01 Oct 2020

Editorial View: Our take on the new HP Designjet L25500 latex printers

HP Designjet L25500 42 

The Viscom Dusseldorf exhibition (1-3 October) saw the first public showing of the the new HP Designjet L25500 latex printers, on the HP stand (Hall 8a, booth G20).

These eagerly awaited printers, available in both 42" (1065mm) and 60" (1525mm) widths, are expected to bring many of the benefits of the larger L65500 latex printer, released at what we fully expect to be a more affordable and broadly accessible pricepoint.

A hugely interesting product, not least because, if priced correctly, it could see significant numbers of existing large format solvent inkjet users making the move over to what is claimed to be a significantly cleaner and greener print process.

Not since the launch of the Designjet 5000 have HP made such a relevant and timely product launch. Many industry-watchers consider the 5000-series as the printer that cemented HPs' position as a force in the wide format print marketplace, more importantly it was arguably the printer that finally saw them wrestle market leadership away from the then dominant Encad Novajet.

In the time since then, HP have made further inroads at the commercial end of the display print market, through acquisition of industry innovators such as NUR and Scitex.

Whilst those acquisitions were at the volume-production end of the market, this new product launch is perhaps the machine that will capture the imagination of the mainstream sign and display print industry, and we'll possibly see HP repeating the successes of the Designjet 5000.

We feel sure that many senior figures at HP will indeed be hoping to see history repeat itself in this manner, as it hasn't all gone their way, particularly in the sign market where their lack of a viable in-house solvent print solution (forget the rebadged Seikos', when compared to the success of their aqueous printers the Seiko relationship bore little fruit), allowed Roland, Mimaki, and to a lesser extent here in the UK, Mutoh, to outsell HP by significant numbers.

The L25500 printers themselves will allow for outdoor and indoor application versatility with print-quality and display permanence comparable to low-solvent printers, whilst reducing the impact of printing on the environment. This allows owners to create an improved printing environment for their employees, whilst targeting the business of environmentally conscious customers.

As said, HP are without doubt dominant in the affordable wide format aqueous printer market, and through acquisition have much to offer at the high end, but they need this affordable latex ink solution to bridge that gap, in so doing HP could then have the all-encompassing and genuinely viable cradle-to-the-grave wide format product portfolio that they need.

If the Designjet L25500 can delivers all that it provisionally promises, can print at production speeds, and the price is attractive enough to make it a viable alternative to the current solvent-based offerings from other manufacturers, then we'd fully expect to see HP picking up a number of important resellers, and maybe, just maybe, they will have a real success on their hands.

Click here for the latest News from the official HP L25500 launch at Viscom Dusseldorf, including pricing and availability.

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News from the HP stand - Designjet L25500 with prices and availability

HP Designjet L25500 at Viscom

HP today launched their new L25500 latex printer at Viscom Dusseldorf, and we have one of our guys there to bring you all of the news on what is arguably one of the most important product releases of recent years.

For those already familiar with HP latex technology, as launched in the L65500, the big selling point is the the fact that it uses a latex-based non-solvent ink, so there are considerable environmental benefits.


What HP say about the Designjet L25500...

Delivering unrivalled versatility for a variety of outdoor and indoor large-format applications, the HP Designjet L25500 Printer featuring HP Latex Printing Technologies offers print service providers a solution that provides durability comparable to eco-solvent inks, while reducing the impact of printing on the environment. The newest addition to the HP Latex Printing Technologies portfolio, the HP Designjet L25500 Printer is an ideal solution for small and medium digital print and sign shops, as well as copy shops and photo labs interested in offering an enhanced range of applications and increasing their competitive advantage.


What LFR say about the Designjet L25500...

Some will have been expecting the new L25500 to look like a cut down version of the 2.6 metre-wide L65500, but it has actually been released on a modified Designjet Z6100 chassis.

In line with this Z6100 heritage, the L25500 printers will be available in 1065mm (42") and 1525mm (60") widths.

As regards availability, demo units will be launched into the HP channel soon, with production units ready for first installations in January 2010 - if you've been good this year, you could ask Santa to bring you one!

Alternatively, if funding it by more traditional methods, you'll need to find €19,500 for the 42" or €25,500 for the 60" - prices that we were pleasantly surprised by - we thought it would be priced higher.

One of the best features of the machine, forgetting for a moment the environmental benefits, is the fact that the print comes off the machine dry and ready for shipping, or for immediate lamination should you prefer - this is a significant benefit over and above solvent alternatives that have to be left to one side for a period of time for the solvents to fully evaporate.

This 'instant print' feature is facilitated by a two-stage drying process, the first stage removes the water carrier, the second cures and bonds the ink to the substrates.

