05 Dec 2019

B2R Use HP Designjet L65500 to Produce ‘Eco’ Graphics for Portugese Metro

Produced by B2R on an HP Designjet L65500

B2R of Lisbon, Portugal, in association with Quiosque das Ideias, a company of the same group, has used its newly installed HP Designjet L65500 Printer to produce indoor and outdoor ‘eco’ friendly graphics for 52 Portuguese railway stations.

Utilising its new HP printer’s environmental benefits, B2R also maximised the Designjet L65500’s high productivity capability to complete the job on time, and produce a mix of customer friendly indoor and outdoor graphics. These graphics were used for station decoration, directional signage, customer information and promotional purposes.

“Because the Designjet L65500 uses water based latex inks, we are able to provide graphics that are not only odourless and eco friendly, but of high print resolution suitable for both near and distant viewing. This was essential in successfully communicating important commuter information. What’s more, as the prints are designed to be long lasting, they represented a great return-on-investment for the customer,” said Paulo Silva, marketing director, B2R.

Established in 2001, B2R is part of a group of companies offering creative services, communication services including signage and exhibition graphics and large format production. Printing on a variety of substrates including paper, canvas, vinyl, textiles, wood and metal, B2R’s customers look for creativity, image quality and a match between the printing method and the application. Importantly, they also consider the environment where the graphic is to be used.

B2R was commissioned to produce 210 graphics for over 52 Railway stations in Portugal, covering in excess of 300m2 of media. Key to winning this prestigious project was the company’s new Designjet L65500, which enabled it to produce and install environmentally friendly graphics that supported the customers’ green policy, while better serving Portuguese commuters.

HP Designjet L65500

The HP Designjet L65500 provides print service providers (PSPs) with many benefits, including print speeds of up to 79m2/hr, HP Latex Inks that require no ventilation when printing and applications that are fume free(1) and safe to use indoors and in confined spaces such as offices and elevators. HP Latex Printing Technologies provide durable, odourless(2) prints; sharp, vivid image quality; application versatility and high-productivity.

These new production benefits are enabling B2R to attract a diverse range of customers, for a variety of large format applications. Critically, the Designjet L65500 is enabling the company to increase its print capacity and grow its business, while reducing the impact of printing on the environment.

Although only relatively recently installed, B2R has already carried out a number of other jobs that utilise the printer’s abilities.

The company has decorated many wind turbines with graphics, making the link between clean power and printing using non-polluting materials. Also important was the interior design job for Farmacia Ascenso, a leading pharmaceutical retailer. Wide-format prints on vinyl now decorate the interior and exterior of the pharmacy, for all customer communication and promotions. The combination of high-resolution print for up-close viewing and odour-free(2) inks made the HP Designjet L65500 Printer with Latex Inks ideal for the job.

“We experienced a business revolution when we installed the new HP printer,” said Paulo Silva, managing director, B2R. “Speed, quality and printer durability are fantastic. But the most impressive benefits are the environmental improvements to our print production, and the impact this has had on customer satisfaction.

“In addition, our operators are very happy, because the air they breathe is now fresh – we are very impressed.”

Neolt launches AsterJet at Viscom Milan

Neolt launch Asterjet 1650 at Viscom Milan

High quality, low prices and short delivery times: the new roll-to-roll printer with Xaar printheads and INX Digital UV curable inks meets the needs of small and medium-sized digital print centres.

With the launch at Viscom Italy (Milan, Fieramilano, Hall 3, booth K11 - November 5-7) of the new large-format inkjet platform AsterJet 1650, Italy-based manufacturer Neolt delivers a powerful statement of its commitment to providing a wide range of inkjet printing and print finishing solutions for visual communication and industrial applications. AsterJet 1650 unites in one single product the conceptual, manufacturing and logistical strengths of the company from Bergamo.

With its 165cm printing width, the AsterJet 1650 is targeted at the great number of small and medium-sized printing houses that do not want to invest in solvent technology, but still need to broaden their business with printing on media for indoor and outdoor applications such as banner, adhesive vinyl, blueback paper, backlit films and polyester fabrics. Neolt manages to overcome this challenge creating a simple but incredibly robust and productive printer which is modular, cost-effective and easy to use. This result has also been made possible through partnerships with Xaar for the printheads and INX Digital for dedicated UV-curable inks. A photographic print quality and a productivity of up to 50 m2/h are guaranteed by the innovative binary Xaar Proton 360x1440 dpi heads driving a 4-color (CMYK) print engine which is optionally upgradeable to 6 colours, adding Light Cyan and Light Magenta.

