco-Media plus the specially configured Chromium RIP, full information on all the individual products can now be found on-line.

Visitors to the Elements stand at FESPA (Hall 3 Stand 490) can see regular daily demonstrations of the Elements Atom 24 (610 mm) and Atom 44 (1118 mm) outputting to a variety of materials, including a 1.5 mm rigid board which is FSC certified, plus eco-aware canvases, photo-based media, wallpapers and clear films. Although specifically designed for output onto green products, normal sign-making vinyls can also be used, enhancing the overall versatility of the printers and inks.

Because of the fast-growing interest in the Elements solution across Europe and beyond, IGS UK has already attracted a large number of potential distributors and partners to its stand at FESPA. Nick Wintle, managing director of the company, states: “We’re not surprised at the huge amount of response we’ve already received for this new environmental printing system which appeals to office users as well as to the display sector.

“As a result, we are eager to discuss the Elements range with partners and distributors who are visiting FESPA in the search for new and innovative technologies,” Wintle continues. “For this new family of products it’s essential that our channel can hold stocks and provide support as well as promoting our printing system. This is an unusual opportunity for distributors to be in at the start of a new generation of green digital production.”

Find out more by visiting www.elementsps.net and see the printers launched at FESPA on Stand 490 in Hall 3.

Based on industry-proven Epson Stylus Pro printers, the Elements Atom range is then modified to facilitate the use of Elements H2Os' unique and outdoor durable hot-cured water-based resin inks.

Elements printers feature the Epson MicroPiezoTFP Print Head - quite possibly the most advanced ink jet print head technology ever developed, offering extreme print performance and dot placement accuracy.


Oxigen celebrates successful first years' printing with HP large format printers



Start-up company achieves successful first year with several HP large format printers

HP today announced that Oxigen, based in Fátima, Portugal, has installed Portugal's first HP Scitex XP2300 Printer, in addition to an HP Scitex FB950, an HP Designjet L65500 and an HP Designjet L25500 Printer, in order to serve customers in the advertising and communication industries.

The company, established in May 2009, aims to produce high-quality digitally printed, wide format materials to clients in Portugal, Madeira, the Azores and most recently, Spain. It has rapidly established itself in the marketplace as a highly responsive supplier of innovative and unique products, which are produced in an environmentally responsible way.

"As a new company on the market we needed to ensure that our equipment was the most advanced, high-quality and environmentally sound that we could find, so that we could offer customers something new and competitive," said Miguel Vicente, Executive Manager, Oxigen. "Our range of HP printers ensures that whatever the job, we can print it quickly, with minimal waste and in an environmentally responsible way, yet still ensure a very high quality."

The range of large format printers available from HP is accelerating the conversion from solvent to UV and Latex ink technologies. These dedicated inks provide versatility across a very wide range of substrates from paper to plastics. Whatever the media, fast-drying HP UV-curable and Latex inks deliver outstanding application versatility and long-lasting colour.

The HP Scitex XP2300 Printer is a 3.2m-wide UV printer, ideal for high-speed production environments producing durable outdoor signage. Featuring industry-leading print speeds of up to 233 m2/hr and a variety of advanced capabilities designed to maximise productivity, eliminate workflow bottlenecks, and reduce ink and media costs, the HP Scitex XP2300 Printer enables customers to cut operating expenses and increase profits.

Miguel Vicente continued, "The XP2300 allows us to guarantee the printing of large format jobs for all types of outdoor signage, with particularly good results when printing double-sided jobs. It enables us to keep costs to a minimum, as we can use 3m wide PE - instead of PVC, which is lighter, cheaper and better for the environment - our customers certainly appreciate that."

Oxigen's other HP printers also reflect its commitment to providing fast turn-around, high-quality printing with the environment in mind. The L series machines ustilise Latex Printing Technologies, including HP Latex Inks and HP Wide Scan Printing Technology, in addition there is a range of recyclable substrates(1) available. Compliant with industry-leading certification, Nordic Swan, HP Latex Inks do not produce ozone emissions during printing and contain no hazardous air pollutants(2). This means improved working environments for print service providers and a greater range of places - especially indoor locations - where graphics can be used.

