21 Sep 2021

Lightbar profiles available on Roland DG Partner Solutions website

RF 640 with LightbarV2


The latest media profiles for Lightbar print technology are now available to download from the Partner Solutions website. Through the Partner Solutions programme, Roland DG (UK) Ltd. supports industry innovators to develop production technologies that open up new markets for Roland printers and printer/cutters.

The Partner Solutions developer responsible for Lightbar print technology, CSL Digital, is drawing upon its expert knowledge of inks, RIP software and the digital print process to produce a growing library of finely tuned profiles that improve print quality, increase productivity and reduce ink consumption for owners of Lightbar printers and printer/cutters.

Says Nick Wintle, Managing Director - CSL Digital, “In addition to producing print profiles in-house, we’re actively working with media manufacturers like 3M, Avery, Metamark, Hexis and Orafol to further expand the wide range of profiled media available to Lightbar users. A number of these manufacturers are also subjecting Lightbar prints to accelerated ageing and weathering tests to independently validate the superior outdoor print performance that our advanced ink technology can deliver with their materials.”

Lightbar printers and printer/cutters exploit the latest advances in solvent-UV ink chemistry. This unique ink formulation consists of UV curable colour pigments suspended in a minimal amount of solvent carrier. The solvent is used to create an initial bond between the colour pigments and the media. The print then passes through a UV light unit and cures completely. Bright, colour rich and extremely hard wearing, the resulting output is instantly usable and immediately durable. There’s no need to factor in any additional time for drying or out gassing. Regarding the question of lamination, Lightbar print technology makes it’s a matter of cosmetic preference rather than a practical necessity for all but the very toughest applications.

Nick Wintle continues, “On banner or self-adhesive vinyl, Lightbar print is absolutely perfect for sign and display work. It sets new industry benchmarks for ease of use, handling and durability. In my experience, the scratch and chemical resistance of the printed output is quite unprecedented and the elasticity of the ink is equally impressive. Print only or print and cut on the same machine, Lightbar is fast becoming the ‘must have’ production partner for sign and display professionals. “ In addition to the vibrant appearance, sheer convenience and outstanding durability of the print, companies investing in Lightbar technology have also been attracted by the financial incentive of lower ink costs. Lightbar ink consumption is much lower than comparative print technologies using latex inks. The reason for this is that the ratio of colour pigment to liquid carrier in Lightbar ink cartridges is significantly greater. The extra volume of colour pigment delivers more square metres of print per cartridge and so offers much better value for money.

Wintle concludes, “The economic argument for choosing Lightbar print technology over latex is a very powerful one. Not only are there major cost savings in terms of ink consumption, according to the product comparison print tests we’ve carried out, the overall running costs associated with Lightbar printing are considerably lower than the latex alternative too.”

Media profiles for the Lightbar RF-640, the Lightbar VS-i series and the Lightbar SP-540i can be downloaded from the corresponding product pages on the Partner Solutions website.

EFI launches next-generation of its Fiery Digital Front End Platform

efi logo

EFI™ has launched the newest platform for its industry-leading Fiery® digital front ends (DFE) for digital printing systems. The latest advancements included in the new EFI Fiery FS200 Pro extend technical leadership advantage that makes Fiery the world's most popular production DFE technology by giving users an extremely productive, intuitive platform with expanded colour capability.

The DFE platform, which will be incorporated in several new digital presses from EFI partners starting next month, features innovative tools for higher-speed processing and expansion to CMYK+ colours. It also provides robust capabilities for shop automation and connectivity. As the industry's only CIP4-certified JDF DFE, the Fiery platform can seamlessly connect with other JDF-based devices. Plus, users can establish fully automated, bi-directional communication and integration with EFI's market-leading MIS/ERP and web-to-print products.

"Fiery is the gold standard for the class of digital front end technology needed to drive high-end, integrated graphic arts production printing environments, and we are excited to take our leading-edge technology to the next level with a platform that addresses users' critical needs for faster processing, more-efficient printing and expanded colour gamuts," said Toby Weiss, senior vice president and general manager, EFI Fiery. "Many of the new capabilities included in this release are unique to Fiery and will deliver a competitive advantage to print businesses looking to fuel their success with the unmatched performance this DFE platform offers."

