25 Apr 2024

Onyx to preview ONYX 24 and introduce ONYX Sync in EMEA at FESPA

Onyx Graphics previews ONYX 24 and introduces ONYX Sync in EMEA region at FESPA 2024.

Onyx Graphics, Inc., a pioneer in wide-format digital printing solutions and RIP software development, is set to preview ONYX 24 and unveil the much-anticipated ONYX Sync at FESPA 2024.

Version 24 introduces features such as automated multi-layer printing, seamless mobile device integration, and advanced print quality assurance. These innovations continually demonstrate the company's commitment and capability in powering the next generation of automated printing solutions for print operators and businesses worldwide.

Introducing ONYX 24: Elevating Print Workflow Efficiency

ONYX 24, the company’s latest release in RIP software, introduces major optimizations that address key industry challenges in print automation and efficiency. Developed with feedback from industry professionals, version 24 achieved major breakthroughs, including automated multi-layer preparation for spot colors and effects, mobile spectrophotometer calibration, and embedded workflows for color verification.

This release marks a significant leap forward, with end-to-end automation that transforms integrated print management. Key technical highlights include:

  • Easy Multi-Layer Printing: Achieves effortless multi-layer printing through automated generation of layers based on spot colors, varnish, or other special printing effects. This feature streamlines complex file preparation by eliminating manual separation of elements across layers, saving valuable time while ensuring quality.
  • Wireless Support for NIX Spectro Devices: Introducing native support for the NIX Spectro 2 and Spectro L spectrophotometers via Bluetooth. This new wireless connectivity powers the next generation of color measurement, enabling wireless reading and calibration at an affordable price.
  • Color Accuracy Verification: Users can now add a ColorCheck Baseline Swatch to newly created profiles to verify the accuracy of future prints. This is achieved by incorporating a ColorCheck Strip at the time of profile generation, subsequently establishing a quality baseline for printers. When future print jobs utilize this process control feature, the same patches can be measured in order to verify that the prints continue to adhere to color quality benchmarks, allowing for the detection of drift over time and to prevent errors.

"ONYX 24 marks a major milestone in our commitment to address practical challenges faced by the printing industry," said Matt Crawford, CEO of Onyx Graphics, Inc. "With this release, we're fully ready to roll out our most innovative RIP solutions to our European customers, empowering our users with the tools they need for unparalleled efficiency and success.”

ONYX Sync: The Future of Print Shop Automation

ONYX Sync is the latest REST API developed to enable print service providers (PSPs) to grow and automate their businesses. Our solution enables print shops to fully streamline and align their print production processes with various business tools, and to connect ONYX Thrive with users’ existing business management software to enhance workflow efficiency and productivity.

This API integration empowers print shops to eliminate manual tasks, minimize operational errors, and conserve essential production time, resulting in advantages such as:

  • Real-time production feedback and status updates through an intuitive API.
  • Seamless integration with existing business management software, eliminating manual intervention.
  • Automated job submission and management tools for increased efficiency and scalability.
  • Enhanced communication and job status notifications for better customer service.

“ONYX Sync drives tremendous sustainability gains through automated production efficiency,” said Crawford. “The seamless integration with ONYX Thrive optimizes workflows to minimize waste, create circular material usage, and provide robust analytics for carbon and environmental impact management. By embracing API and IoT technologies to reduce print resource intensity, we firmly believe ONYX Sync creates a greener model for the future.”

Visit Us at FESPA 2024

Join Onyx Graphics, Inc. at FESPA 2024, booth 5-J61, to experience firsthand how ONYX 24 and ONYX Sync can transform your print and business operations. Our team looks forward to demonstrating these powerful new solutions and discussing how they can benefit your organization.