06 Aug 2020

Color-Logic's Process Metallic Color System goes multilingual

Color Logic

Color-Logic has announced that the instructions and technical support information for its Process Metallic Color System are now available in other European languages - including French, German, Spanish and Italian - in addition to the original English.

Announcing the new translations now available, Color-Logic Director of Operations and eCommerce Dave Bowden comments, ”Our Process Metallic Color System is rapidly being adopted by global brand managers, graphic designers, and their printers around the world - particularly in Europe and Latin America. These new translations will make it easier for those Color-Logic customers and their clients to enjoy the benefits of the most advanced metallic printing system available. Those still considering the Color-Logic process can see us at drupa and in partners’ booths at FESPA. ”

Color-Logic develops colour communication systems and software tool sets for a variety of special effect printing applications. Color-Logic provides brand owners, product managers, corporations, and their advertising agencies the ability to differentiate themselves and their clients with a simple print production process that yields dramatic results. Color-Logic special effects utilise the existing workflows of printers and designers, yielding dynamic results without the use of special equipment. Color-Logic supports the value of print and works with designers and printers to enhance their printed media.

For more information, please visit www.color-logic.com

GMG ColorProof now with client-server architecture

Gmg Colorproof

GMG has announced the immediate availability of version 5.3 of the GMG ColorProof/DotProof/FlexoProof proofing solution. The chargeable upgrade comes up with a client-server architecture that makes proofing simpler and more convenient than ever. In addition to the GMG WebClient, the new version features numerous innovations for a wide range of applications, including remote proofing and production printing.

The GMG WebClient – for greater efficiency and productivity

Via a WebClient, GMG ColorProof users for the first time have the possibility of creating, editing and monitoring proofing jobs from any PC or Mac within the corporate network. Consequently, several users can work with ColorProof at the same time. The configuration of spot-colour channels, in particular, is facilitated and accelerated by the WebClient. The impact of spot-colour changes can be seen in a visual job preview. Hotfolders can likewise be used from the WebClient.

The status of the individual printers can similarly be checked in the WebClient, including the option of interrupting or cancelling a print job. It is also possible to keep an eye on several GMG ColorProof systems via a single WebClient.

Higher speed and greater reliability in production printing

Flexible calibration sets for production printers, such as the Roland LEC and VS series, reduce the calibration effort considerably. Calibration sets can now be grouped according to printer series, similar combinations of printing media and printing modes. Consequently, a single calibration can be used for different printing and colour modes, resolutions and media without any loss of quality.

For layered printing, all printing layers for the Roland VersaCAMM VS and VersaUV LEC printer series can for the first time be configured in a single job. This greatly facilitates and accelerates the processing of CMYK, varnish, white and silver.

Remote proofing is now even simpler and more reliable

GMG ColorProof 5.3 groups printers of the same model series, meaning that proof standards and spot colours can be used on all compatible printers. This particularly benefits remote proofing applications, since printers of a single model series with different media widths can be used at different locations.

Moreover, GMG ColorProof 5.3 improves communication between the remote systems by FTP connection, as well as by automatic e-mail notification following completion of a remote printing job.

GMG ColorProof 5.3 additionally optimises the use of proof printers with integrated measuring instrument. For instance, media wedges for GMG ProofControl Inline are printed and measured fully automatically at the remote location, the remote system being recalibrated if necessary.

Protected remote jobs make for greater security when handling customer data. Only the medium format can be changed at the remote end, all other settings being protected against modification. Imported jobs and their settings are only saved for the duration of the remote proofing procedure, meaning that custom profiles are used exclusively for the respective proof.

More efficient operation

GMG ColorProof 5.3 also offers other innovations that save time in day-to-day work. For the first time, media wedges for internal measuring instruments can also be output with halftone proof simulation. The associated GMG ProofControl standards can be generated directly from the proof standard used. Moreover, paper tint simulation can be deactivated when creating a proof. The new “Replace Image” option now makes it possible to replace individual images, retaining all the existing settings in the process. In this way, manual jobs can be saved as copy for re-use at a later time. In addition, the assignment of individual spot-colour channels and the job preview have been significantly accelerated, resulting in generally faster configuration of spot colours.

