20 May 2024

Wasatch and BS2i - It's a wrap

Wasatch softrip building wrap Montparnasse bs2i vendee globe

Wasatch SoftRIP was instrumental in helping BS2i, an extra large-format printer in Honfleur, France, wrap France's tallest skyscraper, Tour Maine-Montparnasse. No stranger to the large-format printing industry, BS2i prints 30,000 to 40,000 square meters of graphics every month. They were awarded the job to provide large-format printing for The Vendée Globe, the grueling, round-the-world yacht race held every four years, by Athem, a Paris-based company that is well-known for staging brands universally through spectacular creations and ultra large formats.

"For this job, we had to produce 3,900 different pieces of adhesive material to form the 4,000 square meter image," says Janette Cacioppo, General Director of BS2i. "Using Wasatch SoftRIP, we were able to accomplish this without any error. We could not have accomplished this with any other RIP."

Using a Nur Fresco and SoftRIP's RIP-to-Tiff feature, BS2i was able to flawlessly produce the large quantity of prints required for this huge wrap job. Now BS2i uses Wasatch SoftRIP exclusively for their extensive large-format printing needs. "We are happy with Wasatch SoftRIP and the print quality we achieve," says Janette. "We have tried other RIPs, but Wasatch is the only one that has the features we need."

This is the first time Tour Maine-Montparnasse has ever been wrapped and the project was a huge achievement. Thanks to these large-scale, high-quality graphics, this job was very successful for Wasatch Computer Technology, BS2i, Athem, and The Vendée Globe.

About Wasatch Computer Technology
Wasatch Computer Technology, LLC, headquartered in Salt Lake City, is a leading developer of RIP and print management solutions for wide-format digital printing, screen separations, photographic, gicleé, and other specialized processes in the digital printing markets.

Wasatch SoftRIP is available in the UK and Europe from Tech8