20 Jun 2018

GMG releases OpenColor 2.0 with new features and user interface

GMG OpenColor LFR

GMG has announced a major new release of its multichannel profiling software GMG OpenColor. Numerous new and optimised features have been embedded into a powerful new interface designed to make profiling more effortless and easy.

Simplicity is a challenge in a printing industry that is so incredibly challenging itself:  the sheer variety of printing technologies, spot colours, substrates and number of inks trick packaging proofing into running a gauntlet of compromises. Especially the overprinting behavior, the interplay of inks printed on top of each other on the press, poses a major problem that could not be accurately simulated by previous proof systems.

To answer the challenge of making packaging proofing simpler, GMG OpenColor teamed up with the GMG proofing solution GMG ColorProof. Calculating high-precision profiles and automatically transferring them to GMG ColorProof for printing, GMG OpenColor turned out to be the missing component for seamless packaging proofing.

GMG OpenColor received the PIA InterTech™ Technology Award, FTA Technical Innovation Award and a Technical Innovation commendation from the European Rotogravure Association for its groundbreaking overprint prediction capabilities.

GMG OpenColor 2.0: Significant new features and user interface

GMG OpenColor 2.0 takes a major step forward. "GMG OpenColor 2.0 is a substantial upgrade to our first release," comments Victor Asseiceiro, Product Manager GMG OpenColor at GMG. "We conducted a number of customer interviews and leveraged information provided through our sales, service and support channels to help provide guidelines for this release. We feel very confident that we added and optimised features according to our target group's needs and made the software easier to use."

New look and feel: GMG OpenColor 2.0 comes with a completely redesigned user-centered interface.  A project-based view allows more flexibility in handling measurement data and creating profiles, while at the same time providing more safety in terms of data control and transparency. Each packaging product can be managed via a project folder which holds all related information in one easily accessible place.

Centralised data storage and controlled data publishing: The centralised data management ensures accurate and consistent results even across multiple sites. Responding to the needs of production safety, GMG OpenColor 2.0 offers more control in terms of a publishing functionality so that only approved data and profiles proceed into production.

Color Correction Tools: GMG OpenColor 2.0 comes with extensive correction tools for determining potential sources of error, optimising measurement data and editing profiles. All corrections are visualised in a live preview.

Test Chart Generator: The GMG OpenColor multichannel test chart generator is the ultimate tool to create individual test charts for all packaging applications. Virtually any number of patches can be defined in various overprinting combinations and with full control of the separations. No current test chart generator is able to provide this flexibility.

Measuring Functionality: All test charts created with GMG OpenColor can be measured within the application. GMG OpenColor supports the most commonly used measuring devices in the industry.

"Based on results from major users and a number of awards, the use and performance of GMG OpenColor has never been in doubt," adds Asseiceiro. "However, OpenColor 2.0 becomes a much more significant application, with an easier user interface with easy to use connectivity to measurement devices, greater user control, and more power. Not only does GMG OpenColor continue to perform as an indispensable tool for major package printers; it now becomes an easier tool for smaller package printers, as well."

GMG OpenColor 2.0 is immediately available from GMG and GMG resellers.

printMAX to bring 'revolutionary' new colour management software to Sign & Digital UK

printmax colour

Color Optimizer by printMAX is a brand new colour management and ink saving solution to be showcased at Sign and Digital UK by the Mimaki and Roland specialist.

Brand new to the large format print market, Color Optimizer by printMAX has been tried and tested within the packaging industry for some time. printMAX Managing Director Michael Bolton says: “We have a lot of large customers who constantly struggle to achieve colour consistency across all their print devices. The issue of colour consistency is of increasing importance, with the high production qualities available these days it is almost expected that the customer receives not only the strongest colour match to the original design but also consistent, high quality. Color Optimizer by printMAX addresses all these issues by standardising the print across all print models, manufacturers and platforms.”

A further selling point of the printMAX software is the ability to save up to 50% on ink costs. The ink saving technology does not compromise the quality and depth of colour.  The enhancing colour features of the software offer more precise and accurate colour reproduction whilst saving on ink costs due to the selective nature of the programming, which lays down carefully calculated ink droplets in order to achieve colour matching from screen to print.

