Elpical unveils public beta of Claro Layout

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Elpical has announced the public beta release of the new Claro Layout, an addition to its product line of automated image enhancement and image management solutions. Claro Layout is an Adobe® InDesign® plug-in and offers hands-off quality analysis and image enhancement to InDesign users.

Professionals working with Adobe® InDesign® now get access to Elpical’s Claro technology for optimizing images inside their documents, without leaving their trusted environment.

Claro Layout allows InDesign users to focus on the creative work and the layout of a document without having to worry about image quality first. They can simply use the original RGB image for designing the document and only when the layout is ready, use Claro Layout to optimize and convert the images to CMYK, without leaving InDesign.

Claro Layout, based on Claro Individual Image Analysis, first automatically and individually analyzes each image and then enhances each image inside the InDesign document according to its particular requirements, as well as applying the desired crop, resolution and color space. This allows the image to be optimized directly in the desired size, offering timesaving and great flexibility in layout.
Images in documents can dramatically increase the size of your file. Normally, after a picture has been cropped or resized, the ‘unwanted’ parts remain and the complete picture is stored. Claro Layout will (if required) crop, resize and optimize the desired picture and keep only this image as part of the document. Hence a much smaller file size.

Images shot with modern cameras are often of a very high resolution, often too high for the desired image format. Claro Layout will resize the image, so that only the number of pixels needed for a perfect print remain. Sales of the beta version of Claro Layout has begun.