14 Aug 2020

Roland DG presents new inkJet technologies and apps at IPEX 2010

Roland Versacamm Vs 640

Visitors to IPEX 2010 hoping to gain an insight into the full commercial and technical potential of inventively applied inkjet printing technology could satisfy the entire objective just by visiting the Roland DG stand. Roland will be exhibiting a range of its latest printing hardware developments and showcasing applications that have compelling commercial and creative possibilities for companies producing anything from statutory labelling to building-wrapping large format graphics; packaging samples to membrane switches; four-colour and way beyond.

Roland and its partners will be demonstrating, among others, the new VersaUV LEC-330 inkjet printer. "Printer" only hints at the LEC-330's full potential. Within its compact footprint, the LEC-330 also cuts, creases, produces matt and gloss spot varnishes and deposited, highly dimensional emboss effects, lens-doming and countless textures. Add to that 1440dpi print resolution, white inks and the ability to work with practically any coated or uncoated stock or substrate up to 1.3mm thick, and it's clear that the LEC-330 is a digital power-tool with far reaching potential for anyone with an appetite for print, or a need to sell it.

Integrating neatly within industry standard workflows, the LEC-330 gives its users the ability to intuitively turn the products of the most fertile imaginations into highly marketable output. LEC-330 output sells too. It can produce fully built packaging samples on virtually all stocks without rules, dies or any costly origination. If a powerful imagination is its input, sheer perfection is its output.

Also on show will be the brand new VersaCAMM VS-640 64" printer/cutter. The VS-640 can be chosen in any one of three configurations. One is designed to deliver the undiluted novelty and impact of Roland's silver ink, a second enables the production of hi-fi colour, and the third raises productivity to stellar levels by delivering uni-directional quality at bi-directional speeds.

At 64" wide, the VS-640 is certain to be a hit with anyone who comes to the show with ambitions to sign up for the perfect vehicle wrapper's printer. Refined print-cut makes the VS-640 an appealing choice to graphic producers and printers with an eye on capturing a share of the market for digital decals and signs.

The good news continues with Roland's introduction of metallic inks. Potential users can still make just as big an impact in print by signing up for wide format XC-540MT. Looking not unlike other printers in Roland's attractively designed portfolio, the XC-540MT's output looks anything but familiar. For the first time in a commercial inkjet printer, the XC-540MT makes it possible to print genuine silver ink and to mix that ink with a full gamut of density-swept colour too. The printer can deal with a huge range of self-adhesive and speciality media.

Whether providing a contrasting counterpoint or accent, or dominating with its dazzling brilliance, the output produced by the printer's metallic ink is arresting in its visual impact. The specular gamut of the ink runs from the subtle and reflective and into the pearlescent range allowing designers to explore new possibilities in print never possible with an inkjet printer before.

Output from the XC-540MT can be used anywhere outdoor-durable print is used and in thousands of places it never has been. With the benefit of post-print lamination, the output can grace even extreme venues such as commercial vehicles and exposed signing sites.

The XC-540MT can, in addition to its talents as a printer, accurately cut its output too. Coextensive cuts around output mean the system can produce stickers and decals with variable data content quickly and very economically. The print-cut capability represents a new development in materials handling and works unattended.

The XC-540MT takes large format inkjet output to entirely new application spaces and grows the market for high-impact short-run output. The unexplored space that metallic ink allows access to will be very lucrative when won. In all other respects, the XC-540MT still serves a need for a highly productive later format printer - it just happens to sweep aside creative limitations and rewards its users with something rare in print - genuinely new application possibilities.

Also commanding its share of the attention on the Roland stand will be the AdvancedJet AJ-740i grand format printer, which delivers maximum productivity and high-speed performance. Producing brilliant 6 colour CMYK+LcLm graphics on both coated and uncoated media, the AdvancedJet output reflects superior ink bonding and scratch and alcohol resistance required for outstanding outdoor durability.

Roland and its partners demonstrating popular software workflows look forward to welcoming visitors to the stand and to discussing the new technologies, materials and applications that place Roland DG on stand C140, Hall 12, among IPEX's must-see items on visitors' lists.