GMG heading to Fespa Digital 2012 to demo wide format solution

Gmg Logo

GMG will be showing its innovative production solution for wide-format digital printing at Fespa Digital 2012 in Barcelona.  On booth H22 in Hall 3, GMG will be deomstrating the most complete solution in the market for indoor and outdoor advertising, sign and super-wide format printing, adding new capabilities in colour consistency, flexibility and economy.

GMG's colour management expertise, well known in the proofing sector, is one of the three key pillars of this new GMG wide-format application. The GMG solution calibrates and drives more than 750 wide-format printing devices and cutting systems, making identical repetition on different output devices a reality.

A further pillar is the extremely flexible Editor which features numerous useful and easy-to-use expert tools and functions. Its impressive processing speed, and the fact that both Mac and PC users can work with the user-friendly GMG solution, will not only fit the needs of creative thinkers, but also those of production-oriented users.

Economic efficiency represents the third pillar of the new GMG wide-format solution. GMG will be presenting a modular system. Thanks to the dynamically scalable GMG license, growth-related investments are only necessary where additional capacity really is needed. An integrated ink-saving function additionally maximises cost and ecological effectiveness.

“GMG is proud to be exhibiting at Fespa for the first time. Over the last few years our solutions have become very well established within traditional proofing and colour management applications worldwide. Today, we are perfectly placed to meet the needs of the digital wide format print production markets with complete, best-in-class production solutions,” says Ian Scott, Managing Director of GMG GmbH & Co. KG.

X-Rite announces free downloadable software updates

X Rite

X-Rite has announced the availability of several free downloadable software updates including ColorMunki Display software, i1Profiler software and i1Profiler D2LionEdition software for i1Display LT and i1Display 2 Color Calibration Devices.

“Today’s announcement of free software updates underscores X-Rite’s on going commitment to delivering the highest quality colour management solutions.  We are committed to continually improving and enhancing our software in order to deliver the world class solutions our customers expect,” said Thomas Kunz, X-Rite’s Market Manager, Imaging.

i1Profiler Software v.1.2

i1Profiler Software v.1.2 is the latest i1Profiler update offering several new functions and improvements including:

Display Profiling Updates

  • Ability to balance RGB controls during display calibration
  • Reporting of target and measured values for luminance, white point and contrast ratio during display profiling
  • Direct control of EIZO ColorEdge displays using X-Rite ADC (Automatic Display Control)
  • Improved ADC functionality and connectivity for all platforms

Printer Profiling Updates

  • Selection of M0 or M2 measurements for profile creation when used with an i1iSis
  • User ability to customise exported CGATS data for multiple uses
  • Improved reading of chromatic black ink on printer test charts

Updates for Japan Market

  • Support of Japan Color in Printer QA

The i1Profiler software v1.2 operates with the X-Rite i1Display Pro colorimeter, i1Pro spectrophotometer and i1iSis spectrophotometer. Currently installed i1Profiler software will automatically detects the update if the user has this function turned on. If not, users can download directly from either www.xritephoto.com or www.xrite.com .

ColorMunki Display Software v 1.0.2

This new update provides improvements for ColorMunki Display device connectivity, ADC (Automatic Display Control) functionality and color accuracy. To download the new software version, current users can access “Check for updates” located in their ColorMunki Display Help menu or visit: www.xritephoto.com or www.xrite.com to directly download ColorMunki Display v1.0.2 software from the Support section. 

i1Profiler D2Lion Edition, a MAC OSX 10.7 Lion compatible software update for registered i1Display LT and i1Display 2 users, is now available. These currently retired devices, which run on i1Match software, now have the benefit of utilizing this limited special edition version of the new X-Rite i1Profiler software. This software update is designed for MAC OSX Lion users to utilize their i1Display LT or i1Display 2 device on the latest Mac OS until they are ready to upgrade to one of X-Rite’s newest display products – i1Display Pro and ColorMunki Display. Both new solutions allow users to get the most out of their monitors and projectors, adding unprecedented functionality and fully support Mac OSX 10.7 Lion. Registered owners will be provided a software download link via email.  Owners can register at any time.


