21 Jun 2018

New ONYX Epson Edition RIP packages available from ArtSystems

Artsystems Onyx Epson

ONYX has announced the availability of three new Epson Edition RIP packages for the Epson SureColor Channel.  The packages are available this month from UK & Ireland distributor ArtSystems.

The first is ONYX RipCentre Epson Edition - a great value product that will support the SureColor 30600, 50600(4c) or 70600(8c) printers. The price point comes in at 25% below the standard RipCentre retail price, and ensures dependable and reliable colour output to those looking for a value solution.

For users looking for more flexibility and extra value, ArtSystems is delighted to offer ONYX PosterShop and ProductionHouse Epson Editions. Both these Special Editions feature the full driver set for most wide format printers including the 5 and 10 colour Epson SureColor printers and include over £1200 of free extras.   These extras include an additional RIP engine to enable you to process at least two files at the same time, a free one-year membership to the popular ONYX Advantage upgrade and update programme and a free days RIP operator training at the ArtSystems Academy in Nottingham.

Users access their free training day by simply redeeming the Training Ticket included in the box either via a web registration or by calling the telephone number on the ticket and quoting their product serial number.

Andrew Edwards, divisional manager – sign & display at ArtSystems, comments, "To get the most from your new Epson, anything less than a good quality RIP is a false economy – workflow efficiency, dependable and consistent colour and top-class technical support are a given with ONYX products but now we can add extra value too. To this end we are able to offer the new Epson Edition ONYX software packages to suit all requirements of both the Channel and the end user."

The new Epson Edition Packages are available through the Epson wide format channel partners and the promotional offer will run until the end of March 2013.

Free upgrade to VersaWorks 4.8 RIP Software for Roland DG printer customers

Roland Versaworks 4 8 Pic

Roland DG has announced the availability of VersaWorks Version 4.8, a full featured, easy-to-use RIP software package developed exclusively for the company’s wide-format inkjet printers and printer/cutters.  The new VersaWorks version will ship with all new Roland models and is available to existing Roland inkjet customers free of charge through an Internet connection using the Roland@NET service.

In this latest release, Roland has added a total of six libraries from the PANTONE PLUS and Goe™ product lines - valuable design and production tools for high-end graphics and any application where precise colour matching is vital. These libraries allow users to automatically convert a specific PANTONE spot colour in the design file to a CMYK value that can be reproduced on a Roland inkjet device. This simplified workflow significantly reduces the amount of time required for colour matching and enables quick output of specific colours when working with properly profiled media.

Roland’s latest version of VersaWorks also features a new spot colour replacement feature which allows users to replace a defined spot colour in the design file with another from any VersaWorks library, all without reopening the source file. With VersaWorks, users have access to 16 spot colour libraries, including the new PANTONE libraries and the Roland Color System, Roland’s own spot colour matching solution featuring more than 1,500 traditional and metallic hues. Users can also replace the spot colours in their designs with white and clear ink options supported by several Roland inkjets.

“As a leader in the wide-format printing industry, Roland provides versatile production tools for some of the world’s most creative businesses,” said Andrew Hatkoff, vice president of technology licensing and business development. “We are pleased to partner with Roland to bring all the advantages of PANTONE spot colour matching to these businesses. As the standard for the design and graphics industry, PANTONE provides end users with complete creative flexibility, precision colour matching and enhanced imaging across the applications driving their businesses.”

“With Version 4.8, we have enhanced VersaWorks with new breakthrough colour management features,” said Kevin Shigenoya, Roland DG Global sales executive officer for Roland DG Corporation. “We are proud to offer our first built-in PANTONE libraries, making spot colour matching even easier and more accurate.  As our own bundled RIP software, VersaWorks brings this innovative new capability – and many other advanced VersaWorks features – directly to our customers, free of charge, in an easy-to-use, fully integrated solution.”

Based on the latest Adobe CPSI 3019 engine, VersaWorks 4.8 RIP software works seamlessly with all Roland inkjets and is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP operating systems.  Other features include a range of print options that allow users to meet the demands of each job. Users can choose from high-speed mode for production banner printing, the MAX Impact preset for vivid outdoor graphics and Artistic mode for exceptional indoor graphics. VersaWorks also features variable data printing, supports up to four Roland devices simultaneously, and offers support for Roland’s GX series cutters. Embedded ICC profile support, ink level adjustment tools, soft proofing capabilities, and advanced cropping, tiling and nesting options are available as well. For flawless unattended printing, a predictive ink calculator allows users to estimate the amount of ink needed for each job.

Caldera launches v9.10 of RIP software incorporating a 'raft' of upgrades

Caldera Ripv9 10

Caldera has announced a raft of upgrades to its RIP platform with the release of Caldera version 9.10.  The new version has been developed to improve reliability, stability and compliancy, with performance-enhancing tweaks to help drive productivity and efficiency, as well as helping users meet the ever-increasing demand for their output to conform to recognised standards.

