19 Aug 2019

SEAL Graphics at Fespa 2010: All you need to know about wide-format lamination in one place

Seal As1600

SEAL Graphics will be at Fespa 2010 with a comprehensive selection of its protective and mounting films.   These, together with three popular laminating machines: the SEAL 600 MD, the award-winning SEAL 62 Base and the AquaSEAL AS 1600, will cover a wide range of applications.

The AS 1600 applies water-based liquid varnishes onto a variety of media; while the roll laminators 600 MD and 62 Base have been developed to apply film laminates for the professional finishing of diverse materials.

AquaSEAL AS 1600

By applying a durable external coating the AquaSEAL 1600 is suitable for use with vinyl and waterproof inkjet media.  The liquid laminate protects digital prints against wear, humidity, UV radiation and chemicals.  Visitors to Fespa can see how varnish is applied onto printed digital non-woven wallpapers, such as Neschen's 'Erfurt wallpaper CA'.  Even though digital print wallpapers are robust themselves, it is recommended to apply a layer of clear varnish as an additional protection in high traffic areas, for example in doorways and lobbies in hotels and restaurants.

"The requirements in the graphics industry are extremely multifaceted", says Frank Seemann, marketing and communications director for the SEAL brand, "which is why we are keen to discuss with visitors which varnish is suitable for which medium and which application."

SEAL roll laminators 600 MD and 62 Base

The roll laminator SEAL 600 MD is a robust bidirectional, high-performance, high-demand device equipped with two heated roller pairs.  Due to its two roller pairs this high-performance machine can process hot and cold laminating applications independently.  Additionally, the device comes with variable temperature, velocity and pressure controls.  The rollers are lifted and lowered pneumatically enabling the operator to comfortable mount, laminate and shrink-wrap a variety of materials up to 1.550 mm wide and up to 25 mm thick.

The cost-effective laminator SEAL 62 Base is a powerful starter model equipped with all basic features which users need for professional mounting of finishing and protective films as well as double-sided adhesive film.  The fully developed roller technology reliably processes pressure-dependent materials up to a thickness of 50 mm at a velocity of up to 5 m/min.  Both rollers are made of silicone and the heat assisted (up to 40 C) top roller provides a high degree of consistent quality.  The maximum working width is 1.575 mm.

Among its myriad film laminates, SEAL expects three of its new products - UV Sol Lam, Print Shield Pro Anti Graffiti and Base Stoplight 190 - to be of particular interest.  The UV Sol Lam range consists of especially durable, pressure-sensitive PVC laminating films with a solvent adhesive to enhance all digital print technologies, especially those using UV-curing inks.  Bumps are evened out without problem, so that the print media are very well protected against damage as well as fading due to UVA and UVB radiation.

With its specially finished surface, Print Shield Pro Anti Graffiti film protects digital print media against graffiti and vandalism very effectively.  The film is washable and extremely resistant to damage by a large number of detergents and solvents.

Base Stoplight 190 is a strong polyester rear side film with an aluminium core and works as a light protection for roll-up displays.  Media are mounted to the self-adhesive film in a cold lamination process.


Stevenson realises new growth opportunities with the HP Scitex TJ8550 Printer

Hp Tj8550

HP today announced that Stevenson, The Color Company, a family-owned signage and graphics service provider based in Cincinnati, has installed the HP Scitex TJ8550 Printer to produce high-quality point-of-purchase (POP) displays for its major national retail customers.

Stevenson chose the HP Scitex TJ8550 Printer over competitive offerings for its fast turnaround times, high-quality printing and reliability. Previously, Stevenson outsourced much of its wide-format work to silk screen service providers because the shop's offset and wide-format digital printers could not accommodate the size or speed required. With the addition of the HP Scitex TJ8550 Printer, Stevenson can handle the majority of its wide-format work in-house.

"When we realized that HP's wide-format digital printer could provide the high quality and speed that our customers demand, we knew it was time to acquire a new digital printer," said Andy Stevenson, executive vice-president, Stevenson, The Color Company. "We've never bought a piece of equipment that was as productive as the HP Scitex TJ8550 Printer. It takes half the number of people to run the machine than a traditional silk screen press."

