Displayways installs Agfa’s Asanti PDF-based workflow solution for 'improved quality and efficiency'

Agfa Displayways SergiiPalii LFR

South London based Displayways has installed Agfa’s Asanti PDF-based workflow solution with an Anapurna M3200 RTR 3.2 metre wide printer for improved quality and efficiency.

The company produces a variety of display material for well-known museums, landmarks, major international corporate companies and fashion brands for whom quality and consistency is of the utmost importance. Displayways clearly supplies some very discerning customers who will not accept ‘good enough’.

“When we started to look at upgrading our old printer we prepared test files and asked a number of companies to provide us with samples. As soon as the results came in from Agfa we were very impressed and decided to take a closer look. We were then invited to Agfa’s HQ and the rest is history,” explains Rob Kelly, director at Displayways.

Displayways is not only called upon to match Pantone colours but also painted backgrounds, materials and even furniture so demands are high.

“Although we have been using Asanti for just a few months we can see that it offers many advantages. Colour consistency is very important and Asanti helps us to achieve this across all our printers. Archiving enables the records of past jobs to be quickly retrieved providing detailed information for job matching. We can also see that Asanti offers advantages for tiling and we plan to take this further in the next few months,” concludes Sergii Palii, operator at Displayways  

[Photo shows Sergii Palii]