21 Jun 2018

Special offers and live demos of Corel X6 at Sign & Digital 2012

Corel Signuk

Following the successful launch of CorelDRAW®Graphics Suite X6 earlier this week, Corel has announced it is now planning to attend Sign & Digital UK 2012 (stand C38.)

Sign & Digital UK celebrates its 25th anniversary providing Corel with the perfect platform to demonstrate the latest version of its flagship product. The show offers exclusive access to the sign making and digital printing industries' latest innovative products, technologies, services and applications and is seen as the leading event of its type in the UK.

James Phillips, Corel's marketing manager - who will be attending the event - comments, “The sign industry is a very important market for CorelDRAW and we look forward to demonstrating the significantly improved workflow, performance and raft of new features in our latest version. CorelDRAW continues to be the leading graphics solution for those in production-related businesses. We will be offering exclusive demonstrations and tutorials to visitors showing how they can achieve their goals in their daily work as quickly and easily as possible.”

Visitors can meet the Corel team at stand C38 in Hall 3, where the company will be showcasing CorelDRAW X6 for the first time, running live demos every day in the Corel theatre. Visitors are also invited to speak with Corel’s experts and take part in free tutorials tailored to the requirements of the sign making and embroidery industry.

Exclusive special offer at the show – Free Corel AfterShot Pro worth £79.99

Visitors to the show who purchase the full version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 will also be given a free boxed copy of Corel® AfterShot Pro, a fast and flexible photo workflow solution that combines robust photo management, advanced non-destructive editing and complete RAW processing for more professional photos, worth £79.99. This exclusive offer will only be available from registered resellers exhibiting at Sign & Digital UK: Radecal Signs on stand H30, and Signmaster Systems Ltd on stand N20.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 now available


Corel has launched CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X6, the newest version of its flagship graphics suite. Featuring a completely revamped typography engine, inspiring new colour styles and harmonies and powerful shaping tools, the new suite offers graphics professionals its most creative and powerful tools to date. With a focus on opening up new creative possibilities for the design community, this major update delivers improved workflow and performance making it even easier for both aspiring and experienced designers to connect with assets, work with leading edge tools and technology, and output their design projects with confidence.

“Our CorelDRAW community consistently inspires us with their creativity and versatility. Our members play a central role in helping us determine the essential features and enhancements that will help to accelerate the design process, while enabling them to showcase their true design style”, said John Falsetto, Senior Product Manager for CorelDRAW. “We want to provide our users with all of the tools and options they need to be as creative and productive as possible so that they can share their vision and inspire others through their work.”

The new features and numerous enhancements included in the latest suite are designed to address the needs of CorelDRAW users in a wide variety of industries, including sign making, graphic design, fashion/apparel design, wide format printing, marketing, print production, screen printing, awards and engraving, vehicle wrap design, and others.

Key New Features and Enhancements include:


  • Advanced OpenType® Support: Create beautiful text with advanced OpenType® typography features, such as contextual and stylistic alternates, ligatures, ornaments, swash variants, and more.
  • New Custom-built Colour Harmonies: Modify colours collectively in a harmony and analyze colours and hues to deliver complementary colour schemes.
  • New Native 64-bit and Enhanced Multi-Core Support: Quickly process files and images up to 50% faster than before.
  • New Creative Vector Shaping tools: Creatively add effects using four new vector shaping tools – Smear, Twirl, Attract and Repel.
  • New Styles Engine and Docker: Format with speed and simplify the creation, application, and management of styles for consistent formatting across multiple objects.
  • New Corel® Website Creator™ X6 application: Build and manage websites with ease using the Site Wizard, templates, drag-and-drop functionality and seamless integration with XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML.
  • New Smart Carver™: Remove unwanted areas from an image while simultaneously maintaining the photo’s aspect ratio.
  • Improved Page Layout Capabilities: Create design layouts with ease using new and improved Master Layer functionality, Alignment Guides, Interactive frames and much more.
  • Redesigned Object Properties Docker: Save time, fine-tune designs and get access to the object settings in one centralized location.

