05 Jun 2020

swissQprint Impala to appear Stateside at SGIA

Swissqprint Impala

Polytype America Corp. will introduce the New Impala UV flatbed printer manufactured by its Swiss partner, SwissQprint at the SGIA show in booth # 135. The Impala was introduced in Europe at the FESPA show last June and enjoyed a very enthusiastic reception while setting a new standard for price, performance and quality in a fully featured printer.

The Impala is the next generation printer from swissQprint and is based on its very successful Oryx UV flatbed printer. The new Impala while similar to the Oryx uses print heads that have twice the number of nozzles and as a result will run twice as fast in most cases. The Impala utilizes 14 picoliter ink drop print heads with up to 2048 jets per color that delivers great quality at high print speed. With its max speed of 1441 sqft/hr the Impala sets a new standard in its class for performance. Typical production printing at high print quality ranges from 387 to 720 sqft/hr at resolutions of 720x720 dpi and 720x360 dpi.

The Impala print head configuration is very flexible starting with a base configuration of four heads running CMYK ink up to 18 heads with two head per color running six color (CMYK, lc, lm), white ink, varnish and primer. This gives the user ultimate flexibility to start with an affordable basic machine and be able to upgrade the speed, color or specialty applications when they need it.

The Impala has the same size adjustable vacuum bed as the Oryx, 99x59 inches. It also uses the same table registration system and software that allows for easy registration of multiple up files and double sided printing. Due to the true flatbed design the printer will allow you to print full bleed images as well.

The Impala offers a full eight-foot-wide roll-to-roll option that doubles as an oversized board transport system. The Amber software has a print queue for unattended printing of roll goods. There is an encoder wheel that tracks the movement of the roll material and if necessary will micro-adjust the beam position assuring band free printing.

When printing oversized boards on the mesh transport the encoder wheel is engaged to provide accurate feedback to micro-adjust the position of the beam eliminating media step banding.

The New Impala UV flatbed will be in operation in the Polytype America Corp. booth # 135 at the SGIA show on October 13-15, 2010.

Shorter Turn-Arounds at Pixel driven by the HP L25500 Printer


Hp Designjet Latex L25500



  • Achieve shorter turn-around times
  • Grow business and expand environmentally responsible printing capabilities
  • Increase digital printing capabilities
  • Find a printer that prints on foils and films





  • HP Designjet L25500 Printer for film and foil printing





  • Expansion of short-run digital printing capabilities
  • Instantly dry prints, reducing drying time by up to three days and resulting in shorter turnaround of jobs
  • Better environmental footprint supporting new business opportunities and an improved working environment for employees
  • Less manual operation means more unattended printing
  • Established in 2002 by Andreas Span and Michael Anderlan, the Austrian print service provider (PSP) Pixel Beschriftungen, of Innsbruck, specialises in printing outdoor signage, vehicle wraps, POP displays and banners. Ninety five percent of its jobs are printed on fi lm, which are then applied to cars, buses, trams, lorries and billboards.



Saving time and the environment

Since its inception, the company has been growing and now has a workforce of fifteen employees. As a result, Pixel Beschriftungen has been looking extensively into streamlining its workfl ow as well as lowering its environmental footprint.

"Nowadays, more than ever, the environment plays a major role in all our decisions and our customers are equally concerned about it," explained Andreas Span, co-founder of Pixel Beschriftungen. "Apart from the odour that is emitted by solvent and eco-solvent inks, the installation of air extraction systems for health and safety is a costly investment that adds to the original costs of a printer as well as on-going operational costs of such systems. In addition, our existing machine portfolio often requires drying times of up to three working days.

"Since we installed the HP Designjet L25500 in November 2009, the issue of prolonged drying time has been eliminated. Prints on the HP Designjet L25500 are instantly dry, therefore shortening our turnaround times significantly," says Andreas Span. "These time savings will positively influence our business in the future, enabling us to be more flexible and react more quickly to our customers' needs. In today's fast moving business environment, everything needs to be as fast as possible, and we can now achieve this."