The HP Scitex FB950 Printer is a robust flatbed UV printer that delivers high-quality prints and high productivity on virtually any rigid(3) or flexible media(4) for the production of durable outdoor and indoor applications, including POP/POS signage, tradeshow graphics, interior decorations, banners and street furniture.

Miguel Vicente concluded, "The FB950 is a great addition to our portfolio. A very productive machine, its efficient media loading and the ability to print multiple sheets at the same time allows us to accommodate a wide range of customer requests."


Mimaki Receives Two EPD Awards at IPEX 2010

Mimaki Tx400 1800b

Mimaki, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and cutting machines, received two EDP awards at the official EDP (European Digital Press) Awards ceremony at Ipex 2010.  The company’s new compact UV LED printer UJF-3042,  launched in January 2010 won “Best UV Curable Entry Level to Mid Range Printer” with the second award, for “Best Textile Printer”  going to the Tx400-1800D – Mimaki’s new direct-to-textile and dye sublimation transfer printer.

The world’s first A3 UV LED Printer, the UJF-3042

The UJF-3042 is already widely recognized as a truly innovative and unique UV solution. As the first truly affordable A3 UV LED printer available, it opens the UV printing market up to a wide range of companies looking to print and personalise promo items, cards, nameplates, novelties, electronics covers and more. The UJF-3042 is an A3 size (30x42cm) flatbed UV LED curing printer which can print objects up to 5 cm thick, at a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi. The printer incorporates Mimaki’s groundbreaking UV LED curing technology, which offers many advantages, including very low power consumption, problem-free printing on heat sensitive media and LEDs lasting up to 10.000 hours, which is about 10 times longer than conventional metal halide UV lamps.

Tx400-1800D textile printer

The Tx400-1800D belongs to a new generation Mimaki textile printers that offer both direct to textile printing as well as printing on transfer paper. The Tx400-1800D can reach speeds of up to 56 m2/h and is targeted at the soft signage, interior design, sports apparel and fashion digital printing markets. The Tx400-1800D is a 1.8 meter wide, highly productive, direct-to-fabric printer that can be used with three different ink types such as dye sublimation ink for polyester, reactive dye ink for cotton and acid dye ink for silk. Furthermore, fabrics such as wool and linen can be printed.

Highly Successful Debut For New Wide Format Technologies >From Roland DG At IPEX

Lec 330

Roland DG is a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers, and if the experience at IPEX 2010 is any indicator, there’s considerable interest in moving into wide format print among commercial printers.

Many IPEX visitors were drawn to Roland’s stand and in particular to the new VersaCAMM VS-640. The VS-640’s unique ability to print pure metallic ink came as a surprise to most and all were quick to spot the potential for metallic ink in wide format output. The printer can mix process colour metallic ink to produce colourful lustres too.

Also demonstrated was the VS-640’s ability to contour-cut its printed output, provoking comments about the limitations of traditional processes for cutting with dies. Roland also showed visitors how the VS-640 could perform the entire output end of the workflow unattended.

The VersaCAMM VS-640 creates a big differentiation among its peers by muscling in with a seam dodging sixty four inch width and a low price. The printer includes Roland’s VersaWorks RIP which effortlessly manages the workflow and optimises output costs and quality while dramatically speeding end-to-end production time. Roland On-Support, a telemetry based system that can, among other things, email the printer operator when an unattended job is complete comes in the box as well, making print work, especially short-run production, efficient and highly profitable.

Another star performer for Roland at IPEX was the remarkable VersaUV LEC-330. Characterised by one perceptive visitor to the stand as packing the most capability per square foot of any hardware at the show, the LEC-330 earned its keep with units being ordered off the stand and numerous follow-ups requested.

The LEC-330 does pack a lot of capability into a little space. It prints process colour and white ink, it spot varnishes in matt and gloss, it cuts, it creases, it embosses and it truly amazes all who see it demonstrated.

