Orbus deploys Ergosoft's TexPrint RIP solution

Orbus Ergosoft

Orbus Exhibit & Display Group, one of North America’s leading suppliers of display, exhibit and event solutions, has partnered with ErgoSoft, a leader in RIP solutions, to enhance colour matching and print quality as well as streamline the company’s printing processes.

"ErgoSoft RIP Solution, TexPrint, is the complete solution for handling all of our graphic printing needs. From its integrated colour profiling software to its automated cutting functionality, it provides virtually every feature we could need or want to produce a higher quality print graphic,” says Jaime Herand, Orbus' director of graphic operations.

Greater efficiencies are achieved with TexPrint’s automation and streamlined processes and Orbus’ use of this RIP solution will 'elevate the company’s high graphic standards to an even greater level'.  ErgoSoft’s sophisticated colour features allow Orbus to reach a wider colour gamut and closer vibrant matches for Pantone colours, providing a better quality print for its customers.

"In addition to the streamlined processes and improved colour benefits of the software, ErgoSoft's customer support and hands-on training programme has ensured that our team has the highest knowledge of the features offered," continues Herand.

“Under the direction of Jaime Herand, the Orbus graphics department proved that it is possible to implement new RIP technology while maintaining a rigorous production schedule. The challenge of printing legacy work while introducing new technology to improve colour fidelity, colour matching, and production efficiencies proved inconsequential when compared to the resulting improvements,” adds Robert Nute, Director of Business Development at ErgoSoft.

Each of Orbus’ facilities are fully equipped with this new RIP Solution in addition to its G7 Master Print certification, providing superior graphic services across the United States.