Easy spare parts ordering, from stock, with Tech8’s new on-line shopping facility


Tech8 Spares

Simplifying the ordering and fast delivery of wide-format printer spares and ancillary items which don’t require an engineer’s visit, Tech8 has announced an on-line purchasing facility so that user-replaceable parts can be sourced quickly and efficiently. This new resource follows the growing trend for secure web-based shopping and features a comprehensive catalogue of everyday and less common, yet essential, items.

Tech8’s clearly laid-out on-line store is simple to navigate, with a menu displaying the choice of products available. For additional ease of use when defining categories, a search engine is able to locate an item name or code, and all available items are attractively priced with most being available ex-stock.

Typical products include print-heads, manifolds and caps, pinch rollers, refillable ink cartridges, main boards and power units. Along with a comprehensive selection of wide-format ink-jet printer elements, the comprehensive catalogue also includes cleaning and maintenance items, wiper blades and cabling.

Unless they are generic, all of the spare parts specify relevant compatibility with their printer models to avoid a user purchasing the wrong element. Mos t commonly u sed items are dispatched within 24 hours and delivery is available throughout the UK, all of Europe and the rest of the world, with payment options being in sterling, Euros and US dollars.

“Now that wide-format printer users are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about their machines it makes sense to offer them a single source from which to buy most of their everyday spares,” comments Tom Plunkett, technical director of Tech8. “Additionally, these businesses can save time and money by using on-line shopping, with the additional knowledge that the items they are purchasing are of high quality, keenly priced and sourced from responsible manufacturers.”

Purchases are added to a shopping cart, and payment is via secure server which accepts PayPal and most major debit and credit cards. Tech8’s web area for spare parts and their ordering can be reached via its main site at www.tech8.eu which also outlines the comprehensive warranty options available from the company.


Barbieri electronic launches the 3rd generation of Spectro LFP


Barbieri Spectro Lfp Rt

The Spectro LFP RT, leading spectrophotometer for color measurements in digital large format, flatbed and industrial printing again got several improvements and is now available as Series 3 edition.

Accurate measurements of transparent and reflective media, thick and heavy media, big measuring aperture and fully automatic measurements: these are the special characteristics which until now kept the Spectro LFP unique worldwide. All these features also the Series 3 device does combine.

Versatility, user friendliness and new application fields where the keywords for implementing the improvements of the Spectro LFP Series 3. The main improvements are:


  • Switchable measuring aperture of 8, 6 and 2mm
  • Polarisation filter for 8, 6 and 2mm aperture
  • Electrostatic sample holder


Especially for new application fields such as digital textile printing the larger aperture of 8mm is fundamental to gain the maximum measuring accuracy. Combined with the special measuring geometry and the fully automatic measurements it is the ideal device for this application. For high resolution prints the smaller apertures are preferred.

The polarisation filter allows measuring also the most crucial and exotic materials with shining surfaces or inks.

For easy mounting of most different thin, reflective media (including textiles and fabrics) a special electrostatic sample holder is available. Thanks to this the charts can be placed and fixed easily and quick.

Thanks to its special features the Spectro LFP became market leader in digital large format, flatbed and industrial printing and the Series 3 device again confirms and strengthens this position. It allows measuring every kind of media, will it be transparent or reflective, thin or thick gaining always the maximum accuracy.

Same as the Spectro LFP Series 2 also the Series 3 devices are driven by most important Rip software.

The Spectro LFP Series 3 will be available as from May 1, 2010.

For an International list of official Barbieri distributors click here. Barbieri devices are distributed in the UK by IGS UK Ltd, www.igsuk.net



Image Digital Printing utilizing Agfa's :Jeti Printing Systems

Jeti 3150 Uv

Image Digital Printing (IDP), a large-format printer in Toronto, Ontario is reaping success with their :Jeti inkjet solutions.

Launched in 2003, IDP produces everything from small decals to billboards. Over the years, managing partner Rob Tenwesteneind said, IDP has invested in four Jeti inkjet systems. The company opted for the :Jeti 3150 and :Jeti 3300 solvent inkjet systems for projects such as vehicle wrapping and the :Jeti 1224 UV inkjet system for POP and other on-demand projects for its customers, which range from trade show display companies to large franchises.

