20 Jun 2018

First Fogra-certified proofing systems for FOGRA51 and FOGRA52 from GMG

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GMG has announced that its proofing systems have received the Fogra Certifications for FOGRA51/52 and proof papers containing OBAs.

The following proofing systems have been certified:

  • FOGRA39, FOGRA 51 and FOGRA52: GMG ColorProof with Epson Stylus Pro 7900 on GMG ProofPaper semimatte 250 OBA
  • FOGRA52: GMG ColorProof with Epson Stylus Pro 7900 on GMG ProofPaper matte 140

Reflecting the popularity of production papers with high optical brighteners in Offset printing, some ISO standards have been revised during the last couple of years. Following the new criteria in color viewing and color measurement, the results have been addressed in the revision of the Offset printing standard criteria (ISO12647-2) in 2013. With FOGRA51 and FOGRA52, the first characterisation data based on ISO12647-2:2013 are now released for woodfree-coated and woodfree-uncoated substrates.

To illustrate the fluorescent effects of optical brighteners in common production papers during proofing, GMG recommends the use of OBA-containing proofing substrates.

“We are happy to be able to offer GMG customers these new tools that allow the printing industry a significantly improved colour communication for the most important printing conditions,” says Juergen Seitz, Senior Technical Advisor at GMG.

CMA Imaging to showcase packaging solutions on Roland DG stand at LabelExpo

cma roland versacamm vsi

Invited to share stand space with Roland DG Europe at LabelExpo, CMA Imaging is to demonstrate its full range of software and packaging solutions all of which are designed to simplify the route to correct colour management and proofing using digital devices. The company’s products operate through a web-based interface to bring real-time viewing locally and remotely, complete with the ability to edit print jobs on the fly and add print-and-cut parameters where required.

As well as its software solutions for packaging and labelling print specialists, CMA Imaging’s substrates for this sector simplify proofing and sampling, and are specifically coated and profiled for Roland DG’s VersaCAMM Vsi series of wide-format devices that feature both print-and-cut capabilities and metallic and high density white ink options. Combined with its patented four-dimensional colour management software,

CMA Imaging’s colour management capabilities are ideal for true production flexibility for half-tone and continuous tone proofing. Full support is included for Pantone colour libraries, including spots and specials, with the option for connectivity to Esko’s Color Engine spot colour database.

Unlike legacy packaging proofing systems, CMA Imaging has developed its family of products to generate significant cost savings via the reduced use of consumables at the proofing stage. The results are also fully APPE (Adobe PDF Print Engine) compliant where Adobe RIPs are employed.

“As well as general digital, wide-format and offset litho production environments, we are moving increasingly into specialist sectors where accuracy throughout all pre-press and proofing processes is becoming increasingly important,” states Mark Sanderson, Managing Director of CMA Imaging. “Today’s packaging and labelling markets demand ever shorter lead times, less waste, and the ability to go from concept through design to end product seamlessly and precisely. Our portfolio of software solutions and related media is endorsed by the company’s long-standing experience in colour specialisation.”

The partnership with Roland DG Europe signifies the growing importance of CMA Imaging’s colour management and pre-press skills across all print sectors. The company not only offers a portfolio of intelligent software solutions, but also includes FSC and PEFC certified papers, plus the promotion of responsibility for the reduction in chemical and consumable waste by lowering costs and improving throughput for its customers. CMA Imaging partners with manufacturers and suppliers that are able to maintain its key criteria for adding value while enhancing environmental principles throughout all sectors of the printing industry.

Latest GMG software supports new FOGRA51/52 datasets

gmg colorproof

GMG has announced that the latest versions of its GMG ColorProof, GMG ProofControl and GMG ColorServer software all support the new FOGRA51/FOGRA52 datasets with related GMG profiles

ISO 12647-2 describes the standard criteria for Offset printing. One part of the revised version from 2013 reflects the popularity of production papers with high OBA (optical brightening agents). In consequence of this change and the correlated earlier changes in colour viewing and colour measurement, ECI, bvdm and Fogra have worked out new characterisation datasets and ICC profiles to consider all those ISO-changes and improve the tools for the printing industry. The first datasets released today are for woodfree-coated (FOGRA51) and woodfree-uncoated (FOGRA52) substrates.

The development of these new characterisation data sets took place with the technical guidance from GMG and Heidelberg. GMG’s specialist knowledge and tools for spectral colour handling were supporting the analysis of test prints and the final creation of the characterisation datasets.

The new versions of GMG ColorProof and GMG ProofControl support PSO Coated v3 (based on FOGRA51) and PSO Uncoated v3 (based on FOGRA52) with profiles, offering users the ability to create proofs that match the actual conditions in the pressroom. GMG ColorProof 5.7 (incl. GMG ProofControl Inline 3.0) and GMG ProofControl 2.2 support PSO Coated v3 with profiles on GMG ProofPaper semimatte 250 OBA and GMG ProofPaper semimatte 250; PSO Uncoated v3 is supported on GMG ProofPaper matte 140 and GMG ProofPaper semimatte 250 OBA.

GMG recommends to use their OBA-containing proofing substrates to proof these new conditions as this is the best way to picture the fluorescent effect of relevant production papers.