“People are looking for software that produces professional results without the complexity. This is especially important for those who rely on graphic software for their business”, said Kathleen Maher, Senior Analyst at Jon Peddie Research. “This is what CorelDRAW Graphics Suite was designed to do, and we see that legacy continuing strong in the new version. Corel has balanced new features that keep the software competitive for experienced designers, but new users can still get up and working quickly.”

What’s Included in CorelDRAW Graphics X6:

  • CorelDRAW® X6, an intuitive vector-illustration and page-layout application
  • Corel® PHOTO-PAINT™ X6, a professional image-editing application
  • Corel® PowerTRACE™ X6, a utility to quickly and accurately convert bitmaps into editable vector graphics
  • Corel® CONNECT™, a full-screen browser to search the suite’s digital content on a computer, local network, or disc and stock imagery from iStockPhoto® and Fotolia
  • Corel CAPTURE™ X6, a one-click screen capture utility
  • Corel® Website Creator™ X6, a powerful new do-it-yourself website creation software

Users also receive 10,000 high-quality clipart and images; 1,000 new professional high-resolution digital photos; 1,000 OpenType fonts, including premium fonts such as Helvetica®; 2,000 vehicle templates; 350 professionally designed templates; and 800 frames and patterns. Corel will continue to enhance the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 experience by making more content and functionality available throughout the lifecycle for X6 users.
All box versions of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 include a comprehensive full-colour, hard cover Guidebook to help users of all skill levels getting started quickly.

For a full list of everything included in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 and to download a free 30-day fully-functional trial version, please visit www.corel.com/coreldraw.

Availability and Pricing

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 is available immediately as an electronic download (ESD) from www.corel.com in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese and Dutch. Box versions will be available from Corel’s authorised resellers later in March.

Suggested retail pricing (SRP) is £399 for the full version and £179 for the upgrade. All prices exclude VAT. For more detailed information about pricing and upgrade policies please visit www.corel.com/coreldraw. Commercial and education licenses are also available.

Polish, Czech, Russian, Swedish, Finnish, Hungarian and Turkish language versions of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 will follow later in spring 2012.

Media & Blogger Resources

For additional CorelDRAW resources including reviewer’s materials, images and videos, please visit www.corel.co.uk/newsroom

Meet the CorelDRAW Community


Paris-based Newworks transforms processes with Enfocus Switch

Enfocus Newworks Building

Newworks has transformed its operating processes after implementing Enfocus Switch. The comprehensive automation delivered by the Enfocus solutions enabled the company to dramatically save time and increase productivity.

Newworks provides round the clock document management services, through agencies or via the web for its national and international customers. Its service comprises small to large-format printing of document management projects, implementation of web-to-print portals and on-site and off-site scanning. Running 24/7, Newworks’ production team operates in three shifts, with co-ordinators serving customers and prospects day and night.

“We’re very used to managing complex projects with extremely tight deadlines. Our aim is always to meet our clients’ very high expectations,” says Christophe Dollez, IT and Prepress Manager.

Within this demanding production environment, Newworks’ faced a number of challenges such as harmonising prepress procedures, saving time in file processing, interconnecting B-to-B and B-to-C web portals, improving the billing and production system, and directly interconnecting with customers. To address these issues and streamline its processes, the company decided to invest in Enfocus Switch, and combine it with Enfocus PitStop Server, Enfocus PitStop Pro, Quite Hot Imposing and Adobe CS5.5.

Overcoming the challenges

Newworks undertook a thorough review of the solutions available on the market before making the investment decision, “We evaluated alternative solutions but we opted for Switch because it’s very flexible and works perfect with external solutions. A key criteria was that Switch enables us to build a custom solution from scratch, one that we could tailor to our specific needs,” says Dollez.

“Quotations were one particular problem that we often came up against. Our project managers who quoted jobs didn’t have the tools required to know exactly how long a job would take. This meant quotes would sometimes be inaccurate in terms of how much time they would take and how much they should cost, " he explains.

“The goal was to create an automated workflow, where all the checks and tasks are performed automatically, and the preflight results are returned to the project manager. This gives him a far better understanding of how long production will take and what’s involved, and enable him to quote accordingly. For example, production has now been standardized around industry standards, such as GWG SheetCmyk_1v4.”

