21 Jul 2024

Enfocus premieres subscription option for PitStop

enfocus subscription

Enfocus has established a new subscription option that gives users a low-cost way to license software, while providing more flexibility and control over where and how the software is used. The first product to be available with this subscription option is PitStop Pro 13, which will be released mid-April, 2015. The PitStop customer base strongly validated the company’s research regarding need, requirements, and viability of a subscripton option to be available along with the traditional PitStop Pro license.

Bjorn Willems, Director of Product Management at Enfocus, says: “The lower cost barrier and greater flexibility of the subscription model brings the benefits of PitStop Pro to users who were previously unable to access this powerful solution. With the subscription model of PitStop Pro, we can improve the quality and efficiency of many more organizations than before.”

Benefits of the Subscription Option
A subscription license is a cost-effective way for users to access applications. The model lowers upfront fees, and the monthly subscription option allows users to control their operating expenses more efficiently. For example, customers can increase subscriptions during peak times, and reduce them during slow periods. Additionally, the new model gives users access to PitStop Pro wherever they are, and whenever they need it.

While the subscription and traditional licenses afford access to the same application, subscribers always have immediate access to the latest version of the technology, eliminating the need, in some cases, to obtain approvals for updates or upgrades.

Fabian Prudhomme, Vice President of Enfocus, says, “The cloud has changed how many companies access technology, but it’s not the right solution for everyone. So before making any changes to our license options, we went to the source – our customers – to confirm exactly what they needed. The result of that survey greatly influenced the licensing options for PitStop Pro. We thank our customers for the strong role they had in helping to create it.”

Enfocus will continue to offer the PitStop Pro license key option to customers who prefer capital expenditure over operational expenditure.

The Enfocus Subscription Model at Work
The subscription license is tied to a new system that utilizes customers’ account identification, called Enfocus ID. To access their PitStop Pro subscription, users sign into their accounts using their Enfocus ID.

Once authorized, the subscription to PitStop Pro is enabled on that computer. The users remain signed in and do not need to re-enter their credentials every time they are online.

To access their subscription from another computer, users simply log out and use their Enfocus ID to log in from the new computer - such as a different computer at their company or a laptop at home. Companies can purchase multiple subscriptions with one Enfocus ID, and assign them to staff. These subscriptions can be easily managed and updated as the needs of the company and the staff change.

Customer Input is Always Decisive
A survey of more than 2,000 Enfocus customers confirmed the positive response to this subscription license model and helped to guide its development.

Many of these customers are also contributors to Enfocus’ research and development on a regular basis – a hallmark of the company’s success.

Support and Price Plan
Subscribers to PitStop Pro have full access to email technical support. Users can easily manage all aspects of their subscriptions in the account section on the Enfocus website.

In addition, users who opt for a subscription license will always have access to the latest version of PitStop Pro, as all upgrades are included in the subscription pricing model. A PitStop Pro subscription is available through a local Enfocus reseller or through the Enfocus website.

The option for subscription licensing will be available when PitStop Pro 13 is released in April 2015. A single monthly subscription for PitStop Pro will cost £25 per month, or £20 per month with an annual prepaid contract at £240, while a perpetual license costs £579.