06 Aug 2020

Color-Logic product literature now available in 7 languages

Color Logic

Color-Logic's product literature is now available in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and simplified Chinese.  Commenting on its international business, Color-Logic's director of sales and marketing, Mark Geeves, says, “The Color-Logic process is rapidly gaining acceptance among brand and product managers, as well as their graphic designers and printers, around the world.  Interested parties can now learn the details of the Color-Logic system in their native language."

For more information, please visit www.color-logic.com

X-Rite Announces New i1Pro 2 Professional Colour Management Solutions

Xrite i1Pro2

X-Rite Announces New i1Pro 2 Professional Color Management Solutions for Photo, Pre-press, Publishing and Digital Printing Markets

New solutions include all-new second-generation i1Pro spectrophotometer delivering increased accuracy, ease of use and expanded professional level feature set

X-Rite, Incorporated, the world leader in color management, measurement and communication technologies, today announces its new portfolio of i1 Professional Color Management Solutions which now include a newly redesigned i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer.

Built upon the success of X-Rite’s i1Pro spectrophotometer as the de facto industry standard for more than a decade, the newly enhanced i1Pro 2 device has been redesigned to provide an even higher level of accuracy, versatility, ergonomics, functionality and value. Combined with the recently released i1Profiler software v1.3, which accommodates all levels of proficiency and expertise, the new i1Pro 2 portfolio of four different products is specifically targeted to meet the unique needs of photo, pre-press, digital print and publishing professionals, providing exceptional value at very attractive price points.

This new portfolio, comprised of X-Rite’s i1Basic Pro 2, i1Photo Pro 2, i1Publish Pro 2 and i1Publish products feature groundbreaking new technology and applications. Each Pro solution includes the new i1Pro 2 second generation spectrophotometer – the most accurate and forward thinking profiling device available today accommodating three measurement conditions in one single device. These conditions include the most commonly used M0 (Standard Illuminant A), the emerging M1 (illuminant D50) and M2 (known as UV-cut). Also included are i1Profiler, X-Rite’s entirely new next generation color profiling software, PANTONE Color Manager color swatch bridging software and ColorChecker Camera Calibration software.

“Exceptionally accurate color measurement and calibration remain basic building blocks for professional-level workflow,” commented Vic Stalam, X-Rite’s Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing.  “Nowhere is repeatable, predictive color management more critical than in the prepress, digital printing and photography markets that make up the core imaging market customer base for X-Rite. With the introduction of these new products, X-Rite once again delivers to color professionals around the world the products they need that incorporate important emerging color standards.”

About Next Generation i1Pro 2 Spectrophotometer
The i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer introduces a new level of color accuracy, delivering increased ease of use and an expanded professional level feature set, including supporting the latest developments in industry measurement standards. i1Pro 2 solutions are sure to maximize profitability and minimize wasted time, ink and paper, while delivering the confidence that the user’s digital workflow is perfectly and professionally calibrated and profiled.

New i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer highlights:
New illuminant design allows for 3 standard measurement conditions  (ISO 13655 M0: Tungsten; ISO 13655 M1: D50; ISO 13655 M2: UV Cut) plus Optical Brightener Compensation (OBC) without changing filters or needing a second instrument.

Enhanced Optical Brightener Compensation allows for the most accurate profiling for today’s enhanced range of substrates. Now users can predict what colors printed on optically brightened paper will look like under different light conditions using a single hand-held device.

Positioning Detection Sensor provides a more robust scanning experience even on special substrates and low-resolution printers. It allows for the measurement of smaller patch sizes (as low as 7mm) in manual mode and enables dual measurement workflows for OBC, M1 and M2.

New Status LED guides users through the measurement process and provides feedback on device status, improving the user experience.

New Design Ergonomics throughout allows for greater usability, flexibility, cleaning, protection, and storage of the precision i1Pro 2 device.

Better temperature stability and higher brightness levels improves emissive measurement, resulting in the best possible calibration and profiling of monitors and projectors.

All new diagnostics and self-correction features
Built-in wavelength calibration technology allows for self-diagnosis of optical grating in relation to sensor during white calibration (with automatic correction and notifications).