Improved productivity with 55% faster RIPing

Fiery FS200 Pro also expands EFI's breakthrough Fiery HyperRIP offering, which is powered by EFI's proprietary ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) with RIPChip™ technology. As a result, Fiery DFEs can process print files significantly faster than alternative DFEs.

HyperRIP now has a mode optimised for multiple jobs, as well as the previous, single-job mode, boosting processing performance up to 55% compared to the performance without HyperRIP. Now, the Fiery FS200 Pro platform can RIP up to four jobs simultaneously, giving users the ability to print more jobs in the shortest possible time.  

The new Fiery platform also includes a Rush RIP mode that opens up a fifth RIP to process rush jobs when all four main parallel processors are busy. "Rush RIP allows printing operations to accommodate last-minute rush jobs without interrupting the on-going workflow or cancelling jobs that are already being processed. It also gives users the ability to preview jobs quickly while other jobs are processing, further speeding up the production process and increasing overall throughput," said Weiss.

"With the new Fiery FS200 Pro platform, EFI has brought a new level of productivity to the market," according to Kaspar Roos, director of analyst firm InfoTrends' Production Workflow Service. "Improvements in ripping speed, colour management, and tighter integration of workflow components make this new Fiery platform a very attractive proposition."

Better brand-colour matching, and customisable API integration

The EFI Fiery FS200 Pro system also takes colour management to brand-new heights with the introduction of a CMYK+ feature set for incorporating expanded-gamut process-colour imaging beyond standard four-color imaging. CMYK+ opens the door to a range of inkjet press technologies that may be capable of incorporating five-, six-, or eight-colour process imaging. Print businesses can more precisely match a wider range of brand colours on digital presses offering expanded toner imaging capabilities.

EFI has also released colour correction and process control improvements to the Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition including:
•    new features in Fiery ImageViewer that offer greater consistency in the colour workflow, with automated colour adjustment between similar jobs using custom colour curves  
•    a WYSIWYG interface to edit control bars, offering users more control over placement and content.

The first DFEs based on the Fiery FS200 Pro platform will be available in Q3.

Fiery is the world's most popular DFE platform, with more users than all other production printing DFEs combined. For more information about Fiery Driven™ production printing, visit www.efi.com 

Roland DG releases Rolandprintstudio RIP software for Mac OS X

Rolandprintstudio Shot Homepage LFR

Roland DG has launched Rolandprintstudio RIP and print management software for Mac OS X across the EU region.  The feature-packed solution promises to deliver so much more than just a RIP and is available for use with Roland printers, printer/cutters and standalone cutters. Packed full of a whole host of time-saving and efficiency-creating features, yet offered at a highly affordable price, Rolandprintstudio enables Mac OS X users throughout the wide-format digital print market to quickly and easily manage the print production process. Users can see Rolandprintstudio in action on the Roland stand at FESPA 2015, Cologne (18-22 May, Hall 6, Stand Q15).

At the heart of the Rolandprintstudio software is the Adobe PDF Print Engine, which renders artwork using native Adobe functionality, enabling users to work quickly and accurately throughout the entire RIP - Print - Cut process.  Thereby increasing overall production speeds and eliminating problems often associated with layers and transparencies. Plus, with 64bit processing capabilities, Rolandprintstudio is able to maximise the available operating system resources and deliver blisteringly fast RIP speeds.

Says Mark Elvidge, Print Product Manager, Roland DG UK: “As market leader in the wide-format digital print market, there has been an increasing demand for a RIP software that makes it possible to control a Roland printer with a Mac. This demand has comes from graphics houses and print businesses who are loyal users and advocates of the Mac OS X interface and also from customers from high-production environments who rely on the stability of the Mac OS X architecture. We wanted to ensure we met this business need with software that maximises the printer capabilities and complements our highly-popular PC based RIP, VersaWorks. By providing a powerful solution at an affordable price Rolandprintstudio certainly answers these needs and delivers much more besides.”

With an exceptionally intuitive interface, Rolandprintstudio boasts some of the most advanced workflow assisting tools on the market. The software’s multitasking environment means users can RIP, print and cut on two devices simultaneously. Unlimited hot folders offer maximum automation of the RIP functionality, an image bar stores and sorts images for quick access and an advanced nesting facility maximises media usage to save on bottom line business costs. A costing function allows you to automatically calculate print costs for easy quotations, plus a sophisticated spooler function which, alongside allowing the multiple users to submit to a print queue also allows for quick reprints through easy access to historical job settings.