The extensive automation means Newworks can quickly and easily handle any file type – Excel, Word, PowerPoint, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop etc – submitted by clients. Switch is primarily used to certify the incoming files, report back through PitStop and automate the storage of production files on servers. Newworks now automates file management, certification and file processing as well as non-standard size files and bleed generation.

In addition, the company developed an interface in Java J2E to connect Switch to its systems with exchanges via javascript, vbscript, XLST transform and XML metadata. Dollez explains, “It wasn’t possible to complete these tasks before because of the heavy manual work required. This was the main reason why we decided to increase automation.”

Easy integration ensures immediate gains

Since implementing Switch, Newworks is enjoying important time savings. “Switch creates homogeneous, streamlined work procedures. It makes reporting on customer files easier and increases responsiveness and productivity. It automates the more time-intensive, lower-value tasks,” explains Dollez.

Impressed with how easy the Enfocus solutions are to operate and master Dollez says, “During internal training, people were very enthusiastic about the project. They could see immediately that the solutions were going to really help with every-day tasks, and were looking forward to using them.”

Dollez has also been taking advantage of Enfocus Crossroads (www.crossroads-world.com), which supports and brings together users, vendors and systems integrators to facilitate automation. “Enfocus Crossroads is a great driver for explaining to end-users what automation is, and the benefits it delivers.”

Productivity boost

There are a number of business impacting benefits the Enfocus solutions delivered but Dollez particularly highlights the full automation of Newworks’ e-commerce site for business cards that has decreased operator handling and increased productivity.  “Previously, the operator spent several hours checking, downloading and printing orders. Now, Switch warns the operator that a new job has been taken via an alert in SwitchClient, and the job is redirected to the printing machine the operator has chosen.” He concludes, “Productivity dramatically increased as a result and it enables us to focus more on customer service.”

For more information about Newworks, visit the website www.newworks.com.

[photo shows Newworks' Paris premises]

Markzware announces upgrade to Adobe plug-in

Markzware Logo

Markzware, the leading developer of file conversion technology for Adobe InDesign, today announced an upgrade to its popular Adobe Plugin, Q2ID (Quark to InDesign). This latest version of the Adobe plugin runs under InDesign CS5.5 to convert Quark up through QuarkXPress 9 files. Q2ID is also available with Quark 9 support for InDesign CS4 and InDesign CS5.5 and is available on both the Mac and Windows platforms.
Markzware Q2ID InDesign plugin converts Quark documents and instantly recreates them to an InDesign CS4, CS5 and now CS5.5. It is often a daunting task to manually convert Quark files. Today, Q2ID v5.5 provides a quick, easy and affordable method to convert content from Quark to InDesign. This Quark conversion is as easy as opening up any Quark document into a new InDesign document. Q2ID is very accurate, providing special attention to the intricate details of the Quark content when converting Quark to InDesign.

Shelley White of Running With Scissors Graphic Design explains how she benefited from this Adobe plugin for Quark to InDesign, “I have been working in Adobe InDesign for a couple of years, so when faced with revising two catalogues created in QuarkXPress, I knew I had to find a way to painlessly convert them to InDesign.”
White continues, “After a bit of research, I found the Markzware Q2ID software. Reviews were solid and the price was reasonable, so I purchased the software and took it to task. I was thrilled and amazed at the results. Sure, there were a few little oddball remnants left after the translation, but there was very, very little cleanup work involved. It would have taken me untold hours of my own manual work to do what Q2ID did in a flash.”
The software upgrade of the Q2ID v5.5 for Quark conversion is available immediately at the Q2ID Store.  

EFI teams up with Xerox to offer web-to-print solution

Efi Dsf Xerox

EFI has teamed with Xerox Corporation to provide customers with the EFI Digital StoreFront (DSF) Web-to-Print solution, giving print providers a new front door to their businesses. 

