Enfocus announces updates to PitStop Pro 10 and PitStop Server 10 software tools

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Enfocus announces update 2 of its PitStop Pro 10 and PitStop Server 10 software tools. This update answers the needs of customers who require the ability to quickly and easily look at, and interact with, complex PDF files on e-reader devices such as the Apple iPad.

"Viewing PDF files on tablet devices has not always proved to be a straightforward task. While they have become increasingly important within printing and publishing workflows, these devices might have limitations which cause lengthy delays waiting for a PDF to open. This can even crash the PDF reader application completely," explains Elli Cloots, Director of Product Management at Enfocus."With update 2 of PitStop Pro 10 and PitStop Server 10, we address the increasing market need for matching PDF files with these successful e-reader applications."

Quality PDF files for e-readers

Update 2 of PitStop Pro 10 and PitStop Server 10 offer printers and publishers extended processing capabilities through the standard Enfocus Preflight Profiles and Action Lists. This allows them to choose parameters such as the file resolution, and to optimise the PDF accordingly for faster and better e-reader viewing. When zooming into a PDF, both images and text will retain the necessary image quality and level of interactivity. PitStop can also check live URLs in the PDF to ensure that they are linked to a website.

With this latest version of PitStop Pro 10 and PitStop Server 10, Enfocus brings the PDF user experience to a higher level, while maintaining the same quality. Enfocus worked alongside several pilot customers to solve their most common problems, with particular focus on the extremely popular iPad device. Instead of a time-consuming process of manual inspection at the production side, quality PDF files can now be made suitable for viewing on any e-reader, giving the user a more enjoyable experience.

“This is an important step in a new direction for Enfocus,” says Cloots. “This feature has been developed upon the request of several major publishing houses. As their needs change, we also further develop our solutions to ensure those needs are met. We expect these kinds of applications to become increasingly important, and we’ll be continually developing our software to keep pace.”

PitStop Pro 10 and PitStop Server 10 became commercially available in October 2010, and include powerful PDF editing and preflighting, color management and collaborative working tools. Update 1, announced in February 2011, added support for Adobe® Acrobat® X Standard and Pro, and compatibility with the latest PDF/X-4:2010 and PDF/A ISO standards.


PitStop Pro update 2 and PitStop Server 10 update 2 are free updates for all existing PitStop 10 users, available from June 16, 2011 from www.enfocus.com.