11 Dec 2018

Mutoh to demo ValueJet 1628TD and 2628TD printers at USSC

Mutoh Valuejet Vj1628td

Mutoh will be a showstopper with daily printing and cutting demonstrations between December 2-4 at the USSC tradeshow in Atlantic City, NJ. Among the printers, Mutoh will be showcasing its Application Station.

The ValueJet 1628TD-64-inch, Mutoh's soft signage printer, will be among the many show-stopping printing demonstrations at USSC. Running on two types of ink simultaneously, The ValueJet1628TD-64-inch runs up to 447 sqft/hr with the new Dual Head Design. Perfect for any print job, the 2628TD-100-inch is also available.

Mutoh will also be presenting the ValueJet 1304-54-inch. The 1304 will run daily printing demonstrations on grommeted media provided by Cambridge Canvas.

The Mutoh Application Station, a hands-on display system that showcases different products that can be created with Mutoh printers, will be at the centre of the printers. Visitors will find that the possibilities are endless with Mutoh printers.

The Fletcher-Terry Company will demonstrate its FSC Substrate Cutter. The cutter includes Laser Sight Line Cutting Guide, adjustable for knife or wheel cutting operation that projects a cut line on the substrate, that eliminating guess work and costly errors.

Other products Mutoh will be showcasing are: The ValueJet 1614-64-inch, "The Wrapper's Choice" printer. The Kona Cutter 55-inch, an easy vinyl handling cutter that ensure the finest cutting quality with excellent tracking. Kona Cutters are also available in 30-inch and 65-inch sizes.



First UK order for HP DesignJet Z6200 placed by Newcastle-based The Rip

Hp Designjet Z6200
Although beta-test and demonstrations models have been in circulation for the last couple of weeks, large format digital printer company, The Rip, placed the first UK order for the brand new Designjet Z6200 printer recently. Delivery and installation of the new 60" model takes place this month.
Word of mouth is still possibly one of the best forms of marketing, especially with a product that had only just been launched. A testament to the relationship The Rip and supplier CWE Solutions have is their ability to communicate effectively and The Rip are due to reap the benefits of this early news.
John Laidler, Managing Director of The Rip explains, "We were looking to replace some of our ageing printers and were already impressed with the quality, performance and durability of the HP Designjet range. Recommendations from our supplier on the Z6200 mean that we get the best we possibly can right from the outset."
In production the new Z6200 will enable higher production at better quality, with lower ink consumption. The Z6200 claims not just to be an upgrade to the Z6100; new elements include higher production speeds, wider colour gamut and improved print quality, particularly on backlit film. New technologies include new print heads, new inks and updated third generation Omas media sensor; a powerful combination producing a throughput of up to 140sqm per hour and saleable output three and a half times faster than rival machines of comparable quality.

Print24 extends its capabilities with HP Scitex XP2750 printer

Hp Scitex Xp2750

HP today announced that specialist display graphics company, Print24, of Tallinn, Estonia, has purchased an HP Scitex XP2750 Printer to develop its flatbed capabilities and to undertake new market applications.

Designed for high-quality and fast turnaround jobs, the XP2750 printer can deliver image quality up to 635 x 800dpi and production speeds up to 110m2 per hour(1).

Before investing in its new equipment, Print24 investigated the printers available on the market. Print24 opted for the XP2750 because of its high application versatility; its use of UV-curable ink and its ability to alternate between flexible and rigid substrates, including foam and rigid PVC and acrylic sheets, up to 2.5m wide and 6.35cm thick.

Print24 was established in 2008, it specialises in producing high-quality signage for retailers and outdoor graphics companies. The HP Scitex XP2750 Printer is the company's first HP printer.

Velvo Metusalet, sales manager, Print24 said, "We believe that the HP Scitex XP2750, will make our business stand out in the market place as most of our competitors use solvent machines and the advantages of  printing with UV ink have not been fully explored in Estonia.

"Utilising the high media versatility of the XP2750 will ensure our customers benefit from a wider range of cost-effective applications - making us more competitive. We plan to use our XP2750 Printer to produce more interior signage, as well as applications using rigid substrates, such as point-of-sale and point-of-purchase items."

More information is available at www.youtube.com/hpgraphicarts or follow HP on www.twitter.com/hpgraphicarts.

PSPs can find local printers offering similar innovative applications by visiting www.hp.com/go/pspnetwork.

(1) Print speeds are for roll-to-roll printing at full width (3.2m/10.5 ft).

Roland's VersaCAMM VS-640 helps DVLC motor forward at higher speeds

Roland Vs Range

Not every company needs the benefits of special colours and effects in its wide-format printer, and Washington-based Discount Vehicle Lettering Company is a classic example of a business which relies on fast, regular and reliable output. When the Roland VersaCAMM VS-640 was brought to market, it wasn't the metallic and white option which appealed to this North East display specialist but, instead, it was the 1.62m width and its ability to produce dual CMYK with precision contour cutting.

