17 Oct 2021

Aurelon updates ProofMaster for compatible proofing

Aurelon has launched an updated version of its ProofMaster software.

Macs have long been the design industry’s go-to standard, but RIP software for the print industry has been notoriously poor in reflecting this. Now, however, Aurelon has launched an updated version of its ProofMaster software.

This latest update makes it easy for Mac-based agencies and designers to access high-quality and affordable contract proofing – thereby increasing the standards of color being delivered to end-clients. What’s more, the multi-platform installer means that MS Windows can also be supported.

On the back of this development, Aurelon has already struck new partnership deals with four major dealers in Europe to distribute the software. In the UK, Aurelon is working with leading wide-format solutions distributor, Colourgen; in Germany, Aurelon partners with Disc Direct; in France, major graphics arts supplier Graphic Reseau; and in Poland, leading proofing reseller RPJ. More wide-spread dealer agreements are under development across EMEA.

Mark Lambert, Director at Colourgen, commented: “Design agencies are a key audience for proofing software. There’s been a real demand for Mac-compatible applications. ProofMaster fills this significant gap in the market. We look forward to working closely with Aurelon to share the benefits of this intuitive software across the UK.”

Philippe Schlafmunter, Vice President at Graphic Reseau, added: “We’re excited to partner with Aurelon to supply the ProofMaster software in France. ProofMaster has long been known for its high-quality, reliable and accurate proofing, and we’re pleased to play a part in making this solution accessible for a range of different markets.”

ProofMaster uses Aurelon’s powerful VISU device-link color engine to deliver advanced color profiles. This enables users to reproduce greys, subtle colors and spot colors with incredible levels of accuracy – the kind of accuracy clients are now expecting, with a ‘brand-brilliant’ mindset. The VISU color engine also lets users  close-loop calibrate two or more devices to a single profile, it supports certification to industry standards for maximum proof-to-proof reliability, and manages spot color proofing via the very latest CxF/X-3 and X-4 industry standard data formats.

Toby Burnett, Director of Sales EMEA at Aurelon said: “All-in-one quality color management makes a huge difference for end-customers with exacting standards. With this update, the VISU color engine is being delivered at an affordable price – making this higher level of proofing possible for a market where, previously, it might not have made economic sense to invest in proofing software, or Windows-based machines at the end of a Mac-based design journey.”

“ProofMaster has always had a great pedigree, and a loyal install base – people who use it, love it. The feedback from our customers reaffirmed the appetite for accessible, Mac-compatible contract proofing – that’s what PSPs wanted: more efficient proofing and print reproduction, seamlessly integrating into the Mac-based design journey – which is what we’re delivering, and at an affordable price.”

ProofMaster comes in two versions: ProofMaster and ProofMaster Plus for prototyping and design - both of which are available to buy as a one-off licence or rent via a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.