"The Jeti systems are built strong, like tanks," Tenwesteneind said. "They have worked really well for us. We produce outdoor signage on a material called Crezon. With the :Jeti 3150 we can print directly onto this substrate. The vacuum on the table is strong and saves us lots of time and labor since we don't have to print on vinyl and then mount it to the wood."

Agfa announced the acquisition of Gandi Innovations in November 2009.  The acquisition enabled Agfa Graphics to significantly increase its presence in large format inkjet printing, as the Gandi Innovations portfolio of mid-range large format printers is completely complementary to Agfa Graphics' inkjet business. The deal closed in January 2010.

According to Tenwesteneind, "The transition between Gandi Innovations and Agfa has been seamless and it has not affected our daily operations.  We are considering further expansion and a new :Jeti system may help us do just that."

"The :Jeti line of printing systems fits nicely into Agfa's portfolio. Companies like Image Digital Printing have been loyal :Jeti users and are happy that they are being backed by an organization that is committed to helping grow the product line," said Deborah Hutcheson, Director of Marketing, Agfa Graphics.

Look Print turns entire suburb into outdoor art gallery using HP Designjet L65500 Printer

Look Print


  • Create superb-quality life-size portraits with reduced environmental impact of printing for outdoor exhibition.
  • Increase print quality, capabilities and speed while advancing environmental initiatives.
  • Improve printing work environment.
  • Grow business by offering more versatile printing capabilities.


  • Using the HP Designjet L65500 Printer with HP Latex Inks, Look Print produced 100 unique outdoor prints for the Glebe 150 Locals photography exhibition.


  • Vibrant, high-quality exhibit prints that met the artists' exacting quality demands, without reprints.
  • Improved printing environment, due to water-based HP Latex inks, which need no hazard labels, require no special ventilation¹ and are non-flammable and non-combustible.
  • Business growth driven by ability to offer new applications such as soft signage² and fine art printing.


Unique outdoor exhibition calls for unique printing solution

Transforming an entire neighborhood into an outdoor art gallery is no small feat. But for Look Print, one of Australia's highest capacity large-format digital printing companies, no job is too big, too small or too challenging. A perfect case in point is a unique exhibition, titled "150 Locals", which spanned the entire suburb of Glebe, Sydney. The exhibition showcased 150 life-size photographic portraits of Glebe's vibrant community members in various locations, including outdoor public spaces, cafes and retail outlets.

Finding the ideal combination of print service provider (PSP) and printing solution was imperative to the exhibition's success. With HP as the production sponsor and printer of the indoor prints, and Look Print as the print service provider (PSP) for all outdoor prints, well-known Australian photographers North Sullivan and Tom Psomotragos could achieve the print quality they needed to express Glebe's cultural diversity in their portraits.

L65500 510

High-quality signage printed with the environment in mind

To meet the high expectations for the 150 Locals exhibition, Look Print used its HP Designjet L65500 Printer to create the 1,6 x 1 m (63 x 39.4 in) and 1 x 1 m (39.4 x 39.4 in) outdoor prints on PVC banner. All indoor portraits were produced by HP in Melbourne on Hahnemühle FineArt Canvas, with the same dimensions as the outdoor prints, using the HP Designjet Z3200 Photo Printer.

According to Margarita Campos, Operations Manager at Look Print, the HP Designjet L65500 Printer was chosen for this challenging job on account of its "superior brightness, durability, quality, and environmental profile". Indeed, achieving the desired quality was relatively straightforward. "We created machine proofs of a number of the photos and the photographers did spot checks. Only a few adjustments were needed at this stage. The artists loved the intensity of the color prints and the black and white prints came out crisp and neutral."

The entire run of 100 outdoor prints was produced without a single reprint. "We needed to do a few replacement prints after installation due to graffiti and vandalism," recalls Campos. "We found the colour consistency of the HP Designjet L65500 Printer from week to week to be excellent. All of this made our job much easier."

