Esko gives ArtiosCAD users trial of preflight functionality

Esko gives ArtiosCAD users exclusive trial of new preflight functionality ahead of 2020 launch.

Esko, a leading provider of integrated technology solutions for packaging professionals, is giving users of its market-leading ArtiosCAD structural design software the opportunity to trial its innovative new preflight functionality in its latest release.

ArtiosCAD (18.1) users can now start using the breakthrough innovation for software-assisted quality control checks as a trial ahead of the full launch in early 2020. With unrivalled performance in CAD design for packaging and displays, the new preflight software delivers an even greater efficiency boost by saving users up to 15 minutes per design, eliminating the need for manual checks and standardizing design checks across a user group.

Specifically created to boost productivity for packaging structural designers, product development processes, virtual prototyping and die cut manufacturing operations, ArtiosCAD is a trusted tool with more than 23,000 users worldwide. “Best in class principles based on industry standards, including BOBST ABC guidelines, are now validated in ArtiosCAD to ensure accurate production-ready designs are established, reducing the iterative cycles between design and die making,” said Richard Deroo, Esko Product Manager. “Each design is checked to ensure it’s optimized for faster and more accurate waste removal during die cutting, and potential die cut production issues are now clearly identified earlier in the design phase.

“Delivering quality control at the touch of a button, ArtiosCAD Preflight automatically analyzes structural design files and flags quality issues to avoid downstream errors and save time for converters,” said Richard.

“The patent-pending software alerts designers to potential design issues before releasing the file to estimating or production, reducing errors and rework and boosting operational uptime and efficiency.”

Users of ArtiosCAD Preflight now have the option to join an exclusive online user group for this new feature enabling collaboration with peers and directly with the Esko R&D team on the benefits of preflighting structural design files, as well as developing ideas for future modifications to the software.

“We are working with a number of pre-release customers from our broad user base to shape the full release,” he said. “But it is already clear that this new addition to ArtiosCAD 18.1 can make a significant difference to the efficiency and operational performance of the packaging and display community.”

Graphic Packaging International has been a key pre-release customer for the software development. Elizaveta Roberts, Tactical and Manufacturing Design Senior Manager at Graphic Packaging International, said: “We’ve been running ArtiosCAD Preflight before a design goes to manufacturing. Some of the checks that are running have allowed us to save at least 10 minutes per design. Depending on how many designs we’re doing in a day that can really add up to big-time savings.”

Why use ArtiosCAD Preflight?

New ArtiosCAD Preflight performs a number of quality control checks on structural design files including:

• Production checks to see if the design meets the requirements of the intended production assets

• Product quality checks to identify design features that can negatively affect the folding, gluing or stacking of the finished article

• Die press performance assessments to assess any negative impacts on the operational speed of the die press

• File import checks to examine the structural integrity of imported designs to identify any anomalies that could impede production overall