The latest updates include integration of the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) 2.6, Raster2PDF, multi-page collation and Japanese language support, along with new options and extensions such as Textile Step & Repeat and enhancements to the VisualCUT+ and EasyMedia modules. In addition, monitoring production at a glance from the print shop floor is made possible with the new Print Board plug-in for Caldera's digital signage solution Variable Display.

CopyRIP, VisualRIP, VisualRIP+ and GrandRIP+ will all benefit from the upgrades along with a number of Caldera's popular add-on modules, including cutting and colour management solutions.

"This update includes some very significant improvements to our RIP solutions," says Frederic Soulier, Chief Technical Officer, Caldera. "We have put standards compliance at the heart of this release to help print businesses of all sizes take advantage of increased process control easily, improving their output quality and profitability as a result. The productivity gains possible with APPE 2.6, and the new tools and features we have added, make this our most comprehensive and efficient solution to date."

An important development for standards-driven print businesses is the new Process Standard Verifier feature for FOGRA Process Standard Digital (PSD) and Process Standard Offset (PSO). For use with Caldera's colour profiling solution EasyMedia, the Process Control option allows the printing and measuring of standardised colour reproduction charts from within the Print or EasyMedia interfaces. The module also delivers compliancy reports for ISO 12647-2, ISO 12647-7, ISO 12647-8, PSD Absolute and PSD Relative to ensure conformity to FOGRA standards in their printing processes.
A further EasyMedia update allows PSPs to create profiles that take optical brighteners into account. The Optical Brightness Compensation (OBC) works seamlessly with suitable spectrophotometers, such as the X-Rite i1 Pro2 or Caldera ColorPad, to incorporate classic chart measurement, OBC measurement, greyscale chart print and measurement and visual correction with the chosen illuminant. Caldera's TotalColor or Swing devices can also be used with the addition of a physical filter.

All Caldera RIP solutions will now benefit from the integration of the Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.6 for more consistent and productive printing. The latest APPE helps to streamline production of complex documents and offers improved compatibility with Acrobat, as well as better font support. Caldera v9.10 also supports a Raster2PDF function, which improves processing of raster files by utilising APPE 2.6 and removes the size limitations for some raster file formats, especially TIFF.

The VisualCUT+ module also sees a number of enhancements, such as an improved graphic user interface (GUI), a new preview mode with tools such as zoom and contour selection, the ability to save custom cutting parameters and new cut drivers. In addition, the optional Caldera Textile Step & Repeat tool offers an integrated solution for the printing of seamlessly repeating textiles or other graphic patterns, and now includes a 'Detect drop' function to apply the correct shift for pattern repetition automatically.

Caldera v9.10 also offers PSPs the opportunity to monitor production from the print show floor using Variable Display, Caldera's digital signage solution. With the optional Print Board plug-in, data is extracted from the Caldera RIP and displayed on a screen so that key production information – such as which jobs are in progress, or the number of square metres processed each day – is available to all employees.

Also new for v9.10 is the ability to collate multiple-page prints, with users able to choose either assembled printing to repeat the sequence of pages from first to last, or to print all copies of one page followed by all the copies of the next page and so on.

Japanese language support is now integrated in Caldera v9.10, and extensive Japanese support documentation has also been made available.

"Caldera v9 was very well received across the industry and we are building on its success with this update," explains Joseph Mergui, CEO, Caldera. "Version 9.10 represents a great step forward for wide-format print producers, particularly when it comes to standards compliance. Our mission is always to make printing better and easier for our users and we believe we have achieved this aim in the new release."

VIGC confirms PDF RIP 'is making significant strides forward'

Vigc Pdf Rip Perfect Efi

A series of tests run by the VIGC, the Flemish Innovation Centre for Graphic Communication, has revealed that PDF RIP output is making significant strides forward in terms of reliability and predictability. The organisation ran its latest round of testing in the run-up to Graph Expo. EFI registered the first ever ‘Perfect’ accreditation. Two other systems land the ‘Passed’ accreditation. 

“Thorough testing is of the highest importance, as our RIP tests have repeatedly proven,” says Eddy Hagen, General Manager at VIGC. “Users don’t always realise the complexity of actually delivering predictable results - results that look exactly the same on any system.”

Didier Haazen, Senior Consultant and PDF specialist at VIGC continues, “The correct rendering of a very broad set of PDF/X-4 features is an important part of our VIGC PDF RIP tests. By testing even the smallest details, we sometimes find unexpected problems. These have to be cleared before a certain rendering can be considered correct or wrong. Also, we find that certain work methods that prove to be useful in one way, may cause differences in other ways. So, for the past few months, we have been on an important but sometimes difficult mission with a number of suppliers. However, having one system now with a ‘Perfect’ score has certainly been the cherry on the cake for us.”

Making progress: first ‘Perfect’ score, two ‘Passed’

VIGC’s coveted ‘Perfect’ accreditation is for systems that render everything as expected. Meanwhile the ‘Passed’ accreditation is awarded to systems that correctly output common test patches, but render some elements in non-CMYK blending colour spaces differently than expected from the Altona Test Suite Version 2.

