Wasatch SoftRIP’s VDP helps White Meadows Farms produce custom labels


Wasatch SoftRIP is helping White Meadows Farms, a Canadian-based, family-owned company known for its maple products, keep up with the demand for its delicious homemade treats. Thanks to SoftRIP's versatile Variable Data Printing (VDP) Option, powerful colour management tools, efficient workflow, and easy-to-navigate interface, White Meadows Farms has been able to move the label production for their ever-increasing product line in-house, helping them save time and money.

VDP—The Perfect Solution

Wasatch SoftRIP's VDP Option was the perfect answer to White Meadows' question of how to produce short-run labels, personalised wedding favours, customised gifts, and more. "It is an incredibly powerful tool," says Richard Bering, Director of Marketing and Advertising. "There are so many things we wouldn't be able to do without SoftRIP's VDP Option."

Combined with the iTech AXXIS Digital Label Printer by Allen Datagraph Systems, Inc. that they purchased about a year ago, SoftRIP's VDP gives White Meadows the flexibility to change, adjust, or create new labels in a matter of hours and at a fraction of the cost as when they had to outsource production.

Accurate Colour Matching

In order to accurately match the colours from the labels they used to order offsite, White Meadows turned to SoftRIP's powerful Spot Color Replacement and Correction Curves tools. "Each label we print has a specific colour scheme," explains Richard. "The ability to save our colour settings and easily go back to them has been a big time saver."

Flexible & Powerful

SoftRIP's layout and workflow tools have also played an integral role in ensuring the success of White Meadows' on-site label production. "SoftRIP's Layout screen gives us a lot of flexibility," says Richard. "It's easy to adjust and layout the different sizes of labels to help us get the best use of the media." The Cost Estimator also helps White Meadows control costs by providing an accurate estimate of every job they print before they even start production.

Wasatch SoftRIP is available in the UK and Europe from Tech8