New version of Axaio's MadeToPrint software now available

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axaio software, developer of automation solutions for PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for the publishing and printing markets, announces the availability of MadeToPrint update version 2.7.306. Furthermore, it is now possible to consult the new and comprehensive MadeToPrint online documentation.

axaio MadeToPrint facilitates fast and faultless output production in environments working with Adobe InDesign/InDesign Server, InCopy, Illustrator and Quark XPress. The plug-in optimises and extends the output from the preferred layout application to deliver greater productivity and higher efficiency by reducing human errors through automation and standardisation of print workflow processes. Depending on the automation level (Standard, Auto or Server), MadeToPrint allows either manual, hot folder or fully automated Server processed print and export of a design document to one or more output targets.

The new version 2.7.306 of MadeToPrint mainly includes improvements, which make the tool more stable and more comfortable to use. Among others the handling of parallel job processing was optimised through enhanced lock files. The use of sections in page labels was extended to have the option to e.g. output only pages belonging to a special section. In addition, the handling of the vjoon K4 ticket mode in MadeToPrint was adjusted: now the folder in the IN folder of MadeToPrint is also cleaned up when a document was processed. The token engine of MadeToPrint was extended by a new token (variable), which is called "EQUAL". Using this token it is possible to compare if two strings have the same value.

Online documentation for MadeToPrint

Furthermore, we have created an online documentation for MadeToPrint as well, which makes it easy to become familiar with all product functions and offers more comfort when searching for specific requirements or features in the tool.

You can find the new documentation on our website: on the MadeToPrint product page or on the support page.

Pricing & availability

The MadeToPrint version is immediately available. The Standard version of MadeToPrint is available from € 349, MadeToPrint Auto from € 2 490. MadeToPrint Server for Adobe InDesign CC Server is available from € 3 990 as perpetual license for customers who own a Limited or Premium license of Adobe InDesign Server and from € 7 499 per year for customers who want to subscribe to MadeToPrint Server including the Limited version of Adobe InDesign Server from axaio. 

A free 30 days trial version of MadeToPrint is available on the axaio website and can be used without any restrictions.