ColorGATE RIP Software Certified for the New HP Designjet L25500

Colorgate RIP

ColorGATE, a participant in the international HP Designjet Certification Program, has announced that Productionserver has been certified for the HP Designjet L25500 with an outstanding rating of 21 stars.

Users now have the certified guarantee that, with Productionserver, they will be able to take full advantage of the complete range of functions offered by the HP Designjet L25500.

The solution scored full points for all the certification criteria: calibration (3/3), media flexibility (3/3), printer reporting (3/3) and job management (3/3); in addition, the ColorGATE production RIP has also been equipped with high-quality profiles for the modern HP media, including the recyclable signage media of HP heavy textile banner / HP light textile banner, HP HDPE reinforced banner, HP photo-realistic poster paper as well as HP white satin poster paper—this led to another three of a possible three stars for the criterion of HP Media Support. HP has published the current star rating for the ColorGATE Productionserver.

In contrast to the international competition, the ColorGATE solution was also able to claim the maximum number of points in two further areas of the HP certification process. Tested for printing performance, for example, Productionserver proved that it is able to support the new HP concept of concatenating, which provides for optimum throughput for job processing by automatically sorting and grouping the jobs according to the print settings; this reduces the switch from cooling to new heating phases to a minimum. Three of three stars were also awarded for the complete integration of HP Professional PANTONE Emulation (HP PPE).

"The exact reproduction of PANTONE colors always presents an exacting challenge, in the field of advertising in particular," said Thomas Kirschner, managing director, ColorGATE. "The use of the HP Designjet L25500 in combination with the HP PPE-enabled Productionserver allows reproduction results that clearly surpass all the alternative methods currently available on the market—and that is possible even without the installation of special libraries. The results: top-quality, more productively and simply than ever before."

"We are very happy that we are able to support an eco-friendly solution with our feature-rich production RIP right from the day of its market introduction in an area of application that used to be restricted exclusively to the solvent segment," said Kirschner.

On the release of Productionserver Version 6, ColorGATE now presents two editions that have been customized for use with the new HP printing system: the PS 6 HP L25500 Best-Price Edition includes Productionserver 6 Pro with one queue, one RIP process and one printer driver; the PS 6 HP L25500 Producer Edition is additionally equipped with another RIP process for optimal capacity utilization along with an integrated profiling solution. It also features Ink Saver, a new ColorGATE technology that uses GCR-optimized DeviceLink profiling to reduce ink costs by up to 30 percent. Both editions are now on offer at an attractive price. "The price/performance ratio is simply phenomenal," said Kirschner. "That should make it very, very easy for all interested users to make a quick decision."