Directors Mark and Helen Taylor are the brains behind the cannily named DVLC and its specialist services to the UK's motor trade. The company was formed 14 years ago to cater for growing popularity of vehicle graphics and liveries and this incorporates computer-cut vinyl applications as well as full-colour digital print. Steady growth has seen business grow and, when investment into new technology has become essential, the acquisition of the right machines has enabled increased production to take place seamlessly.

A devotee of Roland DG's systems for many years, DVLC has been using a SolJet Pro III XC-540 for the production of colourful and durable print-and-cut designs which are used to decorate every type of vehicle, from a single car through fleets of vans, to trailers and other modes of transport. This is complemented by showroom and forecourt point-of-sale applications, such as pop-up and roll-up banners, posters, window graphics and virtually every other type of display likely to be used by the motor trade.

Short-term displays for special events, such as sales promotions and special offers, can be designed and created along with longer life, durable applications which are able to handle the tough life to which vehicles are subjected on an every-day basis. Larger motor groups, agencies and fleet customers have become so accustomed to DVLC's impeccable service and fast turn-round that many now rely on the company's dedicated on-line ordering system which allows clients to order new and replacement graphics quickly and efficiently.

Because of the growth in demand for DVLC's full-colour applications, in the spring of 2010 the company recognised that it needed to invest in an additional print-and-cut solution to maintain its turn-round and delivery criteria. As important as the quality of print was the accuracy in cutting, and both these essentials have now been realised since the purchase of the Roland VersaCAMM VS-640.

The generous 1.62m width of this combined print-and-cut is deceptive because of its compact footprint, and its space-saving attributes are complemented by low running costs and ability to run unattended. Knowing the high standards of Roland quality from its earlier unit, DVLC recognised that CMYK was more than adequate for its needs and decided to invest in the dual CMYK version of the machine.

Print quality is only part of the story at DVLC, however, as Mark Taylor explains: "As well as being able to rely on consistent and accurate colour at the highest throughput speeds, absolutely vital to us is that the machine can cut accurately. A combination printer/cutter needs to be able to maintain the highest tolerances, even on long rolls of media. There would be nothing worse than printing a job only to find that the cutting hasn't maintained the correct registration in the production cycle.

"When we went to try out the Roland VersaCAMM VS-640 with Roland's partner, Signmaster, we really put the machine through its paces by giving it the most difficult samples to print and cut," Taylor continues. "No matter how demanding we were with our test files, the unit refused to let us down and maintained the finest tolerances throughout. Its performance was outstanding and we decided, there and then, that this was the right machine for our company."

Helen Taylor comments on some of the other advantages that DVLC has discovered since installing the VS-640. "Because we print bi-directionally using dual CMYK, we're able to output many jobs in what is essentially a draft mode, resulting in very fast throughput rates," she says. "The new arrangement of the print-head and inks in this machine means there's no banding even at the highest speed and lowest resolution, with solid vibrant colours and smooth graduated tints. The time savings are significant, with no compromise on end quality."

"We also find the life of the cartridges is astonishing," Mark Taylor emphasises. "Unlike some ink-jet printers which appear to run out when they're far from being empty, the VS-640's options continue until the ink has genuinely been exhausted. The savings we've noticed are considerable, and we wouldn't be surprised if the vertical cartridge design is partly responsible for this."

Since its launch, the modestly-priced yet highly advanced Roland VersaCAMM VS-640 wide-format print-and-cut solution has been joined by three narrower models, the VS-540 (1.37m), the VS-420 (1.06m) and the VS-300 (762mm). All of these versatile solutions are available in three versions of CMYKLcLm plus metallic and white, standard six-colour (CMYKLcLm) and dual CMYK.

"The flexibility in configurations of our VersaCAMM VS series is demonstrated clearly with the machine in daily use at Discount Vehicle Lettering Company. Quality, high speed output of CMYK is matched by exacting tolerances for precision contour-cutting," states Mat Drake, print product manager at Roland DG (UK). "Although we are amazed at the innovative results being created with the metallic and white ink models, we don't want to over-shadow the fact that this system is also absolutely perfect in environments where reliable four-colour print-and-cut is the order of the day."

Océ ColorWave 300 large format multifunction colour printer wins BERTL five star award


Oce Colorwave 300

Océ, an international leader in digital document management, today announced it has received the BERTL Five Star Exceptional rating and the BERTL's Best 2010 award for the Océ ColorWave 300 multifunction printer. This coveted award means that BERTL highly recommends the Océ ColorWave 300 system to architects, engineers and general business users who require a fully-functional wide format printer.

Plotter with exceptional ease of use, energy efficiency and solid construction

The Océ ColorWave 300 multifunction printer system is the industry's first integrated large format plotter for colour and black & white printing, copying and scanning. It is an all-in-one colour printing system that fits in small, compact spaces and is designed to handle customer requirements in low to mid-volume technical applications, both decentralised and departmental. It offers users "exceptional ease of use, energy efficiency and solid construction," according to BERTL analysts in their 100% independent assessment of the key buyer benefits of the Océ ColorWave 300 system.

