New International Standard provides colour image reference for variety of output systems

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The International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee 130 (ISO TC130) has published ISO 12640-4 Graphic technology–Prepress digital data exchange–Part 4: Wide gamut display-referred standard colour image data [Adobe RGB (1998)/SCID].  This Standard provides a reference of colour images in electronic form for research, testing and assessment of output systems (including printers, colour management systems and colour profiles).

Part of ISO 12640, the new Standard provides a reference set of wide gamut display-referred colour images in electronic form, encoded as 16-bit Adobe RGB (1998) digital data, that can be used to evaluate changes in image quality during coding, image processing (including coluor re-rendering and colour space transformations, compression and decompression), displaying on a colour monitor and printing. The images of Part 4 supplement the images of Part 1 (CMYK data), Part 2 (sRGB gamut images), and Part 3 (large gamut images encoded as CIELAB data).

Part 4, available on DVD, includes 14 natural images and two synthetic images (test charts).  It is available for purchase from NPES and ISO member national organisations.