ONYX Graphics Introduces ONYX PrintMetryx Software-as-a-Service Platform

Onyx Printmetryx

ONYX Graphics Inc. has announced the ONYX PrintMetryx Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform of web-based tools designed to give insight to wide-format printing operations. The first two products utilising this new platform will help wide-format print shops better manage their printing costs: ONYX PrintMetryx JobView service, a free, easy to use tool for tracking printing costs; and ONYX PrintMetryx In-House service, a subscription-based service designed to help in-house printing departments save time, reduce costs and improve productivity.

"With this new family of SaaS products, ONYX Graphics expands our portfolio to address the growing need of print providers to have on-demand access to information about their printing operations," said Jeb Hurley, CEO of ONYX Graphics. "Companies are bringing printing in-house to decrease print turnaround time and reduce costs, making accurate reporting of productivity and printing costs especially important."

ONYX PrintMetryx JobView service will be available at no cost with a subscription to ONYX Links service option—plus the latest version of ONYX RIP software version 7.3.2 packages. ONYX PrintMetryx JobView service gives print shop owners and production managers insight into daily printing operations. Each print job contains a thumbnail image, detailed information about the print job, and costs for ink and media.

Shops using ONYX PrintMetryx JobView service can also track production trends such as what is printed each day and which printers and media are used most frequently. Tracking production trends helps ensure that the shop is running efficiently and that materials are available when needed.

ONYX PrintMetryx In-House service is a web-based subscription service that shows the value of in-house printing by delivering proof of production and reports on printing costs. To help production managers save time and money, the ONYX PrintMetryx In-House service streamlines print tracking and reporting, enabling the creation of reports in minutes rather than hours. Visual dashboards quickly display work and cost information, and users can quickly find a job and view the details. Users can also customize reports to display the information they need.

"We started printing our own signs to save money on printing costs," said Jeremy Brown, an ONYX PrintMetryx In-House Service customer. "By using the ONYX PrintMetryx platform, I can see how much a sign costs to print and show management how much we are saving by printing the signs ourselves instead of outsourcing our prints. Since printing is a cost center, the ONYX PrintMetryx platform helps me show the value of doing printing in-house."

ONYX PrintMetryx JobView service and ONYX PrintMetryx In-House service require the new version 7.3.2 of ONYX RIP software (ONYX ProductionHouse, ONYX PosterShop, and ONYX RIPCenter packages).