25 Jan 2022

Konica Minolta wins 2 Buyers Lab (BLI) 2022 Pick Awards

Konica Minolta’s AIRe Link and Dispatcher Phoenix awarded with BLI Pick Awards from Keypoint Intelligence.

Konica Minolta has received two Buyers Lab (BLI) 2022 Pick Awards in the Document Imaging Software category: its remote visual support tool AIRe Link and its document workflow solution Dispatcher Phoenix.

With these awards, Keypoint Intelligence, the world's leading independent provider of testing services and analytical information to the document imaging industry, recognises the most impressive solutions evaluated during the previous 12-month test cycle.

AIRe Link: Outstanding Remote Support Tool

Konica Minolta's visual remote support tool AIRe Link has been awarded Outstanding Remote Support Tool. Keypoint Intelligence comments: “With Konica Minolta AIRe Link, technicians can meet with customers in a virtual workspace where they can troubleshoot problems remotely. Customers can ‘show’ their environment with a smartphone or a tablet, and the technician can use a pointer to direct attention to specific components. The solution enables service techs to solve more customer problems without setting a foot onsite and ensures that they’re prepared to rectify issues that do require a site visit, too.”

Colin McMahon, Associate Director of Smart Workplace & Digital Transformation, Keypoint Intelligence adds, “Konica Minolta AIRe Link increases the effectiveness of every skilled employee as well as empowering the spread of knowledge across the entire organisation, all while keeping the workflow profitable. It’s still a young tool, but Konica Minolta has shown consistent support, patching and augmenting AIRe Link since its inception last year – it’s already an impressive solution that we expect will only get better.”

Konica Minolta uses AIRe Link both in-house to solve problems with printing devices and offers the remote tool to external companies for use in other industries for their devices or machines, as the example of Bruker shows.

André Ziemann, Head of Service & Support, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe comments, "We are extremely pleased about this important recognition. It confirms that we are on the right track with AIRe Link. This remote service is now available in all European countries, and we have already recorded over 14,000 remote service sessions from around 2,600 users in the last twelve months. We hope that AIRe Link will continue to be so positively received by our customers. A nice side effect is the environmental aspect. AIRe Link has already eliminated the need for more than 853,000 kilometres of travels to customers, which means that around 104 tons of CO2 emissions have not been produced."

Dispatcher Phoenix: Outstanding Workflow Automation Platform

Konica Minolta's document workflow solution, Dispatcher Phoenix, has been named Outstanding Workflow Automation Platform for the second time since 2019. Keypoint Intelligence says: "Konica Minolta Dispatcher Phoenix is ideal for businesses looking to automate frequently recurring, document-centric processes. Not only does the solution free employees from time-consuming, error-prone tasks so they can focus on more important matters, but it also reduces mistakes, double-work, and wasted motion time from eating away at your profitability. (Based on v7).”

Lee Davis, Associate Director of Software/Scanners at Keypoint Intelligence added, “Businesses are in constant pursuit of a ‘better, faster, less expensive’ way of doing things. They are always asking, ‘How can I do more with less? How can I be better than my competition?’ To many, the answer to both those questions—and more—is digital transformation. We spent the last year testing all kinds of document imaging solutions that enable businesses to undergo digital transformation, from embedded print apps and print/fleet management solutions to full-blown content management and workflow automation software. This year’s winning solutions stand out for a variety of reasons, such as their productivity-enhancing features, ease of use, exceptional value, and other key attributes.”