Maintaining and protecting the device (and investment) is easier than ever
Self-cleanable aperture protection glass and calibration white tile cover provides additional built-in protection from dust and dirt.

About i1Profiler Software
With the latest release of i1Profiler software v1.3, X-Rite has further enhanced this next generation professional color management software. i1Profiler offers an unprecedented level of flexibility and features a number of unique color management capabilities such as optimizing profiles, creating profiles with ambient light measurements, compensating for optical brighteners in papers, and utilizing simple yet advanced controls for black separation and providing significant ink savings, adding to users’ power and control in creating professional quality profiles. Users can choose between a ‘basic’, wizard-driven interface; or an ‘advanced’, user-driven interface to create high quality, precise, custom color profiles for monitors, projectors, printers, and presses.

New i1Profiler Software v1.3 highlights:
•    i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer support added for monitor, projector and printer profiling
•    M1 measurement condition support added
•    White point editing added – from current measurement, saved measurement, ICC profile, or custom
•    Improved CGATS reading module
•    Improved handling for printer test chart measurement
•    Default patch size reduced to 7mm
•    Two new measurement workflows added:
o    Measure Chart – specify number of rows and columns
o    Measure Reference Chart – import CGATS reference from ProfileMaker 5
•    Improved CMYK+n profile generation
•    Russian language support added

Pantone and X-Rite announce new cloud-based colour service - PantoneLIVE

Pantone Live

X-Rite and Pantone have just announced PantoneLIVE, a cloud-based colour service that provides instant access to essential brand colour standards.  PantoneLIVE is the first service under the Pantone Digital Business Unit, a newly created division of X-Rite that is the by-product of Pantone’s expertise as the world’s colour authority and X-Rite’s colour science and technology leadership.

From chocolates and champagne to soda and stilettos, the past year has been wrought with cases of counterfeiting, deception and consumer confusion – all tied to the ubiquitous colours that uniquely identify brands. Cadbury and Veuve Clicquot were involved in high-profile legal battles to own their brand colours, while Christian Louboutin fought to trademark its signature red soles. With colour so critically tied to brand identity, inconsistent brand colour can lead to a lack of consumer confidence and lost sales.

In a recent survey conducted by the Pantone Color Institute*, more than 70 percent of creatives noted that brand colour definitions, accuracy and consistency in creating products or packaging are important to their business, while 42 percent indicated that colour-related challenges have a negative impact on their company.

“Nearly 50 years ago, Pantone brought consistency and a common language to an industry that lacked standardisation. Historically an analogue process, reliant on centuries’ old colour alchemy, printing and production have advanced with technology in the digital age,” said Ron Potesky, senior vice president and general manager of Pantone. “PantoneLIVE digitises the process, taking it from visual and subjective to consistent and repeatable – significantly reducing production timelines and improving the bottom line.” 

“PantoneLIVE represents a transformational change in colour management for brand owners across their entire supply chain,” explained Tom Vacchiano, president and CEO of X-Rite. “Our own Dr. Sonia Megert, whose vision for the digital supply chain led to the development of PantoneLIVE, will head the new Pantone Digital Business Unit.”

“Globally consistent color standards are essential to brand identity. With supply chains made up of hundreds of different facilities scattered around the world, corporations struggle to control and maintain color consistency,” said Dr. Megert. “PantoneLIVE is a dynamic ecosystem, open to all supply chain participants, which delivers consistent color across the entire packaging workflow – from design concept to retail store shelves.”

Brand colour standards are the principal component of PantoneLIVE and are derived from real ink on real substrates using real printing processes. This allows brand owners to predict how corporate spot colours will reproduce on a wide variety of substrates including brown corrugated, clear film and white polypropylene. A brand’s colour assets, analogous to a brand’s colour DNA, are managed and maintained in a secure cloud-based data repository to ensure accurate colour communication – to any supplier, around the world.

“The benefits of using PantoneLIVE are clear,” says Nigel Dickie, director of corporate and government affairs for Heinz.  The digital tools gave us unprecedented control and consistency from different print processes and materials. Across all of our packaging formats we saw a reduction in colour variance of 50 percent and saved time by establishing one colour target that can be applied to all our Heinz Beanz designs. The results with our Beanz packaging have been so remarkable that we plan to extend PantoneLIVE to additional product lines, including Heinz soups and Spaghetti Hoops.”

