EFI Launches XF 4.5 Inkjet Production and Proofing RIP Solution



EFI today launched the EFI Fiery XF 4.5 advanced RIP solution for inkjet production printing as well as EFI Colorproof XF 4.5 for proofing. Brand owners, packaging printers, sign and display companies, commercial printers, agencies and publishers can benefit from new features in these industry-leading software products to increase workflow productivity and achieve higher quality and accurate colour materials printed on a variety of inkjet printers across many production facilities.

"The new release gives our customers the tools they need to be more profitable", said Stefan Spiegel, general manager of EFI's Inkjet Applications Group in Ratingen, Germany.  "It extends RIP functionality to give customers complete control of colour throughout their supply chain. Colour accuracy is optimal and additional functionality not only improves production productivity but allows printers to offer dedicated cutting and finishing options. With the new XF 4.5 EFI once again demonstrates its commitment to lead the industry in RIP, colour management and production workflow".

Increased productivity


  • EFI XF 4.5 offers both faster RIP performance and features to cut time and errors in the printing process.
  • New native 64-Bit Windows operating system support and multi-threaded halftone production bring faster ripping times. EFI benchmark testing confirmed ripping accelerations of up to 177% and more for PDF files compared to the previous XF 4.1 version.
  • A new Job Merge feature allows job printing with variable content by dynamically combining master and content jobs.
  • A new EFI Cut Marks Option allows iCut, FOTOBA and Grommet marks as well as Zünd Cut Center connectivity.
  • New workflow templates offer significant performance improvements.


Colour Accuracy and Control


  • Already an industry leader in colour management software, EFI XF 4.5 version now gives customers additional capability and control in the colour supply chain including improved control of spot colours, more versatile colour verification, and new support for special white, varnish, and metallic inks.
  • Dynamic Wedge technology for verification and on-the-fly optimisation of spot colours, now even available for Lab, RGB, Grey, CMYK, 6-/7-colour jobs and spot colour shades.
  • New PANTONE Plus library with new solid and metallic colours.
  • A new Color Verifier with updated verification standards and additional controls and options for current and future ISO and house standards.
  • A Dynamic Rendering Intent feature that job-specifically and automatically achieves the best possible output quality for photo and production environments. It also gives users better control of colour throughout the supply chain.
  • Improved JDF-based server connectivity links EFI Web2Print (Digital StoreFront), MIS and Web Control Center.
  • Sophisticated support and handling of specific printer inks such as white, varnish and metallic opens the world of refined packaging mock-ups, labels, decors, posters, banners, signs and fine art prints that incorporate special white, varnish and/or metallic effects.


In addition to supporting hundreds of printers in the industry, EFI XF 4.5 now adds 19 more printer drivers for the latest models from Canon, Epson, HP, Roland and Xerox:


  • Canon (iPF815, iPF825)
  • Epson Stylus Pro (7890, 9890, 4900)
  • HP (L25500 Designjet, Designjet Z6200)
  • Roland (DG SolJET Pro II V SJ-1045EX, SolJET PRO III XC-540MT, Hi-Fi EXPRESS FP-740, VersaUV LEC-540, VersaArt RS-540s, and RS-640s, VersaCAMM VS-300, VS-420, VS-540, and VS-640)
  • Xerox (Phaser 7500, 7142)


All users of previous versions can purchase an upgrade to EFI XF 4.5. Contact EFI or EFI resellers for more information.