To accommodate the high demand for wide-format work, Stevenson is already running one to two shifts, six to seven days per week on the HP Scitex TJ8550 Printer. The new solution produces a range of POP displays as large as 5 x 10 feet in different shapes, single- or double-sided and on a variety of substrates, including 18 pt. C2S and Styrene. Printing up to four posters on one sheet, the HP Scitex TJ8550 Printer also enables Stevenson to produce wallpaper panels that department stores use as promotional murals.

"Stevenson's experience is a great example of how our digital printers help companies expand into new applications and grow their business," said Jan Riecher, vice president and general manager, Graphics Solutions Business – Americas, HP. "With the high-quality and cost-effective output of the HP Scitex TJ8550 Printer, Stevenson was able to move the wide-format work of its large retail customers from silk screen to digital printing easily and with a very fast return on investment."

The HP Scitex TJ8550 Printer delivers a powerful combination of high throughput, cost-effective production and high output quality for a variety of wide-format applications. Supporting a resolution of up to 600 dpi and prints at speeds as high as 480 sqm/hr (5,166 sqft/hr), the HP Scitex TJ8550 Printer opens new opportunities for almost any printing shop-screen, digital and offset-by reducing operational costs and helping drive business growth.

Grapo Technologies Displaying Affordable Shark hybrid UV Printer at FESPA 2010

Grapo Shark

Grapo Technologies, a manufacturer of large format UV roll-to-roll and flatbed printers based in the Czech Republic, is announcing that it will be exhibiting at FESPA, taking place in Munich from 22-26 June 2010.   At the show, hall B2 stand 460 the company will be featuring its fully automated Shark hybrid UV printer with feeder/cutter options.

“FESPA is the perfect venue for us to show the latest additions to the Shark,” said Sales Director Branislav Oravec,  “including an automatic feeder for rigid materials and cutting system for flexibles. After working with Shark in our own printshop, we believe these options makes Shark even more efficient and productive.  At Grapo Technologies we are, first and foremost, printing professionals that manufacture printers designed to meet the specific needs of other printing professionals—we began as a print shop, and always keep in mind the basic requirements of the average print shop owner: a productive, durable piece of hardware capable of generating profit for the business. The feeder/cutter system is a logical outcome of that philosophy as it allows the user to take advantage of the Shark’s speed without requiring two employees to man the machine at all times. ”

New at the show:  Shark now equipped with Feeder & Cutter.

The four-color Shark is a multifunctional system capable of printing on both flexible and rigid materials, producing high-quality greyscale images for a wide variety of display applications. Grapo Technologies will be demonstrating the Shark hybrid UV printer at FESPA with a new cutter capable of cutting materials up to 1 mm in thickness transversally or longitudinally, as well as a feeder that can accommodate cardboard sheets and common rigid materials up to a maximum media thickness 10 mm and a maximum size 2000 x 2000 mm, depending on the weight of the material.

Branislav Oravec comments: "In addition to the feeder and cutter, we’ve added more functionality to  Shark to improve work flow and productivity. Each model now comes equipped a take up and special guiding system to secure printing of unstable materials such as cardboard, providing users high printing speeds up to 120 m2/hour as well as enormous versatility in applications."

The system can print on either flexible or rigid materials at resolutions up to 960dpi, and can image a maximum print width of 2010 mm with an unlimited print length. Production speed varies from 40 m2/hour for top-quality POS applications to 120 m2/hour for outdoor displays.

“The capabilities of the Shark are normally only found in very high-end printing systems,” commented Oravec.  “For example, when working with rigid substrates, manual feeding can often result in expensive errors.  The Shark can automatically feed and print 100 sheets per hour, with precise registration, guiding the cut to size sheets to the printer using a unique pause free loading system without compromising on production speed. Because the feeder is automatically driven by Shark software, customers can print up to 100 square meters per hour without human intervention for most substrates.  This is truly unique in a printer that comes to the market at the Shark’s low price point, and the market has responded quite favourably.  We are excited to share these capabilities with visitors to our stand at FESPA.”