While accurate colour is important to the brand identity of consumer packaged goods, protecting brand integrity in the pharmaceutical industry is crucial as counterfeit drugs put the health of consumers at risk. Chesapeake, a global producer of consumer packaging for many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, turned to PantoneLIVE to increase consistency in its customers’ packaging. When it comes to pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications, even the slightest variation in packaging colour can make a product suspect and the brand vulnerable to counterfeiting. 

On one job, for example, Chesapeake was able to reduce colour variation by 84 percent and improve process controls, which led to zero rejections from the print run and 100 percent client approval. PantoneLIVE is creating another positive impact on Chesapeake’s business. The company previously stocked as many as 3,000 different inks in its Leicester, U.K. plant and now stores only 537 without reducing colour choices. 

PantoneLIVE is connected to a large portfolio of software, containing real-world colour data for hundreds of thousands of colours, and is supported by the latest colour measurement technology. This is combined with professional services including workflow and colour rationalisation audits, and customised operating procedures from Pantone and X-Rite. Custom and bespoke spectral data, as well as metadata, are used to digitise brand colours. Digitised palettes are then expanded to create independent colour standards to allow for accurate colour reproduction on a variety of substrates.

Brand colour data, equivalent to a digital colour swatch, is stored in a secure, cloud-based portal that lets brand owners and other approved members of the supply chain manage digital rights and facilitate colour communication across all materials in the production process. This centralised colour communication process promotes consistency and helps achieve speed to market efficiencies from initial design to final production. The portal also provides direction to suppliers to meet brand requirements related to colour quality.

Industry Support

While users of any manufacturer’s ink will be able to take advantage of PantoneLIVE, Sun Chemical is the preferred ink partner. Esko is also a preferred partner supporting PantoneLIVE. Both companies worked closely with Pantone and X-Rite to develop PantoneLIVE. Sun Chemical’s technology and colour data are the foundations for PantoneLIVE, and this technology is integrated into Esko’s solutions.

In addition, Windmöller & Hölscher, a leading supplier of flexographic central impression and rotogravure printing presses, is recognised as the PantoneLIVE technology partner, serving the flexible packaging industry. In this unique capacity, Windmöller & Hölscher will extend the capability of their EASY COL on-press colour matching solution to incorporate access to the PantoneLIVE ecosystem, thereby allowing converters to reduce press set-up times and in turn assure the quality of important brand colours on press.

Pantone and X-Rite are continuing to work with leading vendors to integrate and enhance their solutions with PantoneLIVE. This approach will offer customers real value in the colour management and colour communications process, while leaving much of their current investments in place.

Pricing and Availability

Access to the PantoneLIVE database starts at $99 USD (£63 GBP, €76 EUR) annually for a designer, $1,150 USD (£730 GBP, €885 EUR) annually for preproduction and from $2,000 USD (£1,275 GBP, €1,540 EUR) to $2,650 USD (£1,690 GBP, €2,040 EUR) annually for production. A color audit for a brand owner starts at $4,500 USD (£2,870 GBP, €3,460 EUR). Additional fees apply depending on services and scope required.

PantoneLIVE solutions will be available from 15th June 2012

For more information, please visit www.pantone.com/live.

Sun Chemical endorses new PantoneLIVE solution and retires SmartColour brand

Sun Chemical

Sun Chemical will retire its SmartColour brand from the marketplace and will transfer all current customer licenses to the new PantoneLIVE eco-system from X-Rite/Pantone.

“Sun Chemical’s patented SmartColour technology and colour databases are a key foundation of the new PantoneLIVE solution. We firmly believe that the universal appeal of the Pantone and X-Rite brands, coupled with these SmartColour and IP underpinnings, are the leading reasons why Sun Chemical now fully endorses PantoneLIVE for the packaging market,” said Felipe Mellado, Chief Marketing Officer, Sun Chemical. “Moving forward, Sun Chemical will continue to be a major contributor to the initiative and in the category of ink supplier will become X‑Rite/Pantone’s ‘preferred partner’ for PantoneLIVE.”