“For many years GMG has been an active stakeholder in the development of new standards in the prepress and printing industries. As a member of ECI, Fogra’s advisory board, ICC, TC130 and many other national bodies around the world, GMG is proud to be part of the research group and to have actively participated in the creation of FOGRA51/52,” says Juergen Seitz, Senior Technical Advisor at GMG.

GMG ColorProof 5.7 and GMG ProofControl 2.2 are available now through the company’s extensive global network of resellers. GMG ColorServer 4.10, which also supports FOGRA51/52, will be available shortly.

X-Rite Pantone to exhibit at ISPRINT

pantone xrite

X-Rite Pantone have announced they are to exhibit at the ISPRINT Expo, taking place at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds in Tel Aviv, Israel from 20-22 October 2015. X-Rite dealer Colortek Kassorla will join them at the expo in stand 125 Building 10. Together, the companies will be showcasing how X-Rite’s eXact Scan solution gives printers the tools they need to understand, manage, and control color accuracy.

X-Rite eXact is a next generation handheld spectrophotometer that ensures the utmost in colour accuracy, helping printers to avoid costly reprinting and rework. eXact Scan extends the functionality of X-Rite eXact, with features that enable unmatched speed, flexibility and quality control. When used with X-Rite’s InkKeyControl, eXact Scan lets printers achieve faster make-ready and improves quality through the control of ink keys. eXact Scan displays real-time measurement results in a graphical red/yellow/green “traffic light” report, which enables press operators to quickly manage changes as they print.

Christian Benz, product manager at X-Rite, says, “Printers today must manage their resources while still meeting the demands of their clients. X-Rite’s eXact Scan and InkKeyControl software provide a way for printers to meet both goals. It offers a low-cost way to ensure the colour quality and consistency demanded by today’s brands. And, because eXact Scan can bring ink zone controls to older presses, it can extend the life of their biggest investment – the press. We look forward to showing ISPRINT attendees what this powerful combination can mean to their business.”

Based in Kidron, Israel, ColorTek is a partner to leading inkjet manufactures and also offers a variety of solutions for the digital photography, prepress and printing industry. ColorTek has led the formation of an organisation for the standardisation of colour communication. This organisation, called ICcF (Israeli Color control Forum), is committed to work together with leading European organisations to implement quality control across the industry.

Frost Signs & Graphics invests in Barbieri SpectroPad Series 2 from CWE Solutions

CWE James Frost LFR

Kent-based Frost Signs & Graphics has invested in a Barbieri SpectroPad Series 2, aimed at guaranteeing colour consistency for its clients, from City and West End Solutions.

The company – which specialises in vehicle wrapping – had found that on occasion reprints were coming out at a different shade to the original, but that the problem wasn’t evident until they were on site for installation.  Director James Frost explains: “Any mismatches in colour were only seen when we were on site installing the new vinyl alongside the original, which was increasing our lead times, wastage and labour costs – and annoying the customers affected.

“We knew we needed a colour checking solution to give us confidence in an accurate consistent output without the original onsite – you can’t get a full sized bus into the studio to check it!

“We spoke to CWE Solutions about Barbieri, and the SpectroPad seemed perfect for us.”

Media, ink, temperature, humidity, workflow, and printer interventions are some of the many factors that influence the colour appearance in large format digital printing. To maintain an advanced level of accuracy, given the number of potential variables, you need a high end calibration device. The Barbieri SpectroPad 2 is this solution and allows users to recalibrate quickly and easily with confidence.

The SpectroPad Series 2 is a revolutionary portable, professional spectrophotometer which can measure a wide variety of different reflective media. Thanks to its independence from a computer, it can be also be used directly on the printer. Its integrated touch display enables interaction with the device and provides instant measurement results and assurance the output is correct.

“The fact that the Spectropad is portable as well as wireless further allows us to take spot readings directly from the vehicle when trying to match output without having to run cables and so on,” said James.

CWE Commercial Director Graham De Kock added: “At 6mm, the measurement aperture is the biggest available in a portable device, which offers a more accurate colour reading across a wider range of samples and will seriously help the team when evaluating their large media graphics.”

[Image shows James Frost, Director of Frost Signs]

Displayways installs Agfa’s Asanti PDF-based workflow solution for 'improved quality and efficiency'

Agfa Displayways SergiiPalii LFR

South London based Displayways has installed Agfa’s Asanti PDF-based workflow solution with an Anapurna M3200 RTR 3.2 metre wide printer for improved quality and efficiency.

The company produces a variety of display material for well-known museums, landmarks, major international corporate companies and fashion brands for whom quality and consistency is of the utmost importance. Displayways clearly supplies some very discerning customers who will not accept ‘good enough’.

“When we started to look at upgrading our old printer we prepared test files and asked a number of companies to provide us with samples. As soon as the results came in from Agfa we were very impressed and decided to take a closer look. We were then invited to Agfa’s HQ and the rest is history,” explains Rob Kelly, director at Displayways.

Displayways is not only called upon to match Pantone colours but also painted backgrounds, materials and even furniture so demands are high.

“Although we have been using Asanti for just a few months we can see that it offers many advantages. Colour consistency is very important and Asanti helps us to achieve this across all our printers. Archiving enables the records of past jobs to be quickly retrieved providing detailed information for job matching. We can also see that Asanti offers advantages for tiling and we plan to take this further in the next few months,” concludes Sergii Palii, operator at Displayways  

[Photo shows Sergii Palii]

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