27 Feb 2020

Oce launches world’s first combi-printer for wide format colour and black & white


Oce Colorwave 300

New Océ ColorWave 300 multifunctional printer cuts space requirements and cost of wide format printing


Océ today announced the launch of the world’s first single footprint multifunctional printer that can print, copy and scan wide format documents in both colour and black & white.

Saves space and additional investments

Companies no longer need to invest in separate printers for large format colour and B&W documents. The new Océ ColorWave® 300 is a true single footprint system for printing, copying and scanning. It is perfect for businesses with limited space, as only one system is needed instead of two to print in both colour and B&W. This saves Océ customers 50% in floor space. The system offers architects, engineering, construction and commercial printing companies an ideal alternative for conventional wide format toner systems.


One system for all printing, copying and scanning – in colour and B&W

The Océ ColorWave 300 is the first multifunctional wide format printer with a truly integrated scanner. All the functions can be controlled from one simple user panel. Therefore, customers only need to maintain one IP address. Unique Océ technologies, like Océ Image Logic and Océ Dynamic Switching ensure perfect results every time. The powerful controller swiftly handles all file formats – HP-Gl/2, PDF, DWF, JPEG – without sacrificing speed. Users can also print and scan documents via a USB flash drive.


One for tomorrow that helps businesses grow sustainably

This system offers an economical way to add color to enhance technical documents, such as construction drawings and designs for new cars, and improve colour promotional materials. It delivers the ease of use and workflow efficiency of an Océ B&W system and the versatility of a colour printer. Because the Océ ColorWave 300 is based on thermal inkjet technology, the system does not produce any ozone, dust or odors.


Launch of innovative products to continue

Océ expects that markets will remain challenging throughout 2010. In order to further strengthen the company’s competitive position and drive sales under difficult market conditions, Océ will continue to introduce innovative products such as the Océ ColorWave 300 printing system. This is particularly relevant at the moment as customers are more likely to invest in systems and services that directly add value to their business. Market analysis shows that the majority of Océ customers select products launched within the last 12 months.




New Superwide Uvistar Roll to Roll UV Printer from Fujifilm


Fujifilm Uvistar

New applications possible with Uvijet QK inks and polyethylene media

Fujifilm today announces the European launch of the Uvistar series of UV inkjet roll to roll printers. These new printers use Fujifilm Sericol’s specially developed Uvijet QK inks and can print on rolls up to five metres wide, altering the way that material for both billboard and POP applications will be prepared in the future. As an industry leader in the constantly evolving UV inkjet marketplace, Fujifilm is introducing the range in response to a new and rapidly growing revenue opportunity for superwide format printers.

Keith Harley, European marketing director at Fujifilm Sericol, says: “The billboard industry is on the cusp of a major makeover, and traditionally-pasted billboards will be replaced in the coming few years with state of the art frame holders in which a poster printed on woven polyethylene (PE) can be clipped or stretched. Several systems are already on the market, and the demand from media sites is set to grow exponentially.”

Looking for the right technology to answer printers’ needs for single skin posters to fit the new format, the Uvistar series has been developed from a relationship that was initiated by Fujifilm with inkjet printer manufacturer Matan at FESPA Digital in 2009.

The Uvistar is the most flexible, cost efficient printer in its class and is available in four different models, producing high quality output at throughput speeds in excess of 300m2/hour. A proven multi-roll system with a highly intuitive user interface, it provides fast and efficient start up with low media wastage, and has the ability to handle rolls of varying widths up to 5 metres. In combination with the new Fujifilm Sericol Uvijet QK inks, the printers can produce jobs on a very wide range of flexible media, including PE, with no curing or ink starvation issues and with excellent inter-coat lay down for backlit and solid prints. The Uvijet inks are also low in odour, making the Uvistar series suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

“With our in depth experience of both the screen and inkjet markets it made complete sense for us to look for a printing device that we could develop together with our inks so that it would provide the ideal solution for these new billboard applications that are coming on to the market,” comments Keith Harley. ”A major advantage of the Uvistar platform is that it can print on huge rolls of polyethylene as well as all of the usual media in combination with the Uvijet QK inks, produces an end result that is more environmentally friendly, cost effective and most importantly, opens up a new revenue stream for our customers.

“We pride ourselves on being able to work with technology partners to develop products that will fill a gap in the industry,” he continues. “The Uvistar is making use of the Fujifilm Sericol inks and colour expertise, which will enable customers to produce superwide format material for both indoor and outdoor applications that is both environmentally friendly and of superb quality.”