Unique Substrates

“To further demonstrate Shark’s flexibility,” added Oravec, “we will be printing on a wide range of substrates in our stand.  This includes textiles, foam, PVC, Forex, glass, polycarbonates, DiBond coated aluminium, acrylic, APET Veralite 100, fluted polypropylene, PVC vinyl, Blueback Paper, Vivak, metal, wood, ceramic tiles, cardboard, and more. This will clearly demonstrate the unique business opportunities this printer can open up for our customers as they work to differentiate their businesses.”

Do the Maths using the CMYUK Online Print Profit Calculator

Cmyuk Calculator

UK Distributor for EFI-VUTEk printing solutions, CMYUK Limited, have announced the launch of a free online job costing and profit projection tool.


Using their free Virtual Printroom Calculator, you can get instant access to realistic profit forecasts based on both your current and projected print volumes. Simply enter your buy and sell prices, add your associated production cost elements, and click the ‘Calculate’ button.

It’s a completely free tool and you don’t even need to register to use it.

Robin East of CMYUK reports that end-user feedback has been positive, with a number of users finding that work that they were currently sub-contracting could be brought in-house, with the savings fully funding the purchase of a new EFI-VUTEk printing system.

You can log on now and start running your own calculations by visiting www.cmyukdigital.com/qs220-profit


PVP Offers New Applications with Addition of HP Scitex FB7500 Printer

Hp Scitex Fb7500

Company reduces turnaround time and further develops competitive business offering

HP today announced that PVP SA, part of BARBEY Holding, based in Digoin, Burgundy, France, has installed its first HP Scitex FB7500 Printer in order to increase its product offering and enter new markets.

The company, established in 1981, originally specialised in advertising for the retail industry. In 1998 it entered the digital wide format market and its business has grown considerably now employing over 50 people. The company prides itself in being responsive to its customer's needs. Customers include leading French hypermarket chains.

"We wanted to develop our Point Of Sale offering for events and short campaigns. To meet this requirement we needed to invest in a machine with higher production capabilities and capable of printing onto lighter and thinner substrates," said Frédéric Barbey, president, PVP France. "With our new printer not only will we be able to win more work from existing customers, but it means that we can now attract new customers with large-scale projects."

Dedicated inks provide versatility across a very wide range of substrates from paper to plastics, whatever the media, fast-drying HP UV-curable inks deliver outstanding application versatility and long-lasting colour.

PVP's customers are already promising to switch their disposable signage and display projects to the printer, and with such high demands for short-run work which require fast turnarounds, the company is convinced that the FB7500 can help it to do this. Print speeds up to 500m² (5380ft²)/hour and features such as the three-quarter automated loading reduce idle time between sheets by up to 75 percent with only one operator, with loading time reduced to as little as 12 seconds.

Barbey continued, "The printer has many advantages for us, not least of all cost reductions. We have a lot of requests for glossy prints and the FB7500's gloss mode means that we no longer have to varnish our prints. Notably, the ink costs about five times less than our previous digital inks. In conjunction with the reduced downtime compared to screen-printing, our customers will soon benefit from cost savings and fast turnarounds."

PVP has a goal to develop a cleaner printing environment for its employees and is already taking advantage of an improved printing workspace compared to screen technology, thanks to its new printer. The elimination of time-consuming clean-up through fewer chemicals and petroleum-based products, means that its employees work more easily and can move on to the next job quickly.

Drytac's DES-6 is making curves for the sign industry

Drytac Des6

Drytac a leader in finishing supplies and equipment has added the DES-6 Edge Finishing System to its existing edging system product line.

The DES-6 is a compact, flexible edging system that can apply a C profile edging to both straight-edged display boards and die-cut or digitally cut shaped boards from 3/8 inch or 5/8 inches (10-16 millimeters) thick.

Great for edging digitally cut, eco-board structures like furniture, shelving and display structures for retail displays and tradeshows, the DES-6 has friendly controls and is an excellent value to sign shops wanting a low price point.

Programmable logic controller (PLC) technology and a digital display allows precise glue application, edging feed and cutting to make applying edging to eco-boards like Xanita and Re-board simple and cost efficient.