The first series of tests were conducted in the run-up to drupa, when seven systems were awarded the ‘Passed’ label.

In the second round of testing conducted ahead of Graph Expo, EFI was awarded the first ‘Perfect’ score for its Fiery FS100 Pro RIP, which is set for release in Q1 of 2013. Two other systems also received the ‘Passed’ accreditation.

"EFI leads the industry in digital printing colour technology and colour management,” said John Henze, vice president of Fiery marketing for EFI. "Being the first and only digital front end to earn this VIGC PDF RIP 100% compliant certification proves our ability to also accurately render transparency and process JPEG2000 compression and 16-bit images to achieve the graphic designer’s true intent. Print providers using a Fiery digital front end can have confidence that the job will print correctly the first time, avoiding costly reprints, delivery delays, and dissatisfied print buyers."

Awarded systems

The following systems have been awarded with a VIGC label:


  • EFI Fiery, version  FS100 Pro


  • Agfa :Apogee Prepress v8 (AP 8.0.0b3)
  • Océ: PRISMAsync Color Controller Version 13

Earlier this year, the following systems were also awarded a ‘Passed’ label:

  • EFI - XF v4.5.5
  • Esko - Esko Suite 12
  • FujiFilm - XMF v4.1.0.6
  • GMG - ColorProof v5.3.1.97
  • Heidelberg - Prinect 2011 SR1
  • Kodak - Prinergy
  • Xeikon - X800 Digital Frontend

“By conducting these RIP tests, VIGC really aims at making sure that graphic arts companies can output PDFs in a reliable and predictable way – especially PDF/X4 files. This new series of RIPs passing our tests, and even having a first ‘Perfect’ score, proves that reliability, and therefore predictability, has indeed improved,” concludes Hagen.

Orbus deploys Ergosoft's TexPrint RIP solution

Orbus Ergosoft

Orbus Exhibit & Display Group, one of North America’s leading suppliers of display, exhibit and event solutions, has partnered with ErgoSoft, a leader in RIP solutions, to enhance colour matching and print quality as well as streamline the company’s printing processes.

"ErgoSoft RIP Solution, TexPrint, is the complete solution for handling all of our graphic printing needs. From its integrated colour profiling software to its automated cutting functionality, it provides virtually every feature we could need or want to produce a higher quality print graphic,” says Jaime Herand, Orbus' director of graphic operations.

Greater efficiencies are achieved with TexPrint’s automation and streamlined processes and Orbus’ use of this RIP solution will 'elevate the company’s high graphic standards to an even greater level'.  ErgoSoft’s sophisticated colour features allow Orbus to reach a wider colour gamut and closer vibrant matches for Pantone colours, providing a better quality print for its customers.

"In addition to the streamlined processes and improved colour benefits of the software, ErgoSoft's customer support and hands-on training programme has ensured that our team has the highest knowledge of the features offered," continues Herand.

“Under the direction of Jaime Herand, the Orbus graphics department proved that it is possible to implement new RIP technology while maintaining a rigorous production schedule. The challenge of printing legacy work while introducing new technology to improve colour fidelity, colour matching, and production efficiencies proved inconsequential when compared to the resulting improvements,” adds Robert Nute, Director of Business Development at ErgoSoft.

Each of Orbus’ facilities are fully equipped with this new RIP Solution in addition to its G7 Master Print certification, providing superior graphic services across the United States.

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7 now available from Tech8

Tech8 Van

Tech8, the technical support and spares provider for the wide format printing industry, is distributing Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.  The new version – which Wasatch says is the ‘fastest build of Wasatch SoftRIP ever released' – allows users to create, edit, delete, and manage thousands of unique jobs every day.

On the new version, which is available with immediate effect, Justin Atkinson, Business Development Manager at Tech8, comments, “Although SoftRIP has been sold for digital narrow-web label printing for several years; Version 7.0 is the first release to specifically address converting. Users will find support for rotary cutting equipment and enhanced die cutting features for bleeds and round corners on digital cutters.”

He continues, “Any RIP upgrade is user-driven and based on demand for new functionality and improved performance.  That’s why Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.0 supports industrial printing, not only with speed, but also with powerful system integration tools.  The new XML-based interface makes it possible for system integrators and sophisticated users to control Wasatch SoftRIP via HTML and JavaScript running entirely in a web browser, or via customised network software or XML hot folders.”

“Many printers forget the importance of the RIP in the print process and simply stick to what they are used to.  It is easy to forget the simple fact that if you improve performance then you have more time to dedicate to focus on other aspects of your business.  This is the reason we’re offering Version 7 of Wasatch SoftRIP and providing our customers with the option of competitively-priced upgrades,” he concludes.

Wasatch has also announced Version 2.0 release of Wasatch Variable Data Printing (VDP) which introduces new technologies such as variable QR Codes and special rendering features essential to barcode print quality.  VDP 2.0's new Fast Layout tool makes generation of 10,000 variable labels easy and automated.

Pricing and availability

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7 is available immediately from Tech8.  Pricing for a full upgrade starts from as little as £195. 

For more information, please visit www.tech8.eu

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