13 Aug 2020

Durst Rho 320R with Rho Roll ink listed by 3M Performance Guarantee Program

Durst 3m

The Rho 320R using Rho Roll inks have been listed by the 3M Performance Guarantee Program, guaranteeing that the printers are designed, engineered, developed, tested and manufactured for optimal compatibility and performance for 3M’s qualified media portfolio (ControlTac Graphic Films, Controltac Graphic Films with Comply Adhesive, Scotchcal Graphic Films and Scotchlite Reflective Graphic Films).

More details available: PDF-download

The above mentioned media are 3M trademarks.


Teckwin Releases New UV3200 Roll-to-Roll UV Printer

Teckwin Uv 3200

Teckwin International has unveiled the TeckPro UV3200. This new roll-to-roll UV printer has a maximum printing width of 130 inches, visible resolution up to 800 dpi and production speeds up to 990 square feet per hour.

The TeckPro UV3200 was designed to perform extremely well on a variety of flexible materials. Its media handling system supports rolls up to 750 pounds, meanwhile TeckPro UV3200 is capable of simultaneous printing on multiple rolls and true double-sided backlit printing.

The TeckPro UV3200 is a high speed industrial printer, designed to increase production in any size shop. Its high speed, high efficiency and high returns exactly meet the demands of rational investment.

Athena Graphics on Way to Perfect Digital Colour in Packaging Proofing

Epson Wt9700

Athena Graphics in Gent, Belgium, is one of the country's main players in providing prepress services for packaging printing. Its core business is the preparation of packaging print data for all print processes, and it puts a lot of energy into the research and development of the best possible proofing techniques.

To conquer the challenges of the diversity of substrates and spot colors in this sector, Athena Graphics has installed the Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 printer with white ink along with GMG ColorProof. Proofing with white ink on transparent or metallic foils was not possible in packaging proofing. "This printing system is the best and most economic solution for contract packaging proofs," says Kenneth Hostyn, Proofing Manager at Athena Graphics.

Before Athena Graphics implemented the new proofing system, the technical procedure was quite different. There were several time and cost consuming steps to produce a packaging proof which simulated white color. With the new system it takes about 15 minutes to produce fully automatic and digital contract proofs with the Stylus Pro WT7900 and GMG's proofing software. GMG ColorProof exploits the entire color space of the printer and simulates spot colors like Pantone GOE colors within the tightest of tolerances.

"GMG software gives the ability to choose between reverse (print white last) or surface (print white first) printing," says Hostyn. "We can also adjust opacities and print white as a separate channel."

Athena Graphics has developed several web-based online tools for managing the company's projects. These include the implementation of automated workflows to facilitate communication with clients, and remote proofing at all its production sites and at clients all over the world. With the calibration and profiling technology of GMG, identical results all over the world and at any time are guaranteed. Digital proofing with the Stylus Pro WT7900 has already been included in these workflows which results in very satisfied customers.

GMG ColorProof support the new Stylus Pro WT7900 for producing contract proofs according to GMG's high quality standards in terms of color accuracy and reproducibility. ColorProof supports extensive handling of white ink channels, which can be changed in gradation and opacity. The white ink can be tinted to simulate any kind of white ink. These unique features allow the creation of packaging proofs using transparent materials such as PE/PET foils and for simulation of prints on metallic substrates. This includes even advanced proofing like the simulation of watermarks in the white area.

New Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated digital finishing solution

Kongsberg I Xe10

EskoArtwork announces the introduction of the Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated, a complete solution in the market able to fully automate the entire finishing process.

Equipped with a newly designed stacker and sheet feeding system, the Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated has been specifically designed to meet the growing demand for finishing small-format, short-run digital printed materials.

With the new automation features of the Kongsberg i-XE10, digital printing companies can bring production in-house, which reduces costs and dramatically improves turnaround times. The redesigned sheet feeder system automatically loads and places the printed materials on the table. The automated stacker enables non-stop sorting and stacking of the finished parts. The system also automatically removes waste. As a result, the machine can run unattended, which saves significant man hours.

“In line with the philosophy of Kongsberg equipment, this new Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated is a true production machine – it’s based on our proven and robust Kongsberg technology, so users can trust that it will keep going and won’t let them down," says Einar Ek, CAM Business Development Manager at EskoArtwork. "The new and unique automation enables 24/7 operation of the finishing stage and keep the whole process in-house. Not having to outsource any of the production process reduces a print house’s operating costs, reduce throughput time and increases the number of jobs it takes on – which ultimately increases profitability.”


Exploiting new markets with creative finishing options

Print houses can attract new business by using the Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated finishing solution to offer a range of creative finishing options. The solution can work alongside any small-format to medium-size digital press and is ideally suited to finish just about everything that can be printed on light or flexible materials: shaped business cards, creasing and cutting brochures with a special cut-outs, folders, small signs and displays, creative invitations and even digitally printed sheet labels that require kiss and through cutting operations.

“We’ve seen an increase in the use of creative applications printed on digital presses, and Web2Print customized product offerings are also on the rise. Typical production runs for such items range from one hundred to several thousand or even more, depending on the application," explains Ek. "And with minimal operator intervention required for the Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated, these can now be handled more efficiently. With the Kongsberg i-XE10 there are few limits to the type of items that can be produced, offering our customers a significant competitive edge.”