DSF is one of the leading Web-to-Print products for the printing industry with more than 3,000 printing sites worldwide.  The solution eases print job specification and file handling for the customer while automating workflow at the printer. With DSF, printers can provide proactive job status via the Web and customers are given better visibility into the production process via online job tracking. With integration with XMPie, a Xerox Company, customers have a powerful variable data printing and cross-media personalisation tool available as an optional module.
"We recognise the market demand for robust and user-friendly Web-to-Print offerings," said Elizabeth Fox, vice president, Solutions Business Unit, Xerox Corporation. "Paired with Xerox's digital printing expertise, DSF brings the benefits of Web-to-Print to users who, in turn, can quickly respond and address their customers' needs."
The Southwest Region of Pepsi Beverages Company recently upgraded their production centre with a new Fiery-driven Xerox DC5000™ Digital Press and Digital StoreFront, relying on the expertise of Arizona Office Technologies (AOT), a full-service document technology provider. More than 1,500 sales people utilise the Pepsi production centre for Point-of-Sale (POS) pieces of various sizes and shapes.
"Before DSF, sales people were sending job requests in via email, 'post it' notes, and the like, and swamping the print shop operator with calls," said Peter Tunkey, customer marketing manager at Pepsi Beverages Company. "Now with DSF, each sales person can log-on and see the various POS jobs relating to their accounts, as well as a list of other standardised printing projects, and they can quickly submit orders and track them online. This has eliminated multiple errors and significantly improved quality and workflow efficiency. Our turnaround has dropped from an average of 10 business days to three, enabling us to double our production of items."
"In today's highly competitive marketplace, print service providers need to rely on automation to keep costs down and margins high. EFI Digital StoreFront enables this automation to begin at the customer's desktop, allowing providers to successfully extend their services to the Web while streamlining their production workflow," said Marc Olin, senior vice president and general manager of APPS, EFI. "With the powerful sales and channel network of Xerox now offering DSF, together with Fiery digital print servers, more print service providers than ever before will benefit from this critical business solution."
A simple interface allows print customers to submit digital files from their PC or Macintosh computers, view PDF proofs of their documents for immediate review and approval, and easily enter their own job specifications for production and finishing. Once that information is entered, DSF creates a production job ticket and the file is automatically submitted into the print centre's workflow, billing systems, print servers and output devices.
DSF provides integration with EFI's Fiery and MIS solutions - the system creates an "end-to-end" content and commerce workflow from the desktop of the printer's customer directly to Monarch, Pace, Radius and PrintSmith print management systems, to Fiery controllers for digital page production, and to VUTEk, Rastek and Jetrion printers with Fiery XF RIPs for digital inkjet production.

QuarkXPress 9.0.1 Update Now Available

Quark Xpress 9

Quark announced today the availability of QuarkXPress 9.0.1, a free update of QuarkXPress 9 that is available to all current version 9 users. As the first maintenance release of QuarkXPress 9, version 9.0.1 resolves issues identified in QuarkXPress 9.0. The update can be downloaded from www.Quark.com.

To download the update to QuarkXPress 9.0.1 visit: http://www.quark.com/Support/Downloads/

To read more about the known and resolved issues in QuarkXPress 9.0.1 visit: http://support.quark.com/documentation/QuarkXPress/known_issues.html

QuarkXPress 9
QuarkXPress 9 is the newest release of Quark's page-layout and design software that is built to help designers create content that can be published to digital devices - e-readers, smartphones, and tablets - with one tool, and without coding. Whether a designer needs to publish from QuarkXPress to the iPad, create content for an e-book, or reach an expansive audience through the Blio eReader, QuarkXPress 9 can help.

QuarkXPress 9 also includes new features that automate the design process. The features are instrumental in increasing productivity and alleviating many manual, time-consuming design tasks. For a complete list of new features visit http://www.quark.com/Products/QuarkXPress/Whats_New.aspx.

System Support
QuarkXPress 9.0.1 supports Mac OS 10.5.8 (Leopard), Mac OS 10.6.4 (Snow Leopard), Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or 3), Windows Vista 1.0, and Windows 7. The next update to QuarkXPress 9, due in late August, will be certified to support Mac OS 10.7 (Lion).

30-Day Test Drive

Quark is offering a free, fully functional, 30-day Test Drive of QuarkXPress 9 to users interested in experiencing the new features for digital publishing and design-driven automation. To download the QuarkXPress 9 30-day Test Drive visit http://www.quark.com/products/quarkxpress/test_drive.aspx.

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