The software operates independently of existing RIP software. This means an easy to use solution that won’t change the preferred work method. printMAX technicians make an initial installation visit in order to optimise media choices with bespoke profiling along with training on how to get the most from colour management.  The software is ideal for companies operating multiple machines but needing to optimise their ink use and achieve consistency within print.

printMAX will be demonstrating this product as part of Sign and Digital UK’s retail route, with the colour consistency lending itself to use within branding, logo reproductions and the like.

Visit printMAX on stand F30 this Sign UK for a one-to-one demonstration to try it out for yourself or for more information call the team on +44(0)1420 511539.

Barbieri launches textile version of SpectroPad colour measurement tool

barbieri textile spectropad

Barbieri has announced its new SpectroPad solution dedicated to digital textile printing. Digital printing on textiles and fabrics has very special requirements for colour management and especially with measuring devices. Whether it be dye-sublimation, transfer or direct inkjet printing, measuring fabrics can be a tricky task. To meet these needs, Barbieri electronic has incorporated a special, cost effective solution to the revolutionary SpectroPad.

This special solution consists of the portable SpectroPad, using an electrostatic sample holder and DOC (digital output control) option for process control.

The electrostatic sample holder is securely mounted to the fabric to be measured, in order for it not to move during the measuring process. Without such a secure fixing, even the smallest movement of a sample will impact measurement results.

The core of this solution for textiles is found in the SpectroPad. Equipped with the new Barbieri “qb-technology”, it ensures the most accurate measurements even on complex media such as textiles. This “qb-technology” consists of a large measurement aperture, light sources and a high precision spectral core. The large measuring aperture enables measurements of a large area and ensures highly accurate results. Multiple measurements using a smaller aperture would never achieve such accurate results. The SpectroPad uses three light sources which illuminate the fabric from different angles, to illuminate the textile as homogeneously as possible. This illumination technique ensures reflections from the textile structure are appropriately handled. Each of these light sources is based on LED technology, producing real M1 measuring conditions (rather than a calculation) and D50 illumination. All these special features and rigorously researched accessories guarantee precise measurements even on tricky substrates.

In addition to printer setup, Barbieri DOC enables control of the entire printing process. Within seconds and without the need for a computer, the printer operator knows if the output is still within colour tolerance and whether or not to continue printing or make adjustments. This process control can be performed by means of colour accuracy against standards such as ISO, SWOP, GRACOL, FOGRA, UGRA and CGATS or custom colour stability standards.

DOC process control can also be set up to guarantee consistent colour quality across multiple locations. To achieve this, an initial colour reference is created at headquarters and different production facilities can produce and check output according to this initial reference.

A quick check of spot colours and colour distance between several spot colours can also be made within seconds and without the need for a computer by using the portable SpectroPad.

This Barbieri SpectroPad textile solution is a professional, complete solution for digital printing on textiles and available for an affordable price.

This solution can be seen at FESPA in Cologne Hall 6, Booth Q103 or contact Barbieri at www.barbierielectronic.com 

ProCo chooses GMG solutions for cross-platform colour critical work


ProCo has invested in GMG proofing and colour management software solutions to provide a higher quality, consistent print service across its digital and litho print devices, reduce ink costs and cut production times.

The Sheffield-based integrated marketing communications provider boasts blue-chip clients such as John Lewis, Waitrose, DFS, and Hallmark Cards. ProCo also works with design agencies and multiple print buyers, offering bespoke solutions to cater for its clients' needs including web based technology platforms, integrated marketing campaign co-ordination and data management. This can throw up a multitude of challenges with colour quality and consistency when having to work with a wide variety of file types.

ProCo's head of reprographic Karl Dalton says: "We are constantly looking to improve and offer our clients the best possible service to fit their needs. We recognised that colour management was becoming increasingly important and as we produce colour critical work across multiple platforms and formats, we needed to ensure we could improve the way we were processing jobs to standardise output and produce consistent high-quality results."