Customers will be able to print huge outdoor banners on PE media which is already starting to overtake PVC. PE material has the benefit of being much more environmentally friendly than PVC as well as weighing much less, which brings attractive cost saving benefits to end users. In addition, it eliminates the pasting process necessary with traditional billboards, and therefore has a positive impact on health and safety. As solvent inks do not adhere to PE materials, printers will need to adopt a UV offering to stay ahead in the marketplace.

The five metre, 32 head version of the Uvistar printer is available for customer demonstrations at Fujifilm Sericol’s facility in Broadstairs, UK.


USA TODAY production meets round-the-clock deadlines with help from HP

Hp T1120



  • USA TODAY needed to update its fleet of printers used for production proofing. The printers needed to reproduce accurate colours for the proofing process, be compatible with custom newspaper stock and provide a reliable, cost-competitive printing solution for the long term.



  • The HP Designjet T1120 Printer is a reliable printing solution designed for low total cost of ownership, high productivity and reproducing accurate colours.
  • HP Vivera inks, including a three-black ink set, produce a wide range of colours and fine detail for professional prints.



  • USA TODAY is experiencing a 10 percent increase in printing speeds using the HP Designjet T1120 Printer. This increase enables the production team to speed up their production workflow, catch errors faster and stay on schedule.
  • Outstanding quality from the HP Designjet T1120 Printer enables USA TODAY to produce additional applications such as high-quality special-edition commemorative prints for display purposes.
  • How to get ahead in the newspaper business


The newspaper business is notoriously fast paced and competitive, especially now that it must contend with online - and largely free - news sources. USA TODAY has stayed ahead of the game in terms of costs and productivity, thanks to a tech-savvy production department dedicated to adopting the latest digital inkjet technology for its proofing process.

Ron Cobbs, operations manager, has been a key player in the adoption of digital technology from the start. "We stepped into the fray early in terms of bringing digital technology into the newspaper industry. Starting ten years ago, we transitioned to doing inkjet proofs using HP Designjet printers.  Before that, all proofing was done on a web press, which was much more costly."

Along with Cobbs, Mike Grinder, production technician, helped jump-start USA TODAY's companywide digital transition at its 40 domestic and international print sites. Today the two colleagues are retooling the newspaper's proofing capabilities once again, upgrading the workhorse fleet of HP printers with the HP Designjet T1120 Printer.

Cobbs took a fresh look at available products before deciding on tried-and-true HP technology and the accurate colour reproduction and media compatibility offered by the HP Designjet T1120 Printer. The new HP technology builds on many of the digital benefits USA TODAY had been experiencing - enabling the print reproduction quality advertisers expect, while lowering production costs and improving workflow even further.


Accurate colour reproduction

As a major source of revenue, advertising is the lifeblood of newspapers. Any change in the technology or workflow must not detract from the newspaper's ability to serve advertisers. Accurate colour reproduction is essential to the proofing process, as staff check the colour of digital inkjet proofs against specifications to ensure advertisers are satisfied.

"We're finding some print houses and agencies we work with now have the same HP device and third-party software we use for colour management, so they can accurately reproduce the ad proofs there," says Cobbs. The colour consistency of the HP Designjet T1120 Printer and the rich gamut of HP Vivera inks allow USA TODAY's third-party vendor for colour management to accurately recreate the ad no matter where the proofs are printed.

Precise colour reproduction is also important for the newspaper's editorial content. USA TODAY uses a relatively high percentage of colour photos and graphics in its publications. Checking proofs against the originals allows the newspaper's production team to ensure matching skin tones or colours in graphs and charts. Thanks to the printer's resolution and wide range of colours, USA TODAY can achieve the exact colour it needs, every time.


Media compatibility enables time savings

The type of media USA TODAY uses is also essential to accurate colour reproduction. In fact, media compatibility was an overriding factor in USA TODAY's decision to go with the HP Designjet T1120 Printer. When proofing, the production department needs to see colours exactly as they will appear on newsprint.

The HP Designjet T1120 Printer has extensive media versatility, including compatibility with more than 35 types of Original HP media. To enable printing on USA TODAY media, the team puts its newsprint on rolls that feed into the HP Designjet T1120 Printer. "We also use HP high-gloss media to produce high-quality special-edition commemorative prints for display purposes," Cobbs adds.

Versatile media handling and reliability also help the production department save time. "Even using our custom media stock," Cobbs says, "we have no problem at all with feeding and handling." Printers in the newspaper's Virginia headquarters run nearly constantly-18 hours a day, six days a week, he adds.  "A simple paper jam could throw us off schedule, but we haven't had any downtime."