The machine is not as fast as either the L65500, or indeed the Z6100 which serves as the chassis donor, with maximum print speeds of 20 square metres, and 10 metres per hour as the expected production speed - how these claimed speeds and quality levels will actually stack up in the 'real-production-world' remains to be seen, and this is obviously key to the machines success.

At time of launch there will be no 'PostScript onboard' version of the machines, but HP have been working closely with all of the major RIP manufacturers, and we'd expect to see drivers for the Designjet L25500 rolled out by the RIP vendors over the coming weeks.

As regards the consumables, the printer will use HP 789 cartridges, as pictured below, in 775ml capacities.The cartridges will be priced at €200 each.


Got questions for HP? Email us...

That is about all we have for you currently, but if you have any specific questions you want asked on your behalf, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - we will try to get your questions answered, and update this article during the course of the show.

Click here to read the LFR Editorial View on the importance of this new machine to HP.

Update: You can now read the Official HP Press Release right here on LFR by clicking here.

HP 789 latex inks for Designjet L25500

HP L25500 - The Official HP News Release

HP Designjet L25500 latex large format printer

HP today unveiled an expanded portfolio of HP Latex Printing Technology solutions designed to broaden production capabilities for a greater number of customers and provide a viable alternative to eco-solvent technologies.

The offerings enable small and midsize digital print and sign shops, copy shops and photo labs to produce indoor and outdoor applications with ease while reducing their environmental impact.

Additions to the portfolio include:

  • The HP Designjet L25500 Printer, which offers easy, low-maintenance printing of a wider range of applications – from indoor point-of-purchase displays, exhibition graphics and interior décor like wall murals and fabrics to outdoor banners, bus shelters and vehicle wraps – than is possible with eco-solvent or traditional water-based printing alone.
  • Six Original HP printing materials compatible with HP Latex Ink printers, including two recyclable substrates and three polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-free alternatives
  • The expansion of the HP Planet Partners program to include the HP Large-format Media take-back program in the United States and select countries in Europe

“Customers have been asking us for a versatile, cost-effective alternative to eco-solvent-based printing solutions for the production of a wider range of indoor and outdoor large-format applications, while reducing the impact of printing on the environment,” said Santiago Morera, vice president and general manager, Designjet Large-format Printing Solutions, Imaging and Printing Group, HP. “The expanded HP Latex Printing Technology portfolio enables us to meet and exceed this demand for a variety of customers, allowing them to create a competitive advantage and seize new growth opportunities.”

The expanded HP Latex Printing Technology portfolio builds on the proven technology of the HP Designjet L65500 Printer. This printer has seen tremendous acceptance in the graphics market with more than 1.2 million m2 printed on installed machines since the printer’s general availability in August 2008.

Unrivaled versatility, ease of use and printing with the environment in mind

Available in 42- and 60-inch models, the HP Designjet L25500 Printer delivers unrivaled versatility for a broad range of high-quality and flexible, outdoor and indoor applications while meeting the needs of environmentally conscious customers.

Existing low-volume print service providers (PSPs), such as early customer Tot.rètol of Igualada, Spain, can benefit from the HP Designjet L25500 Printer because it delivers prints with quality and durability comparable to eco-solvent ink technologies. In addition, it prints a wider range of applications – from durable outdoor signage to high-resolution, close-view prints – than is possible with eco-solvent or traditional water-based printing alone.

“The HP Designjet L25500 Printer has allowed us to expand our previously solvent-only sign-making business with new applications and products, while still serving our core business for robust, durable output,” said Joan Torrents, general manager and owner, Tot.rètol. “We recently bid for a high-image-quality job for which our solvent printer was not an option due to the low image quality it offers. By using the HP Designjet L25500 Printer, as opposed to outsourcing, we were able to make an extremely competitive offer to acquire the new customer and still make a profit. The customer was satisfied with our printing service and we have become their first choice supplier.”

The ease of use afforded by water-based HP Latex Inks and HP 789 Designjet Printheads enables an easy transition into large-format or outdoor printing for entry-level sign shops, photo labs and digital printers thanks to unattended printing with no daily, manual printhead maintenance required, user-replaceable printheads and an embedded spectrophotometer for accurate and consistent color across prints and between printers.

Designed to reduce the impact of printing on the environment, HP Latex Inks produce odorless prints that allow placement in point-of-purchase environments where odor is a concern. HP Latex Inks are non-flammable and non-combustible, do not require hazard warning labels, and contain no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Additionally, no special ventilation equipment(8) or external dryer is required and the HP Designjet L25500 Printer features the ENERGY STAR® rating, which demonstrates compliance with strict energy-efficiency guidelines.

New optimized media selections for HP Designjet L25500 Printer

HP also introduced six Original HP printing materials compatible with HP Latex Ink printers. These additions expand the portfolio to 19 printing materials, including seven recyclable substrates and several PVC-free alternatives.