Water-based HP Latex Inks produce odour-free prints(1). Furthermore the HP Designjet L25500 Printer does not require special ventilation equipment(2) or external dryers, and therefore energy costs are reduced and drying times eliminated.


High quality images for large format printing

The HP Designjet L25500 is equipped with the HP Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS) and an embedded spectrophotometer as well as the Optical Drop Detector (ODD) to control substrates as they advance through the printer and minimise banding effects. The jetting of drops is permanently controlled by the ODD, providing error-free prints and greatly enhancing image quality.

"Our customers require high quality prints that do not display any banding issues. From the start, the HP Designjet L25500 achieved a first-rate quality that impressed everyone, especially for vehicle wraps and our backlit projects (called 'art in construction/art within architecture'). These applications require a high degree of accuracy and that's what this machine achieves. In addition, the possibility of double ink layering, important for the quality of our backlit projects, enables us to achieve even stronger, vivid images. Now that we have these capabilities and can achieve such a high standard of image quality, we expect to be printing far more backlit orders."


HP reliability and ease-of-use

"The HP Designjet L25500 has proved to be reliable, and we even tried to print lengths of 30m without any operator intervention," continued Andreas Span. "It is a printer that does not require much manual operation, enabling simple, unattended printing. This ease of use was another decisive factor for us when we considered purchasing the L25500."

In addition to the benefits of unattended printing with the HP Designjet L25500 Printer, the HP Thermal Inkjet printheads in this printer are user-exchangeable and therefore, do not require special knowledge or a technician to operate them, making the set-up production process even easier.

Pixel Beschriftungen appreciates the fully automatic printhead testing and maintenance system that minimizes downtime and service calls. "This machine has definitely been developed with HP's customers in mind. It is easy to use, a real "plug-and-play" printer that not only satisfies professionals, but also entrants into the print business."

Andreas Span concluded, "The future is definitely one of odourless and environmentally responsible printing. To this end, our company is also trying to use more and more recyclable media and we are considering taking part in the HP Media Take Back programme. HP's free and convenient programme offers print service providers the facility to recycle original HP ink cartridges and printheads, as well as prints that are produced on HP recyclable media.(3) It is also possible to return all of the consumables for the printer to HP for free and convenient recycling, including original HP ink cartridges and printheads, the printhead cleaning cartridge and the printhead cleaning container.(4)

"Solvent printing has and still will have its uses, but with the rising environmental movement and our own personal environmental concerns, I see solvent printers on the way out, and believe that in just a few years, they will be a thing of the past."


(1) Printers using HP Latex Inks use internal heaters to dry and cure the latex polymer film. Some substrates may have inherent odour.

(2) Special ventilation is not required to meet US OSHA requirements on occupational exposure to VOCs from HP Latex Inks. Ventilation equipment installation is at the discretion of the customer-no specific HP recommendation is intended. Typically no air discharge permitting required with inks that emit extremely low levels of VOCs. Customers should consult state and local requirements and regulations.

(3) HP offers the HP Large-format Media take-back programme in the U.S., Europe, and Canada (as of June 1, 2010) through which most HP recyclable signage media can be returned, availability varies. Some recyclable papers can be recycled through commonly available recycling programmes. For details visit www.hp.com/ recycle. Aside from this programme, recycling opportunities for these products are currently only available in limited areas. Customers should consult local recycling resources for recycling these products.

(4) In the circa 50 countries and territories in which the HP Planet Partners programme operates. Programme features and availability varies. Where this programme is not available, and for other consumables not included in the programme, consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) available at www.hp.com/go/ecodata to determine appropriate disposal.


New Print Modes for SwissQprint Oryx UV Flatbed

Swissqprint Oryx Uv Flatbed

SwissQPrint has created several new print modes for its Oryx UV flatbed printers that increase the maximum print speed up to 77 square metres an hour (828 sqft/hr). This feature will be demonstrated at the SGIA show in Polytype booth #135.