The media versatility of the HP Designjet T1120 Printer isn't the only feature helping to boost productivity. Grinder has also noticed a 10 percent increase in printing speed with the upgraded technology, in addition to the Original HP inks' ability to dry fast, allowing proofs to be handled almost immediately.


Digital technology helps newspapers thrive

As the newspaper and publishing industries grow increasingly competitive, HP is designing a broad portfolio of inkjet technology to enable them to operate efficiently. When the installation of HP Designjet T1120 Printers across USA TODAY's print sites is complete, the company's production will be able to benefit from increased productivity and lower costs.

Cobbs sums up their success transitioning to the new HP technology: "We're extremely pleased to have set up a digital proofing system that meets the needs of USA TODAY's production team, our advertising customers and internal customers in the editorial department. The HP Designjet T1120 Printer provides a dependable, reliable product at a great price point, backed by the service and support we need."

New compact desktop LED UV printer from Mimaki

Mimaki UJF-3042

Mimaki announce the launch of the UJF-3042, a desktop size UV LED inkjet printer that combines Mimaki’s award winning UV LED technology with a strong heritage in UV inkjet printing. The new machine is aimed at companies wishing to produce high quality output on materials up to A3 in size (300 x 420mm) with precise and vivid images onto uncoated substrates.

The UJF-3042 incorporates a newly developed inkjet print head that perfectly suits the requirements of this compact printer and enables an exceptionally good value for money proposition. Its cost-effective features include very low energy consumption through the implementation of LED UV curing as well as its ability to print to a vast choice of uncoated media. For screen printers, there are now no start-up costs and short run production is perfectly suited to the machine. Therefore not only can badges, cards, packaging, labels, stickers and display products be created but also the personalised imprinting of novelties, nameplates, electronics cases and other industrial products.

Capable of outputting process and white ink at up to 1,440 x 1,200dpi and printing with a variable dot, the Mimaki UJF-3042 accommodates uncoated materials up to 50mm thick. Glass, metal, wood, plastic and acrylic can all be printed to, and with high speed printing of around 4 minutes for an A3 imprint, including white, it’s an impressively quick solution. The inherent nature of a UV print forms a raised finish, so Braille and textured effects can also be produced on small signs and packaging mockups.

The LED UV Curing technology has multiple advantages over competing technologies – the aforementioned low power consumption not only benefits running costs, but also – because of the small amount of heat generated – materials that are heat sensitive can be printed to without fear of the media deforming. The inclusion of white ink means coloured, transparent and metallic substrates can be printed to with the white as an over or under printed feature, either as a pad or in perfect registration.

John de la Roche; National Sales Manager for Mimaki’s exclusive UK & Ireland distributor, Hybrid Services Ltd, remarks, “The launch of the UJF-3042 adds a really exciting model to Mimaki’s ever-growing UV curing printer range. We can cater for any requirement from desktop to super-wide and the trickle down of technology is now benefiting smaller users and new entrants.”

Mimaki include their powerful 16 bit Postscript RIP software as part of the package and with its relatively compact size, the printer is designed to fit through a standard door to facilitate ease of installation. The Mimaki UJF-3042 is available in the Spring through Hybrid’s network of authorised resellers and is anticipated to be very competitively priced for such a high end solution.

EFI Announces New Two-Meter VUTEk QS220 - Superwide Capabilities at Wide-Format Price


EFI Announces New Two-Meter VUTEk Superwide Printer VUTEk, QS220 Extends Superwide Capabilities at Wide-Format Price Levels

EFI a world leader in customer-focused digital printing innovation, today unveiled the VUTEk QS220, a direct-to-substrate, two-meter UV-curing flatbed printer with High-Definition Print (HDP) quality and superwide productivity that boasts lower ink running costs than traditional wide-format printers and unique application abilities that allow print businesses to expand into higher-end, premium-margin applications. The QS220 is ideal for businesses that want to fuel profitability by adding flexible, production-level equipment that will support their growth.

“More and more businesses are exploring out-of-home advertising as a way to reach customers, but unfortunately many print businesses are forced to choose between high production speeds and high image quality,” said EFI VUTEk senior vice president/general manager Dick Wissenbach. “The QS220 is an all-in-one printer; it has the speed to print 16 4’x8’ boards per hour as well as the ability to print in high definition. This is a great time to be involved in superwide format printing, and with pricing comparable to wide format printers, the QS220 is not only affordable, it’s a smart investment for any print business.”