The connection with Onyx software solutions adds important value to the machine, optimising the printer's performance and offering a winning combination based upon ease-of-use, brilliant print quality, workflow efficiency and minimizing waste, ink consumption and production costs.

"Digital printers are facing competition in a market which demands high quality, low prices, short delivery times and a serious commitment regarding the environment. A tough challenge, which leaves no room for wrong investments and which has already caused the decline of solvent printing. - says Neolt's Managing Director Sergio Ferrari - This is why we designed AsterJet, a product which is the synthesis of all of Neolt's strengths in designing, developing and manufacturing inkjet printers for graphic applications and specialty printing. Thanks to a sharp analysis of the requirements of the market and thanks to our technological partners we have been able to realize a printer which meets the productivity needs and the investment capacities of small and medium-sized digital printers, without compromising on quality and productivity".

Victory Screen Printing preparing for digital future with FUJIFILM Sericol

Inca Onset S20

FUJIFILM Sericol USA, Inc. announced today the sale of an Inca Onset S20 UV flatbed printer to Victory Screen Printing, located in Fullerton, Calif. Introduced earlier this year, the Inca Onset S20 delivers POP quality production at speeds up to 2,690 sq. ft. per hour on substrates up to 2" thick. The press will be installed later this month at Victory Screen Printing and is the first press to be installed on the West Coast.

"We're constantly looking toward the future and we see digital printing being the way the industry will move," explains Bob Bhagat, co-owner of the 46-year-old company that he and business partner Mike Savalia took over in 2000. "Digital quality is just amazing and it¹s hard to compare it to screen printing, especially when you consider the speed of digital printing. We definitely see it as the future and that's why we've added the Inca Onset S20."

Victory Screen Printing is a full-service, large-format screen and digital printing facility that works primarily for trade with other print shops, print brokers and advertising agencies. The company specializes in POP printing, including window clings, posters, merchandising displays, banners, floor graphics and a variety of other products and different substrates.

Savalia said they¹d been looking at digital solutions for some time, but weren't satisfied with the speed of the devices until they saw the Onset S20. "SpeedŠthat's what was holding us back," he said. "But now, we've got speed and quality with the Onset S20. It's going to provide our customers a lot of flexibility with their projects and we expect to increase the range of projects we're able to handle."

The company has grown steadily since Bhagat and Savalia took the helm, relying on a commitment to both service and quality. Victory Screen Printing and its 95 employees have also been committed to the latest technologies and, says Bhagat, is proud to now have the Onset S20.

In addition to the quality and capabilities of the device, Bhagat and Savalia also wanted to make sure they were comfortable with the company and manufacturer they were buying from. "Both Inca and FUJIFILM Sericol are well-known companies and they work well together. We're looking to form a long-term relationship with the companies we do business with, and both Inca and FUJIFILM Sericol are strong partners," explained Bhagat.

Oce Arizona 350 XT and 350 GT Printers Win Product of the Year Awards

Oce Arizona 350XT

The Océ Arizona Series of UV flatbed printers have added two more awards to its list of distinguished honors. The Océ Arizona 350 XT and Océ Arizona 350 GT printers were both awarded the Product of the Year Award in their respective categories. The Océ Arizona 350 XT printer received the award for the Rigid Substrate UV >$200K MSRP category, and the Océ Arizona 350 GT printer was honored in the Rigid Substrate UV <$200K MSRP category. The awards were presented at the Specialty Graphic & Imaging Association's (SGIA) annual convention and exposition held October 7-9, 2009 in New Orleans, LA.

The Product of the Year Awards compare output from competing devices using a common test file designed by the association. The prints are reviewed by a panel of judges, each with a background and expertise in digital printing and imaging. The judges look for color appeal, detail and tonality, and the output is also judged on how closely it matches the test print.

