Rocket becomes first in UK to install Flow+ 2.0 from Caldera

Rocket Front Lfr

Watford, UK-based large format specialist Rocket has established a significant print industry first, by becoming the first company in the UK to purchase a Flow+ 2.0 wide-format business workflow system from print software developer, Caldera.

The new system will work in tandem with the company’s existing Caldera colour management system, installed in October last year, which currently run across its RIPs. The colour management system has helped the business to streamline the work that goes from studio to production and then to the client.

The Flow+ 2.0 system is Caldera’s fastest and most accurate wide-format workflow system, which will provide an added flexibility to Rocket’s production capabilities. It will enable the company to look at larger project work and potential new contracts, and also provide additional cost-saving benefits. The installation will also allow Rocket to continue with its on-going development programme, and aim to expand its turnover to £5m+ this year.

Flow+ 2.0 has been created to be a complete dashboard for printing operations of any size to provide a comprehensive workflow product that can communicate directly with a Caldera RIP. Flow+ 2.0 also offers a host of benefits, including; an easy quotation system, planning and production overview, live job-tracking and costing, real-time stock management and provides a direct information exchange with the RIP through JDF compliancy.

Rocket specialises in providing large format work from concept and design through to production and installation for a host of clients in the events, exhibitions, retail and interiors sectors, and has seen its turnover grow by 25% in 2013, year on year.

Speaking about the new installation, Rocket Commercial Director, Antony Rider, stated, “We looked at several options, but in our opinion the Flow+ 2.0 from Caldera was a more user-friendly one. We decided that this gave us the best solution, and will run for an initial period alongside our existing system, enabling a seamless transfer to happen.”

Antony continued, “We visited Caldera in Strasbourg last year, and were very impressed with the Flow+ 2.0 system and also their back-up support.  This was a carefully considered investment, and forms part of our current on-going growth programme, which has included investments in both people and new equipment.”

Further investment is also planned in equipment and development throughout this year by Rocket, which will include an extension to its current business base. This will see the workspace area expanded to 12,500 sq. ft.