Breakthrough Technology

VUTEk’s HDP technology provides resolution up to 1080 dpi for dazzling graphics and sharp text. It produces four- or six-color images, and features a special seventh channel for six variations of white ink. This configuration is unique to EFI and means the QS220 is capable of printing color and white in three independent layers all in one pass for perfect registration and more advanced printing applications, which results in graphics that really pop. This in-line, three-layer white printing capability grants the ability to produce new, high-margin applications that other businesses cannot provide, such as enhanced-definition back-lit displays or layered, art-quality graphics printed on dark substrates.

The advanced technology of the QS220 allows it to effectively replace multiple wide-format printers. Its small footprint and optional roll-to-roll capability fulfill the functions of multiple printers, especially with its production speeds of up to 750 square feet per hour, outstanding resolution and lower ink running costs than other superwide printers. With this one two-meter printer, print businesses can produce the high-resolution images required for Point-of-Purchase applications, without forgoing the high-production abilities that has become an industry benchmark for leading print shops.

EFI, a manufacturing leader of digital UV inks, specifically designed the QS220 inks for the applications that enable businesses to increase production and profitability. By utilizing one ink set, the QS220 delivers enhanced reliability and performance on a wide range of substrates, with brighter, more durable automotive-grade pigments and greater flexibility, all at per-liter costs that are much lower than most wide-format printers. This ensures that businesses not only expand their capabilities, but also increase profitability.


Streamlined Workflows

A cohesive, intelligent and efficient workflow solution from one supplier is the secret to truly maximizing the profit potential of every job printed. From online job acquisition to internal shop management and job preparation and production, EFI’s award-winning solutions streamline customer interaction and management of the entire print business. EFI Digital StoreFront® delivers a world-class, print-centric e-commerce solution for print service providers, while EFI’s Print MIS products, PrintSmith™, and Pace™ automate business processes from estimating to invoicing. All VUTEk printers are optimized for use with EFI’s Fiery® XF RIP, EFI’s color management solution for accurate, vibrant colors on superwide and wide-format printers.


For more information about the VUTEk QS220, visit www.efi.com/vutek

Hameshalet Digital Upgrades Printing Capabilities with HP Scitex XP2750 Printer

HP Scitex XP2750

Company will provide higher quality and faster turnaround to expand into new markets

HP today announced that Hameshalet Digital, of Rishon Lezion, Israel, has purchased an HP Scitex XP2750 Printer to upgrade and expand its digital printing capabilities.

Established in 1995, Hameshalet Digital provides a broad range of complex, customised indoor and outdoor signage, advertising and promotional end-to-end sign and display solutions. Customers include department stores, food chains, shopping centres, financial institutions and high-tech companies, amongst others. State-of-the-art solutions, professional quality and uncompromising customer service have positioned the company as a reputable provider and market leader.

"We first established a digital printing division in 1998 after realising we needed to provide indoor signage in house," said Eyal Shemesh, CEO, Hameshalet. "We have used a variety of digital printing machines since then. However, our focus on quality products for our customers has led us to upgrade our digital offerings. This is why we have just purchased an HP Scitex XP2750."

The HP Scitex XP2750 Printer is a 3.2 metre wide-format UV printer that delivers superior image quality of up to 635 x 800dpi (1,270 x 1,600dpi apparent) and production speeds of up to 110m2/hour without compromising quality and accuracy. With the ability to alternate easily between flexible and rigid substrates and features like multi-roll and multi-file printing, the printer enables excellent application versatility. Its dedicated RIP enhances productivity and the high speed printing increases returns on investment.

Shemesh explained how Hameshalet came to select its new printer, "First, we chose HP Scitex above other brands because of its productivity. It prints at five times the speed of our current digital machines. It's also very stable, allowing us to print a 250-metre roll non-stop, with no need for operator intervention." He added, "Of all the HP Scitex printers, we chose the XP2750 model specifically because of its very high quality print heads that allow us to provide our customers with superior results."

Within two weeks of installation, the HP Scitex XP7250 Printer has enabled the company to take on a larger project that involved printing a run length of 1,500 metres of self-adhesive stock and to deliver it to the customer in just two days, finishing included. This reflects an upgrade in Hameshalet's services.

Looking ahead to the future Shemesh continued: "HP Scitex digital printing technology is already allowing us to meet our current customers' needs for higher quality and for faster delivery. With this new printer, we expect to attract new customers and be able to compete more effectively in our industry."