While users of any ink will be able to capitalise on the system, the implementation of PantoneLIVE in the pressroom will be easier and faster with Sun Chemical inks because of Sun’s initial contribution. The ink formulations behind PantoneLIVE are already known, and these digital targets are shared efficiently within the Sun Chemical global network. Every PantoneLIVE colour request to Sun Chemical will be created using this global platform.

Since PantoneLIVE’s colour definition is derived from real ink on real substrates with real printing processes, brand owners can predict from their design concept how their brand colours will reproduce on a wide variety of substrates, from recycled carton board to clear film or white polypropylene.

PantoneLIVE licensees can take advantage of Sun Chemical’s intellectual property in the field of digital colour communication. Starting from real colours, and enabling full digital colour communication across the workflow, PantoneLIVE now makes it possible for digital proofs to be colour accurate for almost all spot colours, and allows remote approval from anywhere in the world without concerns about costly colour adjustment.

“When packaging developers and printers mismatch a brand’s spot colour, the error may appear at the proofing or printing stage - leading to multiple proofs and adjustments before the customer approves the job,” said Patrice Aurenty, Business Leader, Colour Management at Sun Chemical. “Such mistakes are not only expensive, but they frequently lead to delays in product release and order fulfillment, mounting up losses in sales. PantoneLIVE solves this costly problem by dramatically speeding up colour approval by improving press make-ready time and achieving the right colour the first time on press.”

Originally launched in October 2007, SmartColour has been a successful system combining consulting support, customized brand color standards, software, database systems, and online collaboration tools to create a user friendly and truly revolutionary approach to managing spot colors for the packaging workflow.

Sun Chemical had announced partnerships around SmartColour with Esko Artwork and GMG Color in the past, and is now transferring the technology rights and leadership position to X-Rite and Pantone, which bring a large and growing contribution to the development of PantoneLIVE. This new eco-system will enable a fully integrated packaging workflow capable of communicating real colours on real substrates everywhere—at the click of a mouse.

To learn more about the launch of PantoneLIVE, please visit: www.sunchemical.com/brandcolormanagement and www.pantone.com/live.

Color-Logic ships new visualiser tool

Colorlogic Logo

Color-Logic is now shipping its new visualiser tool, which enables graphic designers and brand owners to visualise the complete array of Color-Logic metallic and decorative effects on their designer workstations.

Announcing the new visualisation tool, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves comments, “Our new Color-Logic FX-Viewer™ permits designers and brand managers to accurately visualise all Color-Logic metallic hues and decorative effects. The Color-Logic FX-Viewer is an integral part of the basic Color-Logic software, which creates five-colour files for printing with metallic inks or with white inks on metallic substrates."

He continues, "Using our software, designers can both create and view the metallic look and special effects of Color-Logic files right on their desktop workstation monitors, and thus verify visually, in one easy step, how their designs will appear when printed. It is no longer necessary to cycle through costly design iterations or expensive proofing to verify decorative effects.”

For more information, please visit www.color-logic.com

GMG ProductionSuite to premiere at FESPA

Gmg Logo

The colour management experts at GMG will be at Fespa Digital 2012 in Barcelona presenting their new GMG ProductionSuite, the company‘s first wide format solution for demanding users. Interested visitors can take a closer look at the new GMG ProductionSuite at GMG‘s stand (H22) in Hall 3, and at the stands of its partners JetSet (stand C38), Roland DG (stand H30) and Zünd Systemtechnik (stand P10).

Further opportunities to learn more about GMG ProductionSuite’s capabilities will be available at the FESPA PRINT SHOP LIVE. In addition, the software company will be showing its pioneering GMG ColorServer and GMG SmartProfiler at the HP stand G5.

GMG ProductionSuite comes as a modular system, comprising Editor, RIP, SmartProfiler and PrintStation. With recalibratable spot colours, powerful editing options and support of some 800 output devices, GMG is set to establish new standards in quality and productivity.

For more information, please visit www.gmgcolor.com