Software and tooling to drive versatility and productivity

The Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated integrates seamlessly with EskoArtwork software for optimized file flow and creative design. PDF file preflighting and last minute corrections, nesting and structural designs all can be provided through EskoArtwork’s portfolio of dedicated software and workflow tools. The Kongsberg i-XE10 comes with the i-Cut® vision system that ensures automated and perfect registration between the print and cut.

The solution is complemented by an extensive tooling system that features a variety of tool stations suitable for a wide range of materials –including paper, thin plastic, carton, vinyl and polycarbonate– and provides quick throughput and superb accuracy. Assisted by a rack-and-pinion X/Y drive with precise motion control, an innovative, fast servo system and the comprehensive tool set, the Kongsberg i-XE10 combines high production speed and precision with easy operation. It can handle a maximum sheet size of 900 mm x 1200 mm at a maximum speed of 80 m/min.

The Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated will be on show and available for sale at Ipex 2010, which is held at the Birmingham NEC, 18-25 May 2010.

Inca Onset S20 extends gamut at FESPA

Inca Onset S20

Inca Digital shows an enhancement to the high-performance, wide-format Inca Onset S20 UV inkjet flatbed printer at FESPA on Fujifilm Sericol's stand (Hall B1 Stand 220). Inca will demonstrate an expanded gamut capability using Uvijet Ultratone ink to increase quality perception. This, coupled with Inca's use of 28 picolitre drop print heads, produces smooth colour transitions reducing the graininess of light colours and producing smooth skin tones. This capability is critical for closely-viewed point of sale advertising, particularly for high value cosmetic and fashion products.

The Inca Onset S20 is the newest addition to the Inca range of printers and enables companies to offer print volumes on a wide variety of materials with shorter turnaround times at highly competitive prices. Following its launch last year, Inca Onset S20s are in operation across Europe today and buoyant sales are continuing as companies invest to enhance their production capabilities.

"It's 10 years since we launched the first Inca Digital flatbed printer and we continue to lead the industry with innovative systems such as the Spyder range and the flagship Inca Onset and Onset S20", says Linda Bell, CEO, Inca Digital. "The market for large format digital print has grown exponentially and our latest developments in software, automation and ink options are all about giving our customers new levels of productivity and flexibility."

With the capability to print edge to edge onto substrates of 3.14m x 1.6m and 50mm thick, at speeds of up to 250 sq m/hr, the Inca Onset S20 also features a gloss level control to produce finishes from matt, through satin to high gloss, depending on application. Flexibility is a key feature of this machine and the ability for printing companies to choose a colour configuration to suit their business is an important factor in its success. The introduction of light cyan and light magenta expands its capabilities and opens up lucrative new sectors for our customers.

In addition, both the Inca Onset and Onset S20 have the ability to maximise productivity through Inca's new Print Run Controller (PRC) software module. PRC assists in the production of an individual order incorporating different elements whether they are images, text variations or languages. It is also applicable when a large number of images need to be output in varying quantities with variable elements to a large number of recipients, preventing workflow bottle-necks, streamlining production and thereby reducing both operator error and post-print collation requirements.

Inca offers a range of UV inkjet flatbed printers in a choice of formats, speeds and colours. Go to www.incadigital.com to see full details.

Color Graphics Takes Delivery of Rho 500R Grand-Format Printer

Durst Rho 500r

Color Graphics Inc., a full-service professional imaging business located in Salt Lake City, UT, has recently installed the five-meter Durst Rho 500R superwide roll-to-roll UV inkjet printer. Color Graphics was one of the first in the US and first west of the Mississippi River to add the Rho 500R to its shop floor.

Color Graphics also has installed a Durst Rho 800 large-format UV inkjet printer in order to transition the bulk of its large-format fulfillment to quality Durst Rho output, and also to position the company for growth, said Guy Timothy, president Color Graphics. "The idea is to upgrade our technology and our capacity. But we also wanted to partner with a company that would work with us to help us grow our business."

Color Graphics is employing its new Rho 500R primarily for higher-end retail and POP applications. Timothy said its ability to print three different images on three separate media rolls simultaneously across its five-meter width "was huge for us," and that the 500R delivers "the best print quality available."

A major factor is the cost of operation of the 500R. "We anticipate a 3.5 percent cost savings over our current printers—even with the capital expense factored in," Timothy said. "That's significant. The change we're making to Durst has brought our ink costs alone down about 50 percent."

Timothy said the Rho 500R "adds to our ability to handle an entire campaign for a client. It adds important capabilities to our range of service because of its versatility and capacity, and because it prints five meters wide, along with the ability to print white in line with process colors. It runs continuously with minimal maintenance. And the people at Durst have been taking good care of us every step of the way."

"This is the equipment that will take our business to the next level, help us satisfy more client requests and position us for growth," he said.

"We appreciate the confidence Color Graphics has shown in Durst, and we're very pleased to have the company as a valued client," said Christopher Howard, senior vice president of sales & marketing, for Durst US. "Color Graphics is the kind of company we like to do business with—creative, forward thinking, anticipating client needs, always looking to improve their offerings and their performance. We're delighted to be playing an important role in their success and we look forward to a bright future together."