SoftRIP helps Apache Mills to produce quality floor mats


Wasatch SoftRIP has been instrumental in helping Apache Mills, Inc. streamline their workflow and make their production process more efficient. In business since 1970, Apache Mills leads the way in designing and manufacturing quality floor mats, matting, and OEM materials for the home, commercial, and industrial markets.

Apache Mills started using SoftRIP after it was recommended to them by MacDermid Autotype, but Jeff Young, an art director at Apache Mills, has been using Wasatch for nearly 20 years. "I prefer Wasatch because it's easy to set up, easy to use, and has great workflow tools that really make our production process more efficient," said Young.

Apache Mills uses SoftRIP, as well as MacDermid film and a Roland SOLJET PRO III XJ-640, to print the film positives that are used for screen printing on various types of mat material. "The Layout screen in SoftRIP is a time-saving feature I couldn't work without," said Young. "It's so easy to bring files into Wasatch. I simply drag and drop multiple files right into the Layout screen and make sure everything looks right before I RIP and print. And, the Smart Nesting feature allows me to create media- and time-saving layouts automatically."

Apache Mills' broad manufacturing expertise plays an important role in servicing the residential and commercial matting markets. Wasatch SoftRIP is the perfect solution for helping them bring new high qualilty, unique, and innovative mats to market year after year. "Wasatch is powerful and intuitive," said Young. "It also helps us streamline our workflow, which saves us time and money."