Latex printer reduces costs, enables improved environmental printing performance

Look Print has been serving some of Australia's most successful companies for more than 14 years. Its ongoing commitment to the community and environmental sustainability prompted it to purchase the HP Designjet L65500 Printer in 2009. "The HP Designjet L65500 Printer has lower energy consumption compared to the other printing systems we use, which require a special ventilation system and external dryer," explains Campos. "We also wanted to move away from solvent inks because of the fumes they create and the difficult disposal of left-over ink."

Installing the HP Designjet L65500 Printer has also enabled a better working environment for Look Print's employees. "Using water-based HP Latex Inks, which require no hazard labels and are non-flammable and non-combustible, makes handling far easier for our operators. The inks also don't need any additional special ventilation¹, which has the side-benefit of contributing to the power savings. Our operators also like the ease of use: with the high printing quality and reliability of the printer, they can load up multiple jobs and walk away."

According to Campos, the environmental benefits of its new printer do not come at the expense of quality or productivity. "We achieve excellent colour gamut and the colour consistency with solid colours is amazing. Our productivity has also improved as most of our jobs use banner media narrower than 1,2 m (4 ft) so we can print on two rolls simultaneously."

A real business-builder

The HP Designjet L65500 Printer has opened up new business areas for Look Print. In addition to using the new printer for its traditional outdoor banners, high-quality point of sale displays and poster work, Look Print also now offers soft signage printing.²

"With this new line of business, we can create a new competitive edge and offer our customers a fresh and innovative way to market their products," says Campos. "Markets such as fine art printing and soft signage printing are additional business opportunities facilitated by the HP Designjet L65500 Printer."


HP Expands Large Format Portfolio for Signage Market


L65500 510

New 104-inch Dual Roll Kit extends printing capabilities

HP today announced its suite of solutions for the signage market - currently on display at the International Sign Association (ISA) International Sign Expo 2010 - to help print service providers (PSPs) increase productivity and capture new growth opportunities.


Highlights include:


  • The new HP 2.6 m (104-inch) Dual Roll Kit for HP Latex printers, which allows printers to increase productivity by turning around single jobs faster or printing two jobs at the same time


"HP is committed to providing our customers with technologies and solutions that help them increase application offerings and operational efficiencies," said Yariv Avisar, vice president and general manager, Scitex Large format Solutions, HP. "With the addition of the Dual Roll Kit and strong customer momentum across the portfolio, it is clear that HP is delivering solutions that demonstrate our understanding of the market and ability to meet customer needs."


HP increases productivity and application capabilities for HP Latex customers

The HP 2.6 m (104-inch) Dual Roll Kit for the HP Designjet L65500 Printer allows customers to significantly increase productivity with the ability to produce single jobs faster with two side-by-side rolls or two different jobs at the same time. Beta customers have reported that they can reach the same level of productivity with two 1.2 m (48-inch) prints with the Dual Roll Kit as with one 2.6 m (104-inch) print. This accessory accommodates rolls of varying widths and lengths. Its stable, reliable design equalizes tension, enabling unattended operation similar to single-roll printing.

"Our productivity has improved with the HP Dual Roll Kit as most of our jobs use banner media narrower than 1.2 m, so we can print on two rolls simultaneously," said Margarita Campos, operations manager at Look Print, a digital large format print shop based in Sydney, Australia, and Dual Roll Kit beta customer.

Since its launch in May 2008, the HP Latex portfolio has seen strong market acceptance with worldwide customer installations, plus more than 50 vendors and 300 media solutions tested and profiled through the HP Latex Solutions Media Programme. Orders for the HP Designjet L25500 Printer have already exceeded expectations by 45 percent, and HP Designjet L65500 printers have produced more than 3 million m2 (32 million ft2) with pages growing at 52 percent quarter over quarter.

Demonstrating the strength of HP Latex Inks for vehicle graphics, HP is the official printer of the American Wrap Star 2010 contest during ISA, producing all of the vehicle wraps, banners and signage for the event. The HP Designjet L65500 Printer will be used to produce more than 1,000 m2 (11,000 ft2) of wrap material for the contest, which includes four rounds of vehicle graphic installation competitions to determine who can wrap a car with the fewest errors in the least amount of time.

More information on the HP large format portfolio is available at www.hp.com/go/GSB and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/hpgraphicarts