The print modes offer additional production print speed choices of 25 and 38 sq.m/hr (269 and 408 sq ft/hr) with a usable draft mode of 77 sq.m/hr (828 sqft/hr) printing with all modes running 720x360 dpi resolution. The current production print modes of the Oryx are 12 and 18 sq.m/hr (129 and 193 sqft/hr) at 720x720 dpi resolution.

"The significance of these new print modes is an increase in production speed of at least 40 percent while maintaining the highest quality," said Bill Grambsch, sales manager, Polytype. "In addition the Amber print control software is able map out and compensate for any missing nozzles in the print head. This jet mapping feature is the key to getting consistent production speeds. If you buy a printer based on its single pass print mode, experience tells us that eventually one or more jets will clog over time and without the ability to map out the missing jets and compensate for them you will have to slow down your printing speed to get the same quality. With the Oryx you can count on high level production speeds for many years to come."

The Oryx printer uses 14 picoliter ink drop size print heads with up to 1024 jets per color and delivers great quality at high speed. With its maximum speed of 828 sqft/hr the Oryx is a great price/performance value. Typical production printing at high print quality ranges from 193 to 408 sqft/hr at resolutions of 720x720 and 720x360 dpi.

The Oryx print head configuration is very flexible starting with a base configuration of four heads running CMYK up to 16 heads with two heads per color running six colors (CMYKlclm), white ink, and varnish. This gives the user ultimate flexibility to start with an affordable base machine and be able to upgrade the speed, color or varnish for specialty applications when they need it.

The Oryx has an adjustable vacuum bed of 99x59 inches with a table registration system that allows for easy registration of multiple up printing and double sided printing as well as full bleed printing capability.

The Oryx offers a full eight-foot-wide roll-to-roll option that doubles as an oversized board transport system. The Amber software has a queue system for unattended printing of roll goods. There is an encoder wheel that tracks the movement of roll material and if necessary will micro-adjust the beam position assuring band free printing.

When printing oversized boards using the roll mesh to transport boards though the printer the encoder wheel is engaged to provide accurate feedback to manage micro-adjustments of the beam eliminating media step banding.

SwissQprint UV flatbed printers will be on display in the Polytype America Corp. booth #135 at the SGIA show October 13-15, 2010.

Elements Finance simplifies investment in green printing solutions


Atom44 Front

Elements Finance simplifies investment in green printing solutions

With present-day restrictions on bank lending continuing to affect established businesses as well as start-ups, IGS UK has announced Elements Finance, an integrated finance package for purchasers of its Elements range of environmentally friendly printers, software, inks and materials. Underwritten by a leading industry financing specialist, tax efficient and flexible solutions can be provided which are tailored in a variety of leasing, purchasing or contract hire options at competitive and attractive rates.

By remaining independent from bank borrowing, flexible finance solutions benefit companies* by being able to free up their cash from being tied into depreciating business assets. Elements Finance is tailored to enable customers to structure the purchase of an entire new solution, with payment terms designed so that the system pays for itself with the income and cost savings it generates.

Payment options from Elements Finance are designed to minimise the impact on working capital and are future-proofed so that customers can upgrade when they want to take advantage of new solutions as and when required. Flexibility is key within the wide-format digital printing industry so payment terms are arranged to suit specific budgets and cash-flow forecasts.

Nick Wintle, managing director of IGS UK, comments: “All too often growing and start-up businesses are being refused finance from normal channels because there is still a general lack of knowledge about digital printing and the equipment involved. High street banks and lending houses don’t understand the value of today’s systems or how they are used in business, with the result that many applications for funding are declined without consideration because they are technology based."

