31 May 2023

MX Display cements relationship with software provider Vism

MX Display cements relationship with installations software provider Vism.

Large format graphics and signage specialist MX Display has renewed its contract with installations project management software supplier Vism, calling the cloud-based solution its “installers’ bible” and praising the team for its responsive customer service.

Established in 1996, with offices in both Derby and London, MX Display offers design, print and installation for clients across a wide range of different sectors, including interiors, education, retail, tourism, leisure, events, healthcare, property and construction.

The company linked up with Vism in spring 2019, when Projects and Installation Coordinator, Rebecca Caldicott, decided to find a project management software solution tailored to their needs.

“We had been using the Outlook calendar to organise all our installation work, but with the amount of work we were inputting, it just couldn’t cope,” she explained. “I was attaching large files and sending lots of different jobs to different people. It was very slow and I was sending emails every time something changed, which just got confusing for everybody.

“We really needed something tailored to our industry and that could hold everything in one place. I found Vism online and started to ask people about it. I got recommendations and found more and more people that were using it, so we went ahead and signed up.”

The installers’ bible

Installers using Vism work from a mobile app which allows them to register availability for jobs, review their work schedule, receive relevant documentation and send completion photos to their project manager once a job is finished.

Rebecca says that the Vism app is like the installers’ bible – she uses it to run the whole installation management system, with all the documents, photos and signatures stored in one place.

“We have a team of in-house installers, as well as subcontractors all over the country, and everyone we work with is now signed up to Vism,” said Rebecca. “Version two of the installer app, released at the end of 2019, has received really good feedback, with our installers saying that it is quicker, clearer and they can now look at all their notifications in a list.”

“I also like that it is easy for me to move jobs around and that I receive a notification when each job is done and all the photos are there with the signature, which makes it quicker and easier to get the relevant information over to our clients.”

Supporting future expansion

Rebecca says that the switch to Vism has made MX Display’s installation management so much more efficient, and is now looking to expand and take on more installers. “It’s given us the ability to look at taking people on because we have a system in place now that allows us to manage a greater workload.”

MX Display usually completes around 80-150 installations a month and is increasingly carrying out work as far afield as the USA, so the travel section of Vism is becoming ever more important, where all flight details, other travel and hotel information can be stored.

Dan Tyler, Managing Director of Vism, said: “Since launching 18 months ago, we have worked closely with our users, including MX Display, on understanding how people are using our software and therefore the areas we can work on to improve their experience. Through our ever-expanding client base we receive a huge amount of feedback and we’re enjoying growing alongside our customers.

“Version two of the installer app has been rebuilt from the ground up following feedback and it now has improved photo sharing capabilities and faster data transfer, plus a new instant chat function so that project managers and installers can talk in real time through the app.”

It’s this level of responsiveness that has impressed Rebecca the most. “We always receive good customer service, often with a response to queries in around 20 minutes and any issues are pretty much worked on straight away and resolved within a few hours.

“I have made a few recommendations over the last year and most of them have been implemented, which I’m really happy about. There’s also a personal touch, with the team regularly checking in to make sure we’re happy with everything, and Dan recently visited to talk us through the new features they have in the pipeline.

“When we first signed up with Vism it was on a one year contract, which was great as we didn’t really know whether it would definitely work for us, but we’ve renewed the contract now and I would recommend Vism to anyone.”

Dan added: “All our contracts run for one year. We want people to choose to stay with us because they’re happy with our products and customer service, so we don't tie them in to long commitments and instead focus on giving them a first-class experience.”

“I’m delighted that MX Display have renewed their contract, I think it reflects well the relationships we are building with clients like Rebecca, as we continue to ensure our products deliver the most efficient and value for money software solution for installation management.”