Perhaps the most compelling application Roland demonstrated for the LEC-330 was the production of ready-to-make packaging models. With its UV ink set able to resolve high resolution imagery upon virtually any stock or substrate, the full potency of the printer was realised as the sample emerged, cut, creased and ready to fold, featuring all print elements and even authentically embossed Braille and lettering.

When visitors eventually left the Roland DG stand, it was with a firm understanding that Roland not only offers all the hardware needed for a commercial printer to successfully enter and profit from the growing wide format market, but that it extends the education, support and aftermarket supplies that help the printer quickly establish his new offering on an upward trajectory.

Roland’s next appearance on the exhibition circuit will be at FESPA in Munich, 22-26 June, Hall B2, stand 340.

Mutoh Releases Viper TX Soft Sign Printers

Mutoh Viper Tx Soft Sign

Professional Direct-to-Fabric Printers with In-line Drying and Fixation System

Wide format inkjet printer manufacturer Mutoh Belgium nv releases a new series of direct-to-fabric printers, called Viper TX Soft Sign series.   Available in 1620 mm (63.78”) and 2210 mm (87”) widths, the Viper TX Soft Sign printers offer a total solution for direct printing of polyester fabrics with open or closed structure.   The printers incorporate all features required to accurately load, transport & tension, dry, heat-fix and roll up finished prints, ready for use.   Tuned to Mutoh’s new VOC-free water-based direct disperse inks, the new engines deliver typical production speeds up to 37 m²/h and top engine speeds up to 77 m²/h.

The new Mutoh Viper TX Soft Sign printers have been purposely built for professional soft signage print businesses looking for an integrated workflow to print directly onto polyester fabrics like flags.    The printers are suited for a wide variety of applications: heavy duty flags, banners, architectural graphics, sport arena displays, wall murals, home furnishings, curtains and much more.

“We have been marketing wide format dye sub and direct textile printers developed and manufactured at our Belgian factory since 2004.  Today, we offer several product lines products such as Viper, Viper TX, Viper 100, Viper Extreme and Viper TX Extreme,” comments Arthur Vanhoutte, President of Mutoh’s European operations.

“Viper TX Soft Sign printers are our first integrated direct textile printing solutions, delivering prints immediately ready for use.   The new printers address the key demands for a green workflow.  Using Mutoh water-based inks they print directly onto polyester fabric, with no need for transfer paper.  Keeping the environment in mind, printing signage on fabric is preferable because it folds easily, is light to transport, re-usable and last but not least, polyester fabrics are recyclable.  Our new cost-effective soft sign printers will allow innovative entrepreneurs to address latest market trends such as web-to-print, print-on-demand and customization,” Vanhoutte concludes.

The Viper TX Soft Sign printer’s integrated infra red dryer & fan bank will dry the printed fabric before heat fixation.  After drying, the printed fabric will run into the fixation unit, consisting of a contact drum with integrated infra red lamp.  Its typical working temperature is 180 °C.  The fixation time depends on the print mode that is used.  The fabric process can be easily controlled via a touch display on a swivel arm.   The in-line fabric drying and fixation system has no cooling down delay.  An integrated switch ON timer makes sure the printer is ready in the morning.

Fabric transport has been made easy with the fully motorized heavy-duty unwinding/winding system with dancer bars for media rolls up to 150 kg.  The system is ready for inside and outside unwinding & winding.   Perfect fabric tracking with the front and back belt system delivers straight winding of finished prints onto the take-up roll.

The new printers incorporate 8 drop-on-demand piezo inkjet heads.  Each head has 2 x 180 nozzles.  Using Dynamic Variable Dot Imaging Technology, each ink droplet is individually adjustable to provide high speed and high quality printing with low ink consumption.  The printers incorporate Mutoh’s award-winning Intelligent Interweaving print technology.

The Viper TX Soft Sign 90 achieves a top speed of 77 m²/h (Viper TX Soft Sign 65 : 63 m²/h).  Quality production speeds of 37 m²/h on the TX Soft Sign 90 are reached with the Intelligent Interweaving 360x360 high definition mode (Viper TX Soft Sign 65 : 33 m²/h).  Highest quality prints (720 dpi) are delivered at 17 m²/h (Viper TX Soft Sign 65 : 15 m²/h).

