21 Jul 2024

ONYX Graphics releases plug-in for Adobe Illustrator software to optimise sign and banner workflow

ONYX Graphics, Inc. has released its ONYX SmartApps Sign&Banner Plug-in tool for Adobe Illustrator software that simplifies and accelerates set-up of wide format signs and banners. This plug-in is the first in the new ONYX SmartApps RIP-independent product line that helps print providers, sign makers and designers quickly and easily prepare files for wide format print production.

Key Features

With the unique Sign&Banner Plug-in tool, anyone designing or producing signs and banners can dramatically reduce their preparation time and reduce mistakes in finishing. With the plug-in, shops can prepare all aspects of a sign or banner – including grommet marks, bleeds and folds – right in Adobe Illustrator software in less than a few minutes.

Grommets:  manually measuring grommets for a banner requires additional time and effort that can lead to higher production cost per banner. Some shops use RIP software to add grommet marks, but involving printer operators in banner setup slows production time. The Sign&Banner Plug-in enables placement of grommet data at the design stage and from within Adobe Illustrator software, saving production time and potentially costly job re-runs.

Print bleeds:  adding print bleed data (overprinting the media area) manually for banners is time-consuming. Complicated bleeds – such as duplicate or mirror bleeds – can take time to add to an image, particularly after the design is finished. With the Sign&Banner Plug-in, designers and print providers can prepare print bleeds automatically and overcome Illustrator’s bleed limitations.

This plug-in also offers the ability to “design-to-scale” so jobs are print-ready at the correct size.

What Customers Are Saying

"I tried the plug-in with both my vector and jpeg job files. Wow, it just saved me hours of work this week. It's very fast, efficient and intuitive. Thanks for this very useful new product." - Joël Doutrelepont, iMedias

"Adding bleed for our banners is something we have to do every day and it used to be time-consuming. Now with the Sign&Banner Plug-in, it's nice to be able to save our bleed settings so it's only a couple clicks and we're done. It's a great time saver." - Scott M, Rainbow Sign & Banner

"For the 3x8 foot banners we do, 5 grommets top and bottom (every 2 feet) we have to fold the banner, mark it, then fold again and mark - on each side. This takes us 5 minutes per banner. Now with the SmartApps Sign&Banner plug-in we do this in a few seconds. It's literally click on the plug-in in Illustrator and hit OK. So for every banner we do we now easily save 5 minutes of labour. That's huge saving for us over the course of a year and we get each job out quicker." - Lee M, Signs Now

Video and Free Trial Available Now

A one minute video showcasing the Sign&Banner Plug-In, as well as a full-version 15-day free trial are available now at www.smartappsplugins.com