Rolandprintstudio also has many design features to help reduce reliance on expensive design software. Speciality colours, such as white, gloss or metallic, can be created from CMYK data, and Rolandprintstudio enables you to adjust artwork for perfect pixel to pixel registration. And included in the new RIP software are all industry standard colour libraries including all RAL, HKS and pantone colour swatches. At no extra cost, there is also an embedded profiling module to enable operators to create custom ICC profiles to deliver accurate colour reproduction whilst optimising ink consumption.

Further features include advanced tiling functionality, including template driven tiling for ease of printing and installing larger graphics, with an Application Guide tool to give the fitter clear instruction on how to install larger-scale tiled prints or vehicle wraps. And finally, the ability to print grommet locations for accurate post-print finishing.

“As you can see, Rolandprintstudio really is packed full of impressive features at a highly attractive price. And we are delighted that MAC users can now unlock the full creative potential of Roland’s wide format printers, print and cut systems, and stand-alone cutters.” Summarised Mr Elvidge.

Rolandprintstudio is supplied on a USB key, is available in 11 languages and can be ordered now via official Roland DG dealerships or for your free demo please call +44 (0)1275 335540.

Please note that Rolandprintstudio is currently available to all countries in the EU, plus Norway. Customers in other countries should contact their local Roland office for details of when the product will be available in their territory.

For further information on Rolandprintstudio please visit http://www.rolanddg.co.uk/products/software/rolandprintstudio/

Rolandprintstudio Hero Shot 2 LFR

ONYX adds support for Mimaki JFX200 & JV300 Printers

mimaki jfx200 warranty

ONYX Graphics, Inc., has announced it has added support for both the Mimaki JFX200-2513 and JV300 series printers. The drivers, and twelve other Mimaki drivers, are now available for all ONYX Graphics version 11.1.2 rip and workflow software products.

The JFX200-2513 flatbed printer is the smaller footprint model with the capability to print onto thick substrates; it offers the ability to produce a diverse range of prints for both indoor and outdoor use in high quality and speed. It is ideally suited for applications such as point of sale, double-sided displays, signs, interior décor, glass and metal panels and more. Its 2.5m x 1.3m landscape-oriented format is small enough to fit into most sign and graphic print shops. White and clear (varnish) inks are available standard. The UV-LED lamps offer reduced energy consumption and a longer lamp lifetime.

The JV300 Series printers include newly developed print heads in a staggered configuration and inkjet technology with precise dot control that delivers higher productivity without sacrificing quality. The JV300 Series printers include eight ink channels and a variety of colors, such as orange and light black, to provide the flexibility to produce nearly any application. It uses fast-drying, eco-solvent inks that can print on hundreds of media choices for signage and graphic applications. Optionally you can install dye-sublimation inks for textile, apparel and soft signage production.

ONYX Graphics recommends ONYX ThriveTM print workflow software for the Mimaki JFX200 and JV300 series printers. ONYX Thrive software is a scalable solution based on Adobe® PDF Print Engine technology enabling users to achieve brighter, more vibrant images; reduce manual intervention and eliminate repetitive tasks. ONYX Thrive software includes network licensing and a production manager that enable users to customize their print workflow and easily grow with business demands.

When using the Mimaki JV300 series printer with dye-sublimation ink for textile applications, the ONYX Textile Edition module for Thrive is recommended. Features such as Step & Repeat, Colorways and Ink Configuration Builder make this the ideal solution for all types of textile printing including wall art and décor. ONYX Textile Edition software includes ONYX Color – Onyx Graphics’ proprietary color engine. ONYX Color delivers an expanded color gamut that gives users the ability to match corporate colors, achieve deeper darks and print a wider range of colors. Print service providers can achieve predictable, vibrant results each and every time with ONYX Textile Edition software and Mimaki printers.