“With Elements Finance we have completed our turnkey approach by being able to supply printer, software, ink and media complemented by a flexible finance package which is tailored specifically to our systems and their users,” Wintle continues. “Our intention of simplifying the market for easy-to-use green production solutions is now augmented by tailored funding to suit every size and type of company, from start-ups through growing businesses to established organisations who want independent options when purchasing new equipment.”

The Elements family of green wide-format printers incorporates totally solvent-free, durable ink formulations, complemented by a dedicated RIP and materials that are produced to FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. Low running costs via a standard power supply are augmented by the fact that these systems can be used in normal office and working environments without any need for special ventilation.

Elements printers will be available from selected UK resellers, with end-user shipments beginning in October 2010. Full information is available on all Elements products by visiting www.igsuk.net and www.elementsps.net

* All finance is subject to credit approval


ClearStar Redesigns StarLam 1600R Liquid Laminator

Clearstar Starlam 1600r

Clearstar LP, a leader in the liquid laminate industry, released an all new designed StarLam 1600R liquid laminator. Building on the initial success of the StarLam, the new model features rotating metering rods, a self-contained cleaning system and an advanced drying technique. See live demonstrations of the StarLam 1600R at booth 2769 during the SGIA expo in Las Vegas.

“By relying on our experience and expertise in the liquid laminate market, we were able to design a liquid laminator that meets the demands of production environments while maintaining simplicity for the operator. The new features of the StarLam 1600R make it the most user friendly liquid coater in the market.” explains Stephen Berman, Chief Executive of Clearstar LP.

Clearstar LP, a member of the Marabu Group, has been providing the sign and digital printing industry with high quality liquid coatings for over 20 years.

Trycket Mora Purchases Sweden's First HP Scitex LX800 Printer



Hp Scitex Lx800

HP today announced that Trycket Mora, of Mora, Sweden, has purchased Sweden's first HP Scitex LX800 Printer.

Trycket Mora is a family business and was established in 1979 as a screen-printing house. In 2001 the company broke into the wide format market and went digital, specialising in printing outdoor banners and signage for sporting events and ski resorts.

The company will be installing the 3.2m (126in) HP Scitex LX800 Printer for its production and environmental benefits - both from a product and internal production perspective.

"We are expanding our 900m2 facility by 180m2 to accommodate this new printer, so we wanted to make sure that the machine we installed would help create a cleaner working environment". Said Mathias Hofvander, CEO, Trycket Mora. "Not only do the HP Latex Inks the LX800 uses help reduce environmental impact they also require no ventilation, which will help create a much better working environment".

The HP Scitex LX800 Printer uses water-based HP Latex Inks, producing prints that are odourless and as well as high quality. Capable of printing graphics up to 3.2m (126in) wide, the HP Scitex LX800 Printer also provides a versatile, large format solution with production speeds of up to 45m²/hr.

The LX800 helps PSPs produce a broad range of high-profit outdoor and indoor applications - including POP displays, light boxes, customised wallpaper and vehicle wraps - that can deliver a fast return on investment. It produces high-quality output with 1200 dpi resolution at production speeds up to 88m²/hr (947ft²/hr) for outdoor billboards and up to 45m²/hr (484ft²/hr) for indoor applications.

Outdoor prints produced on the LX800 achieve display permanence up to three years unlaminated and up to five years laminated and offer scratch, smudge, and water resistance comparable to low-solvent inks.

"Our customers not only want to know that their jobs are being produced in the most environmentally responsible way possible, but they need to be able to re-use the banners time and again. The HP Latex Technology gives us the confidence that the prints we produce will meet these expectations". Concluded Hofvander.

The LX800 prints on an extensive range of substrates including; HP HDPE Reinforced Banner, HP Outdoor Frontlit Scrim Banner, HP Light Textile Display Banner, HP Wrinkle-free Flag with Liner and HP Heavy Textile Banner. The HP Take-Back programme has also recently been extended to encompass seven recyclable media. This facility will enable Trycket Mora to offer take the first steps to being able to offer a more environmentally responsible services to its customers.