  • HP White Satin Poster Paper – a multi-layer, bright-white coated paper developed to provide durability and excellent image quality for indoor and outdoor advertising applications and can be recycled through commonly available recycling programs
  • HP One-view Perforated Adhesive Window Vinyl – a self-adhesive vinyl, designed particularly for window graphics, with a perforated, black back film and white paper liner that provides stunning graphics on one side and a clear view from the other
  • HP Air Release Adhesive Gloss Cast Vinyl – a high-performance white cast vinyl with a gloss finish and an opaque permanent adhesive that provides clean removability, laminated outdoor durability up to five years(9) for vehicle and fleet graphics applications and a new HP Performance Warranty when used with the HP Clear Gloss Cast Overlaminate
  • HP PVC-free Gloss Adhesive Film – a PVC-free alternative to monomeric vinyl that offers excellent performance in a white film with a gloss-satin finish and a permanent, repositionable adhesive for strong adhesion and outdoor durability as well as glass and all-purpose cleaner rub resistance
  • HP PVC-free Wall Paper – a flame retardant, strippable, pre-pasted wall paper with an ultra-smooth finish that provides vivid color, high-definition detail for close viewing and an odor-free alternative to PVC for wall murals and creative designs; provides up to 20 years display permanence indoors, away from direct sun; easy-to-install paper also tears off easily and comes with an HP warranty for clean removal
  • HP Light Textile Display Banner – a PVC-free, flame-retardant, uncoated polyester textile banner material that delivers long-lasting indoor image quality, dimensional stability during printing and is recyclable through the HP Large-format Media take-back program

HP also expanded the HP Planet Partners program to include the HP Large-format Media take-back program in the United States and select countries in Europe, allowing customers to easily return and recycle prints produced with HP Latex Inks on HP recyclable media as well as Original HP 789 Latex Designjet Ink Cartridges and Printheads at no additional cost. Customers simply pack up the used media and HP pays the shipping charges and handles sorting and recycling.

The HP Designjet L25500 Printer will be demonstrated publicly for the first time in the HP booth in Hall 8A G20 at VISCOM Germany in Dusseldorf, Oct. 1-3, and is expected to begin shipping this year and be available worldwide in early 2010.

More information is available at:

HP Latex Printing Technologies: www.hp.com/go/hp_latex_printing_technologies
HP Designjet L25500 Printer: www.hp.com/go/designjetL25500
HP large-format printing supplies and materials: www.hp.com/go/designjet/supplies
HP Large-format Media take-back program: www.hp.com/recycle
HP Eco Solutions program: www.hp.com/ecosolutions

‘We cover it all. If it breaks – we’ll fix it…’ promises Tech8 Printer Warranty

Tech8 On-site Printer Warranty


‘We cover it all. If it breaks – we’ll fix it…’ that’s the message behind Tech8’s latest on-site warranty cover for users of all common wide-format printers.

Headed up by Technical Director Tom Plunkett, a support specialist with 23 years of print industry experience under his belt, Tech8 also claim further significant benefits over and above either OEM or alternative third-party warranty offerings.

Plunkett explains: "Not only will you enjoy peace of mind and longer machine life when you extend your warranty with Tech8, what really sets Tech8 warranty apart from the alternatives is the all-inclusive nature of the cover.

“While other service contracts often include numerous disclaimers stipulating what items are and are not covered, Tech8 have a simple message: We cover it all. If it breaks we’ll fix it, regardless of how it was broken.

“In short we offer fully comprehensive and rapid-response cover with no additional costs.”

Full Accidental Damage Cover

And that fully comprehensive cover includes all manner of accidents too.

So if an incorrectly loaded roll of media leads to a head crash… or if someone spills coffee into the printer’s internals … or even if the machine itself gets crashed into or knocked over… you remain fully covered.

Rapid Response Breakdown Cover

In the event of an equipment failure, Tech8 share the same priorities as the customer: namely getting the equipment working as quickly as possible.

“What’s vital for the customer, who has time-sensitive jobs constantly in production, is his machine back up and running with as little delay as possible.” explains Plunkett. “In the event of an equipment failure your priority is our priority – and we’ll make it as simple as possible for you to get on your feet and operable straightaway.”

Automated Online Call-logging System

Plunkett continues: "You can call us by phone, email us or enter your support request onto our Online Call Logging System, where you can track the progress of your support request. We’ll then arrange the earliest possible site visit."

Additional Benefits

Tech8 also promises:

  • Comprehensive on-site cover through a fleet of highly trained specialist engineers.
  • Repairs are not restricted to office hours and, subject to availability of an engineer in your area, printers can be repaired outside normal working hours without any additional surcharges.
  • To facilitate rapid repair Tech8 stock a comprehensive spares inventory for all common wide-format printers.

Contact Details

Users of wide-format printers are invited to visit the Tech8 website at www.tech8.eu where they can generate instant warranty quotes without any need to register or log in.