Print requiring a high level of colour accuracy can be costly due to the additional time and technology required. ProCo wanted to reduce the time spent colour matching between its litho and digital work and also ink drying times. The company spent several months looking at GMG products, as well as other providers, and decided to go with GMG due to its reputation of being market leader in the industry, as well as its range of software solutions on offer.

ProCo has invested in GMG ColorProof for the production of high-accuracy digital proofs. Used alongside GMG ColorServer it offers the company the perfect solution for a standardised and simplified proofing and colour management model that delivers consistent colour print results time and again. With GMG ColorServer data from different sources will behave identically on the press; the result is a marked reduction in make ready times and paper waste.

ProCo also uses GMG InkOptimizer software solution for fully automated ink reduction. Using GMG DeviceLink technology, the CMY colour component is reduced and the black component increased, resulting in significant ink savings for the company without affecting the proof to print balance.

ProCo's production environment includes two Manroland 500 litho presses and two HP Indigo digital presses – 7500 and 7800 series versions. Since installing GMG software, the company is able to calibrate its proofing system, digital and litho presses to the same standard. Karl says: "We have had far less issues with RGB images and can offer better quality uncoated printing due to the 47L colour profiling we now use for uncoated work. We have noticed much more accurate proofing when compared with the actual print for both litho and digital. The software has also enabled us to improve litho make ready times, leading to increased productivity, and reduced the amount of ink we are using."

ProCo works to ISO colour standards and submit monthly ISO reports. Karl says: "Since installing GMG software we have noticed an improvement and stabilisation in our ISO test report scores and are consistently scoring in the high 90% range. Before, we were struggling to achieve over 80%."

"GMG have lived up to expectations and been great throughout the whole process. From consultation to the initial stages of development, quick and easy installation and training, the support has been excellent," says Karl. "In fact, we are currently transitioning into the full automation of our production processes and will be speaking to GMG to see where they can assist with our plans."

Toby Burnett, MD, GMG UK, says: "We are very happy to be working with a business such as ProCo. They are a great example of how implementing GMG solutions can enable a company to remove output inconsistencies and standardise across all devices, bringing significant colour management benefits, productivity gains and delivering time and cost savings throughout the production workflow."

Galloways increases proofing accuracy and reduces ink costs with GMG colour solutions


Galloways - www.galloways.co.uk - has invested in GMG proofing and colour management software to offer its clients a high level of colour accuracy from proof to print, while reducing ink costs.

Based in Cheshire, Galloways is a leading commercial printer producing a wide variety of printed literature for a number of major advertising, design and marketing agencies, as well as a diverse range of direct clients. With over 140 years' experience in the printing industry and with extensive in-house capabilities, the company prides itself on offering customers printed products executed to a very high standard.

As with most printers in the current economic climate, the way in which Galloways operates has had to change significantly over the last few years. While they produce print across the full spectrum, they recognised that a niche area for them was print requiring a high level of colour accuracy which can be costly due to the additional time and technology required. A solution that could offer both enhanced quality and produce cost efficiencies in the process was always high on the company's agenda.

Matt Galloway, sales and business development manager at Galloways, said: "We're always looking for ways to tailor our colour critical service and we monitor the market carefully for the latest software solutions. Through our meetings and discussions with GMG we felt that they would be an excellent partner for us and their products would help us to achieve our goals."

"We were impressed with the results of the press/ink tests and the clarity and detail highlighted in the reports. Galloways produces a lot of colour critical work matching print to a physical product so our expectations were extremely high but so far we have been very happy with the solutions recommended by GMG."

With guidance from GMG Technical Sales representative, Paul Bromley, Galloways has invested in GMG ColorProof software to drive its two 44-inch Epson Stylus Pro 9890 SpectroProofers for the production of high-accuracy digital proofs. Used alongside GMG ColorServer it offers the company the perfect solution for a standardised and simplified proofing and colour management model that delivers consistent colour print results time and again. With GMG ColorServer, data from different sources will behave identically on the press; the result is a marked reduction in make ready times and paper waste.

Galloways also uses the GMG Ink Optimizer software solution for fully automated ink reduction. Using GMG DeviceLink technology, the CMY colour component is reduced and the black component increased, resulting in significant ink savings for the company without affecting the proof to print balance.