Each update – i1Profiler 1.2, ColorMunki 1.0.2 and i1Profiler D2Lion Edition – is available for immediate download. For more information on these software updates, please visit www.xrite.com, www.xritephoto.com or www.pantone.com

New NetProfiler software from X-Rite maintains accuracy & consistency of spectrophotometers

X Rite Netprofiler1

X-Rite Incorporated is helping customers to streamline their workflows with the next generation of its NetProfiler software that can verify, optimise, and certify handheld and benchtop spectrophotometers used at locations worldwide on a regular basis.

With the new NetProfiler 3.0, companies can calibrate spectrophotometers in design departments, on factory floors and in test labs to a single virtual standard, ensuring that colour measurements taken at distant locations are accurate and reliable throughout the supply chain.

Over the past few years, X-Rite's earlier version of NetProfiler has become the standard in textiles, plastics, packaging and coatings industries to optimise the performance of benchtop spectrophotometers that all experience some data drift over time due to age and use. NetProfiler 3.0 now extends the power of profiling to handheld devices with embedded profiling capabilities. 

"We are particularly excited about our new NetProfiler solutions for handheld spectrophotometers, extending the benefits of profiling to new category of devices and customer workflows." said Richard Knapp, product manager for the software. He says all versions of NetProfiler 3.0 have improved speed and stability on personal computers and can be run offline to store profiles on portable USB memory sticks.

Another feature of NetProfiler 3.0 is its capability to profile new families of devices such as sphere-based instruments like the Ci52 for industrial applications. For companies in the graphic arts industry that use the SpectroEye spectrophotometer, NetProfiler 3.0 provides a profiling solution for graphics arts workflow. 

NetProfiler 3.0 can help customers by providing:

  • confidential reports that detail instrument performance, compliance status by location and instrument, relationships between colour partners, and local auditing and certification;
  • ways to exchange comparative colour data easily anywhere in the world with business partners that may have various types of colour-measurement instruments; and,
  • new cost-effective ceramic calibration media providing equivalent performance to BCRA-II tiles.  With two formats optimised for benchtop or handheld spectrophotometers, the new calibration media offers significantly improved spatial uniformity, consistent targeting, and improved performance – particularly for smaller aperture devices.  The improved calibration media allows the number of colour standards to be reduced, streamlining the profiling process.

For more information on NetProfiler 3, please visit the X-Rite website at http://www.xrite.com

Color-Logic adds new visualiser tool to its Process Metallic Color System

Color Logic

Color-Logic has announced that its Process Metallic Color System will ship with a new tool at the start of 2012, enabling graphic designers and brand owners to visualise the complete array of Color-Logic metallic and special effects on their designer workstations.

Announcing the new visualizer tool, Color-Logic's director of sales and marketing, Mark Geeves, commented, “Until now, Color-Logic users had no means of accurately visualising Color-Logic metallic hues or special effects, because the Process Metallic Color System creates five-colour files for printing with metallic inks or with white inks on metallic substrates. Our new FX-Viewer creates the metallic look and special effects of Color-Logic files right on the desktop workstation monitor, enabling brand managers and designers to verify visually how their designs will appear when printed. Costly design iterations and expensive proofing to verify design effects are thus eliminated."

He adds, "Color-Logic customers who are current with their maintenance agreements will receive one copy and may buy additional copies at a deeply discounted price.  Early in 2012, the FX-Viewer will be included with the Color-Logic design software, and the price will be adjusted to reflect the new capability.”

For more information, please visit visit www.color-logic.com