The images for both entries were processed using ONYX ProductionHouse V7.3.2 Océ Edition RIP software. ONYX Graphics software utilizes ONYX color science and a proprietary color engine designed to specifically address color and profiling issues unique to large format inkjet printing. The results are better neutral, saturated and dark colors; and consistent color fidelity.

The Océ Arizona Series UV flatbed printers have been consistently honored by the SGIA organization. In 2006, the year of the original Océ Arizona 250 GT printer's introduction, it won the Vision Award, which is given to an exhibiting manufacturer whose new product has the best chance of positively impacting the digital imaging industry. The decision was based on the product's relevance to the market, potential industry influence and prospective value to the product's end users. The award was presented in September 2006.

In 2007, the Océ Arizona 250 GT printer was awarded the Product of the Year Award in the Output Device Rigid Substrate UV category. In 2008, the Océ Arizona 350 GT printer was given the Product of the Year Award Honorable Mention in the UV Cured Rigid category.

In all, Océ Arizona Series UV flatbed printers have accumulated 15 industry awards to date from organizations throughout the world. These awards validate the quality and innovation built into every Océ Arizona Series printer, now the most popular printer in its class.

Canon Receives High Print Permanence Ratings from Wilhelm Imaging Research

Canon iPF6100

Canon has announced that the imagePROGRAF iPF6100 large-format printer, high-stability LUCIA pigment inks, and Canon media have undergone extensive print permanence testing by Wilhelm Imaging Research (WIR). Results show that the iPF6100 printer and Canon media achieved a very high level of overall WIR Print Permanence Ratings for large format printers.

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6100 printer with LUCIA pigment inks (also used in the iPF9100/8100/6200/5100 printers) and a range of Canon media achieved a "Displayed Prints Framed Under Glass" average permanence rating of greater than 100 years for color output, and greater than 200 years for black-and-white output. The Canon prints were also very resistant to damage from high-humidity environments, resistant to ozone exposure, and resistant to water damage, according to WIR tests. "Whether printed in color or made in black-and-white, the prints are beautiful—and will remain beautiful—for a very long period of time," said Henry Wilhelm, president, Wilhelm Imaging Research.

The full WIR report for the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6100 printer, which features California landscape photographer William Niell making prints with the iPF6100, can be found on the WIR website.

Wilhelm Imaging Research, using comprehensive print permanence test methods developed by the company over the past twenty five years, has become the de facto industry standard for most print categories for both consumer and professional printers. WIR’s tests are designed to evaluate ALL of the five major print longevity factors: prolonged exposure to light when displayed, dark storage stability, resistance to unprotected exposure to atmospheric ozone, resistance to high humidity, and resistance to damage by water.

"The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6100 test results from Wilhelm Imaging Research further solidifies our position as a premier provider of quality, reliable large format imaging solutions," said Rich Reamer, director, Large Format Product Marketing, Canon USA. "The combination of vivid LUCIA pigment inks, device consistency and reliability make the iPF6100 one of our best large format printers for the photographic, fine art, and graphic arts markets."

A wide format photocopier? GEI think it is a good idea

GEI WideFormat 5636

It looks like a big photo-copier, and like a photo-copier the scanning is built in, but it produces wide prints at a rapid rate of knots. Interesting product, or shot in the dark?

Roger Ilgen, president of GEI WideFormat, a Visual Edge Technology Company, has announced the introduction of the new GEI 5636 engineering copier to the GEI WideFormat product line. "We are very pleased to provide our customers with such an exciting new product. The GEI 5636 has innovative features, such as color scanning, paired with ultra-fast output speeds," said Ilgen.

The GEI 5636 enhances workflow productivity with output speeds of 10 D-size prints-per-minute. Features such as an easy-access clamshell design, front copy exit tray that holds 99 D-size drawings, and a color LCD touch-panel interface make this engineering copier truly unique. Changing paper and toner is trouble-free with easy-to-use front loading drawers that house four rolls of 500-foot-long media and consumables are easily conserved with the ability to preview thumbnails prior to printing.

The most exciting feature of the GEI 5636 is the embedded colour scanner. Now, changes and additions or "redlines" are captured and circulated effortlessly. Also, the external 5636 print controller will interface with an inkjet printer for a complete colour copy system. Phil Trembly, national sales manager for GEI WideFormat said, "The GEI 5636 provides the perfect solution for high-volume environments where productivity is key."