To remove vapours when heat fixing direct printed fabrics, the machines can be directly connected to Mutoh’s optional fume extraction system.  Connection is possible via multiple connection points.  A hose will then make the connection with the fume extraction system.

The printers can also be connected to Mutoh’s optional bulk ink system offering long unattended printing options along with minimum user intervention.

The Soft Sign printers have been tuned to Mutoh’s VOC free water-based direct disperse inks.  They feature excellent nozzle stability, offer a large colour gamut and have an excellent outdoor durability, rated up to 1 year.  Available in 1 litre bottles, these inks deliver top scores in wash fastness and perspiration, while allowing direct printing onto polyester fabrics with no need for washing.

Mimakis 'behind the counter'

Mimaki Arrival Departure

Lifestyle shops ‘Arrival/Departure’ and ‘Independent Outlet’ combine retail with on-demand print production

‘Arrival/Departure’ and ‘Independent Outlet’ are so-called lifestyle department stores based in Amsterdam. They offer all kinds of ‘lifestyle’ products, including clothing, shoes, gadgets, books, music, skateboards, etc. The interior design and product displays are actually devised and produced by the creative team behind the shops. These ‘lifestyle’ shops also sell prints such as canvas prints, T-shirts and wallpaper direct to the public, either over the counter or via the Internet. To do so the team works with equipment that includes Mimaki solvent, sublimation and textile printers and cutting plotters. The entire process is surprisingly transparent and accessible; the Mimakis are in full view directly behind the counter.

Lifestyle Products and Printers

The Arrival/Departure shop in Amsterdam Oost, in hangar 6 of the former KNSM site, handles Mimaki solvent, sublimation and textile print solutions. Owner Aziz Badrane explains: “The combination of lifestyle products and graphics machines in the same shop came about quite by accident. We thought it would be a nice idea to show our customers how T-shirts, canvas, wallpaper etc. are printed. The reactions are really positive and mirror our philosophy. We definitely want to stand out from mainstream clothing and fashion stores.”

Creative with Large Format

Arrival/Departure in particular offers a lifestyle concept that attracts specific groups of people. This shop is different in that it works with a lot of limited editions and special imports. Aziz Badrane: “We sell various brand models that are not generally on sale (except in a few shops in Japan and the US).” Similar to the products, the shop interior is focused on ‘lifestyle’. Designer and shop assistant Guido Jelsma comments: “All our assistants are creative individuals. We all introduce new ideas and the main advantage is that we have the machines to implement them immediately ourselves. For instance, we labelled skateboards with the logo/brand name of a shoe manufacturer and used them as a product display for the shoes. We also produce creative wall, floor and window decorations for the shops, using lettering, backlit, canvas and flags.”

Art Projects

Arrival/Departure not only designs its own interior, it also takes on projects for third parties. Together with four artists, Arrival/Departure completely transformed two rooms in the Lloyd Hotel for an exhibition on behalf of ‘ELLE-wonen’ (interior design magazine). Guido: “We used the Mimaki solvent printer for the wall decorations and the sublimation printer for the curtains. The cushion covers were printed on the T-shirt printer. And everything was based on the artist’s creative concept."

Canvas, Wallpaper, and T-Shirts

Arrival/Departure is increasingly taking on small domestic projects, jobs for advertising agencies and photographers who are also based in the historic building. “People know where we are now. Individuals and companies are ordering canvas prints, posters/artwork, T-shirts, mugs and wallpaper. The fact that they have access to a local supplier, who provides a personal service, is considered a definite plus. I feel that the way we sell printed products is much more open and accessible than with a production company somewhere in the middle of an industrial estate. All our customers are given a flyer with details of our range of printed products. It also includes details of our websites, canvasdoekdrukken.nl, behangdrukken.nl and T-shirtdrukken.nl, where custom made designs for mugs, wallpaper or T-shirts can be developed and ordered online.”