Galloways has also more recently invested in CoZone Collaborate, GMG'S comprehensive web platform that includes a collaborative cloud-based content approval and monitor proofing workflow. This will enable Galloways to manage, review, proof and approve jobs within a secure online hosted soft-proofing environment. It is a cost-effective, scalable and easy-to-use system for collaborating, reviewing, proofing and approving media files prior to production, which speeds up the whole process for Galloways' clients.

Besides the two Epson Stylus Pro printers, Galloways' production environment includes a 5-colour Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105 press, 6-colour Speedmaster CD 102 press, and Ricoh Pro C751EX production printer. Since installing GMG software, the company is able to calibrate its proofing system, digital print presses and litho presses to the same standard each day. This gives Galloways the assurance that its printed collateral, whether on coated or uncoated material, is colour accurate however it is printed. This also gives its clients peace of mind that the final product will look exactly as designed.

Matt says: "Since investing in GMG Solutions, we have been very happy with the results, knowing should we require any advice or have any particular client demands GMG support is there for us. Our investment has given us even greater confidence in our proof versus print results and the flexibility of producing both coated and uncoated proofs for approval is proving a real hit with our clients.'

GMG managing director Toby Burnett says: "Galloways is a great example of a high end printing company where the importance of getting it right first time is the only option. Working in partnership with GMG has helped them to manage all processes within the litho and prepress department, from order to print, which in turn has improved productivity and the bottom line."

X-Rite Partners with BenQ for sophisticated yet easy monitor calibration

X Rite Benq

Palette Master Powered by X-Rite offers direct access to monitor controls for increased calibration accuracy

X-Rite Incorporated has announced a long-term strategic technology partnership with BenQ, a global human technology and solutions provider headquartered in Taiwan, to bring increased sophistication and simplicity to monitor calibration for photography and graphic arts professionals. Palette Master Powered by X-Rite, when used with an X-Rite i1Display Pro display calibrator, allows users to gain direct access to BenQ display hardware without the intermediary intervention of the computer’s graphics card. This delivers more accurate calibration of the BenQ PG2401PT monitor. Both X-Rite and BenQ are exhibiting this solution at Photokina, being held in Cologne, Germany, 16-21 September 2014. X-Rite will be located in Hall 4.1, Stand J029 at the show, while BenQ will be located in Hall 4.1, Stand D017.

“We are extremely pleased to be partnering with BenQ to deliver this unique professional monitor profiling and calibration solution,” said Jan Keller VP OEM Sales of X-Rite. “BenQ’s PG2401PT monitor is the first product in BenQ’s ProGraphics series of printing-certified monitors with both G7 and FOGRA certifications. Giving users the ability to quickly and easily bypass their computer’s graphics card to directly profile and adjust the BenQ display results in more accurate calibration, which in turn means that from design intent through soft proofing, colours will display accurately.”

The combination of BenQ’s professional certified monitor, X-Rite’s industry-leading i1Display Pro and Palette Master Powered by X-Rite represents an industry-first opportunity for professional and 'prosumer' photographers and graphic arts professionals who have adopted digital workflows and are interested in ensuring consistent colour, right the first time, right every time, throughout the capture, creation and production process.

“Another important aspect of this solution for prosumer and professional photographers is having 99% visibility of the Adobe RGB colour space for colour-critical work like photo editing,” added Keller. “This means that the monitor accurately displays the tones and hues that fall within the Adobe RGB colour space captured by their camera in the raw file so users can apply appropriate edits to match their printer's colour gamut. The result is better overall results for both printed and digital edited photo files.”

“We chose to work with X-Rite in this exclusive partnership because we recognise X-Rite’s market-leading position and strong technology in monitor calibration and profiling,” said Peter YF Huang, General Manager of BenQ Technology Product Center. “We are excited to be bringing this innovative capability to our photographer and graphic arts customers and believe this is one more powerful reason for choosing BenQ monitors over competitive monitors that cannot offer this level of control with the simplicity of our combined solution. We look forward to further collaboration with X-Rite to bring even more innovation to the market.”

For more information about X-Rite solutions, please visit www.xrite.com. For more information about BenQ, visit www.BenQ.com

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