Printing features save time and energy

"Customers have been waiting for a product offering like this for many years and Océ has put its best foot forward with the Océ ColorWave 300 system," says Art Wynne, BERTL President. "Its single footprint saves floor space thanks to the integrated colour scanner. This system can be controlled from a single operator panel. It prints an E-size portrait in black & white in 41 seconds and in colour in just over a minute. With its single compact design, it effortlessly handles colour and black & white technical documents with outstanding simplicity and ease."

An objective assessment of large format colour printing

BERTL analysts review current product lines and new product introductions to identify the select group of devices and software that are superior to others. BERTL analysts look not only at how well a product performs in various real-world settings, but also what specific aspects of the device and under what circumstances make analysts stand up and take notice. BERTL covers the entire digital imaging and document management arena.

Innovative design of Top Delivery Tray eliminates need for receiving tables

Following the launch of the Océ ColorWave 300 system in the U.S. in February 2010, a revolutionary top delivery tray was added to the large format printing system with dynamic anti-curl functionality that neatly stacks and collates documents. It eliminates the need for extra space for receiving tables. The top delivery tray consumes less energy than conventional stacking tables, which apply a heated roll to flatten the media curl. The device is ENERGY STAR and RoHS compliant.

Its low-energy consumption and ergonomic design are fully in line with the Océ commitment to provide its customers and employees with a healthy and sustainable working environment. In addition, the engine of the Océ ColorWave 300 system is made of steel and the ink tanks of recyclable plastics. And the Océ Instant On technology, which starts up the system instantly, contributes to a more productive environment as users need not wait for the system to warm up before starting print or copy jobs.

The latest in a long line of BERTL awards

The BERTL Five Star Exceptional rating is the latest in a long line of awards that Océ has received for the technical, practical and business benefits of its innovative digital printing systems. On January 21, 2010, Océ was honored with the 2009 BERTL's Best designation for the Océ Arizona 350 XT UV flatbed printer, named 'Best Innovative Technology for Wide Format.' The company also received a BERTL's best designation for the Océ PlotWave 300 all-in-one large format, small footprint system, named 'Best Eco-Friendly Wide Format Printer.' Océ has received 10 BERTL awards since 2007.


TGS adds Inca Onset S20 to digital printer line–up


Inca Onset S20

FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced the sale of an Inca Onset S20 UV flatbed printer to Total Graphic Solutions (TGS), a 100% digital printer based in Atlanta, GA. While many print shops have just begun their transition to digital inkjet, TGS has leveraged its digital expertise since its inception in October 2003. Far ahead of the digital curve, TGS’s clientele includes advertising agencies, print brokers, retail clients and major brands who require anything from small format counter cards to large format graphic displays including window clings, floor graphics, standees, POP graphics and banners.

“When we first began investigating the equipment that would get our business started, we were very impressed with the capabilities of the Inca Columbia as well its speed and all around technology,” said Charlie Rezac, president, Total Graphic Solutions. “At the time, we had zero sales dollars and even though the Columbia was the most expensive digital printer on the market and was not a well known name, we felt it was the best solution available for the type of work we planned to produce. Since then, we have built our business with Inca. As Inca enhances their equipment, we’re able to enhance our business and productivity.”

After the installation of the Inca Columbia in 2003, TGS installed an Inca Turbo 4-color. Then in 2008, TGS invested in an Inca Turbo 6-color which would replace the resident Inca Columbia device. In November, when the Inca S20 is installed it will replace the 4-color Turbo and is expected to increase their business revenue by 50% with its added capacity. Five times faster than the current equipment, the S20 is expected to launch TGS into new markets and will position them to compete with screen printers. For example, a run of 100 4'x8' pieces that would have taken a full shift to produce before will now only take approximately two hours on the Onset S20.

“Our staff isn’t afraid of rolling up our sleeves to get the job done,” said Rezac. “As it is, we rarely turn down a job, and now with the increased capacity that the Inca S20 is going to provide we should never have to say no.”

In addition to increasing capacity to keep up with the growth of their business, TGS wanted a device that could help them accommodate the growing demand for faster turnaround times and last minute changes without compromising deadlines or quality. TGS was impressed with the far superior quality of the S20 as it prints with a full bed array that eliminates banding commonly associated with other inkjet printers. The S20 also offers the option of gloss or satin mode, offering print buyers more flexibility without the extra step to overprint or laminate.

“We began our relationship with the Sericol Unit of FUJIFILM and have steadily grown our business with their products, services and support; it’s a three way partnership,” continues Rezac. “Inca is the best printing equipment on the market and the Sericol Unit of FUJIFILM has provided excellent training and applications support. We built our business with Inca digital printing equipment from day one when we first opened our doors and we look forward to carrying on the legacy as our business grows.”

Today TGS is a 15 person, multi-million dollar business still operating without an offset or screen printing capability.

“TGS is a true testament to the quality of Inca printing equipment and to the possibilities of UV digital inkjet printing,” said Mitch Bode, general manager, Graphic Systems Division – Sericol Unit, FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “We look forward to helping TGS take their business into the future.”