The Mimaki JFX200-2513 and JV300 printer drivers are available to registered licensed users of ONYX ThriveTM version 11.1.2 print workflow software; and registered licensed users of ONYX ProductionHouseTM, ONYX PosterShop® and ONYX RIPCenter™ version 11.1.2 RIP software. For more information, visit www.onyxgfx.com 

Roland to preview new Mac OSX RIP at Sign & Digital

Roland Mac RIP Software Print


Roland DG (UK) Ltd will offer visitors to Sign & Digital UK the opportunity to see pre-launch demonstrations of a powerful new RIP and print management solution for Mac OS X operating systems. This ground breaking application will be driving the SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640 printer/cutter live on the main Roland stand throughout the three days of the show.

Says Mark Elvidge, Print Product Manager, Roland DG (UK) Ltd: “This new RIP software is the key for Mac users to unlock the full creative potential of Roland’s wide format printers, print and cut systems, and stand-alone cutters. Through this new RIP application, design, print and graphics professionals using Apple computer products will be able to profit from working with Roland production technology.”

Described as the perfect counterpart to VersaWorks, Roland’s highly successful PC-based RIP, the new program is a full 64bit Mac application that incorporates the very latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE). The APPE works with native pdf files quickly and accurately throughout the entire RIP - Print - Cut process. Thereby increasing overall production speeds and eliminating problems often associated with layers and transparencies.

The exceptionally intuitive user interface boasts some of the most advanced workflow tools and colour management controls on the market. The multitasking environment allows users to RIP, print and cut to multiple devices simultaneously. Hot folders, job queue presets, automated true shape nesting and advanced tiling utilities all contribute to this easy to use but incredibly productive workflow solution for Mac based businesses.

Included in the new RIP software are industry standard colour libraries and comprehensive spot colour matching functionality. At no extra cost, there is also an embedded profiling module to enable operators to create custom ICC profiles that deliver consistently accurate colour reproduction whilst optimising ink consumption.

Concludes Elvidge: “Sign & Digital UK will provide a great platform to preview the forthcoming launch of our new RIP. The live demonstrations will give Mac users visiting the show an early opportunity to see first-hand some of the exciting features and functionality that we’ve packed into this new RIP. Combine this experience with the wide array of Roland production technology and wealth of sample applications on our stand and you have the recipe for a truly inspirational and profitable day out of the office.”
Visitors to Sign and Digital UK 2015 can test drive the new RIP for Mac software on the main Roland stand – G30. The Sign and Digital UK exhibition runs between the 24th and 26th March 2015 at the NEC, Birmingham.

For more information, please contact Roland DG on 01275 335540.

SAi announces Flexi RIP optimised for HP Wallart 3.0 users

hp wallart sai flexi

Reflecting its continuing collaboration with HP, SA International (SAi) has introduced a new interface for large format print providers to operate the HP WallArt 3.0 custom wallcovering application.

WallArt 3.0 helps large format print providers with HP Latex Printers, wallcovering manufacturers and designers to work more closely with interior decoration stores and eCommerce sites. Creation of wallpaper designs can be made from any location via the cloud-based HP WallArt application. Customers and designers can place images and patterns to create custom wallcoverings that accommodate doors, windows and other architectural features of individual rooms. Designs are uploaded to the Cloud from where large format print providers download PDF files for printing on their large format printers. WallArt 3.0 is free of charge for HP Latex printer owners.

SAi Flexi interface enhances job processing and manageability
Once a new wallcovering design is uploaded, large format print providers log on to the HP WallArt dashboard where they review and download jobs for printing. This process is now simplified and accelerated through the power of SAi Flexi’s user-friendly new interface. Jobs are now displayed with a preview in the Production Manager tool, a dashboard where the operator manages the queue and output device(s), checks job status and selects the order of files for printing. As is usual with SAi Flexi, the new interface uses JDF workflow to handle HP WallArt jobs easily and efficiently.

“The SAi Flexi interface delivers fast, easy workflow management with the assurance of smooth, high-speed RIPing for WallArt users,” said Gudrun Bonte, Product Director, SAi. “The interface is the latest solution of our continued collaboration with HP to provide outstanding software for integration with its large-format printers.”

SAi’s new workflow-enhancing HP WallArt interface can be accessed by any customers with branded SAi Flexi software running Version 11, Service Pack 6. Large format print providers should contact SAi for activation*.

HP Latex Printers with the interface pre-activated in FlexiPRINT HP Edition will be available towards the end of January 2015.

* Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with software ID