The website also includes a comprehensive FAQ section, with advice, troubleshooting guides and product documentation all freely accessible online.

Jetrion wins Label Industry Award for New Innovation

EFI Jetrion

EFI was announced as the winner of the Label Industry Award for New Innovation at a gala dinner during Labelexpo Europe 2009.

The judging panel praised the company’s pioneering developments in inkjet printing technology and software, which have seen the Jetrion® 4000 UV inkjet system become a market leading, full-colour narrow web alternative to toner-based digital printers.

“To receive the award after such a short space of time is a fantastic honour,” said EFI Jetrion’s general manager Dr Kenneth Stack. “It is testament to the hard work of our team and to the input and support from our customers, without whom we could not have achieved it. “We began Jetrion seven years ago and now we have a full portfolio which includes software, printers and ink. Providing such a complete offering was a key reason behind the win and it also allows us to supply label converters with affordable, high quality products.”

To win the Label Industry Award for New Innovation, a company must have less than ten years’ involvement in the sector and have introduced a key new product or technology to the industry. The judging panel was chaired by Helmut Schreiner, general manager of Schreiner Group, and included Andy Thomas, editor of Labels & Labeling; Wolfgang Klos-Geiger, editor of NarroWebTech; Jack Kenny, editor of Label & Narrow Web; John Hickey, chairman of the board, TLMI; and Jan Frederik Vink, former president of FINAT. Judging took place at the FINAT congress in Turkey in June.

Jetrion 4000

The Jetrion 4000 UV inkjet system combines EFI’s core strengths of workflow, RIP technology, ink development and machine manufacturing to offer converters an affordable route into short run, variable data printing. With installations across Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America, the Jetrion 4000 has broken down cost barriers to allow converters and brand owners of all sizes to take advantage of the multitude of opportunities offered by digital technology.

With speeds of up to 30.5 meters (100 ft) /min at more than 1,000 dpi with greyscale technology, the Jetrion 4000 delivers full-colour label and variable data printing up to 13.9 cm (5.5 in) wide. The system also features Jetrion's advanced UV4000 ink set which provides exceptional durability and eliminates the need for costly over-laminates. The 4000 is integrated with EFI’s Fiery XF RIP and XFlow software, making it the most versatile and scalable platform in the industry. This combination provides a PDF-based workflow, top-notch ICC colour management, support for different input file types and the ability to generate CMYK expanded gamut outputs. Jetrion inks provide outstanding colour reproduction across a wide range of substrates, and ensure that users get the lowest possible cost per print.

Jetrion 4830

During Labelexpo Europe 2009, EFI launched its new Jetrion 4830 UV inkjet system. With a wider web width and faster linear speeds, the 4830 increases throughput by over two times compared to the Jetrion 4000. Powered by the Fiery XF RIP, the new Jetrion 4830 UV Inkjet System provides seamless workflow integration and is capable of advanced spot-colour matching. Its white-ink capability enables printing on clear film, which allows label printers to respond to a more diverse customer base.

The Jetrion 4830 prints 8.3-inches (21 cm) wide, enabling 2-up 4-inch (10 cm) labels. The wider print zone allows label converters to efficiently take on more print jobs. And with its new higher speed print mode of greater than 120 feet per minute (36.6 meters per minute), the new system increases productivity significantly. 

Roland DG Announce UK Roadshow Dates to Showcase New Technology

Roland SolJet PRO III XC-540MT

 Roland DG UK Roadshow 2009

  • Tue 6th & Wed 7th October (Roland DG Headquarters, Clevedon)
  • Thu 8th & Fri 9th October (Roland DG Academy, Walsall)
  • Tues 20th October (Holiday Inn, Southampton)
  • Wed 21st October (Hilton Kensington, Central London, Shepherds Bush)
  • Tues 3rd November (Haydock Park, Haydock)
  • Thurs 5th November (Hilton Strathclyde, Cumbernauld)

Roland DG UK will shortly be taking to the road in order to show the prototype of the new, revolutionary SolJet PRO III XC-540MT metallic inkjet printer, before it’s even released in the UK.

Alongside this exciting new technology, the roadshow will also feature the new SP-i series of affordable VersaCAMMs and the AdvancedJET AJ-740i for all of those who are producing high volume prints onto banner, mesh, vinyl etc, with these machines cited as being applicable to any sign and display print producer looking looking to save money and increase production.

The new and improved VersaUV LEC-330 will also be on show to demonstrate the amazing textures and special effects that can add real value to your print production portfolio, as well as its fantastic CMYK + White + Gloss proofing capabilities.

In order to book a demo on these new machines or indeed on any Roland product, please call 01275 335540 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The pending roadshows are your opportunity to see these fabulous printers in action, and see how Roland can help you to make more money.