08 Jul 2020

EFI advances Fiery leadership with launch of new Fiery System 10

Efi Fiery 10

As it marks the 20-year anniversary of the first Fiery digital print server, EFI today launched the next-generation Fieryplatform. Fiery technology is long recognised in the industry for its blazing speed, colour accuracy, image quality, and intuitive user-interface, and with this launch increases operator productivity, produces more accurate and consistent colour, and provides stronger variable data capabilities for personalised communications.

Named Fiery System 10, the new platform delivers documents faster than ever before, along with the latest system calibration technology to guarantee colour consistency at all times, tighter integration with the printer's finishing options, and greater flexibility and control.

Toby Weiss, general manager of the Fiery business unit and senior vice president of EFI, said: "EFI has been a pioneer in digital print technology for the past two decades, and continues to lead the technology advancement of digital front-end controllers with today's platform launch. System 10 is the fastest, most robust ever, and is poised to bring amazing results to demanding customers worldwide. Fiery technology is now the most integrated platform in the industry, with connectivity to business process automation solutions, production workflow systems, and direct mobile printing to deliver a complete solution from creation to print."

"EFI's Fiery System 10 release provides a wide collection of powerful and user-friendly tools for print workflow," said Jim Hamilton, group director of production hardware at InfoTrends. "System 10 is a demonstration of EFI's continued leadership position in front-end systems for production digital print."

Fiery System 10 provides advanced capabilities to customers in four key areas: colour, usability, performance and integration.

Colour - Calibration Features and Powerful Visual Editor
A major enhancement to Fiery's colour management system is the new Fiery Calibrator that makes the calibration process more effective, integrated, and easier to use. The new Job-based Calibration increases calibration accuracy and effectiveness because calibration is customised for a specific job and the associated media and profiles. Because calibration is critical and needs to be performed routinely, Fiery System 10 has incorporated a "Calibration Guard" to provide calibration status, warnings, and alerts to encourage calibration to take place and ensure colour quality.

The Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor (IEVE) is a powerful feature newly available on the Command WorkStation® print job management and user interface software that ships with Fiery System 10. IEVE allows editing each image in a job without going back to the native design file, saving time and reducing costs. IEVE simplifies the editing process, providing an interactive toolset for optimising image appearance and applying automatic per-image corrections, to ensure photos look their best. This tool also gives users a manual control to individually adjust brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, colour balance, sharpness and to make red-eye corrections on any image within a job. (To see a video of this powerful new capability, visit http://w3.efi.com/fiery/Products/CWS5 /Demos)

Usability - Command WorkStation and Mixed Finishing Sets Simplify Complex Jobs
The latest version of Command WorkStation software is now even easier to use. Common tasks are more accessible and required job information more readily available to operators to increase productivity.

In addition, a Mixed Finishing Sets feature in the SeeQuence Compose option is now available to simplify complex jobs in high-production environments. With the new Fiery Mixed Finishing Sets (and an inline finisher attached to the print engine), users can specify multiple finishing requirements among the various subsets within a single job to produce completely finished jobs, minimising labour.

Performance - Support of New VDP Standard
EFI has a long-standing commitment to supporting industry standards, and Fiery System 10 has a number of enhanced Variable Data Print (VDP) features. Most notably, it supports PDF/VT-1, a new standard developed by ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) for VDP data exchange.PDF/VT-1 brings the benefits of a PDF workflow to VDP, helping customers increase production efficiency with capabilities such as late stage exchange of critical variable content.By folding seamlessly into existing PDF-based prepress operations, PDF/VT-1 enables a single, common PDF print production workflow for all job types.

Integration - Direct Wi-Fi Printing for Today's Mobile Workforce; MIS and Workflow Connectivity
An ideal solution for corporate CRDs and offices with Fiery-driven MFPs, System 10 has built-in technology that enables direct mobile printing from Apple iOS devices to the Fiery-driven printer. Wi-Fi enabled Apple iOS devices (such as iPhones and iPads) will automatically discover any System 10 Fiery-driven printer on the same network inside the corporate firewall. Employees can simply select a listed printer and touch "print" with no need to download an app or install printer drivers.

"EFI's embedded support for mobile printing from iOS devices is another example of how mobile printing is moving from a 'billable service' to a standard feature for applications behind the firewall," said Robert Palmer, director, Managed Document Practice at Lyra Research.

Besides integration with mobile devices, Fiery servers are a great fit with EFI's market-leading portfolio of print MIS and workflow solutions, including PrintSmith™, Pace™, Radius and Monarch management systems and the EFI Digital StoreFront® web-to-print platform.

Fiery System 10 further expands its industry integration capability with Agfa Apogee Prepress Workflow, and the upcoming release of Kodak Prinergy Workflow, to enable prepress workflow users to submit jobs to and manage one or more Fiery-controlled digital print engines right from the same familiar user interface.These prepress workflow integrations create a single workflow to serve blended production, reducing operational costs and boosting production performance.

Fiery System 10 is available now. The first OEM printer brands that use Fiery System 10 will be announced soon. For more information, visit www.efi.com

ONYX Graphics' RIP software now supports HP Scitex LX820 and LX850 printers

Hp Scitex Lx820

ONYX Graphics, Inc. today announced it now supports HP Scitex LX820 and LX850 printers with select packages of its award-winning RIP software. ONYX RIP software solutions include key features such as native PDF file handling, ONYX Smart 16-Bit™ colour blends and gradients and workflow automation.

The HP Scitex LX850 printer is a 126-inch (3.2 m) latex ink printer that includes dual-roll, roll-to-free fall and roll-to-collector handling and an ink collector. The HP Scitex LX820 printer is a 126-inch (3.2 m) latex ink printer that offers a roll-to-roll configuration.

As an HP Platinum partner, ONYX Graphics collaborated with HP to develop the HP Scitex LX820 and LX850 drivers at top performance capabilities so customers can be highly productive and achieve superb quality. Both drivers include the HP Professional PANTONE Emulation (HP PPE) technology, ensuring customers can take advantage of the HP Scitex LX820 and LX850 printers’ media versatility and print quality. HP Professional PANTONE Emulation technology automates the process of colour matching HP printers to various media combinations.

Both drivers take advantage of the printers’ ability to print very large images where output file size is greater than 4GB. The drivers support the printers’ bi-directional media information connectivity, which makes it easy for users to create new profiles for custom substrates.

The drivers also include 32-bit ONYX ICC profiles for more than 25 media for a variety of print applications including banner, backlit, wall paper, canvas, fabric, film printing, etc. Additional HP and third-party media profiles for ONYX RIP software can be found on the online HP Media Finder at: http://www.hp.com/go/latexmediafinder.

ONYX Graphics adds support for Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7890 and 9890 printers

Onyx Epson 9890

ONYX Graphics, Inc. has announced it now supports Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7890 and 9890 printers with the company’s ONYX ProductionHouse, ONYX PosterShop and ONYX RipCenter Version X10 RIP software packages. ONYX RIP software solutions include key features such as native PDF file handling, ONYX Smart 16-Bit color blends and gradients and workflow automation. The Epson Stylus Pro 4900 printer is a 17-inch desktop photographic printer.

The 24-inch Epson Stylus Pro 7890 and 44-inch Epson Stylus Pro 9890 models are Epson’s mid-range, high quality wide format printers. ONYX Graphics developed the Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7890 and 9890 printer drivers and profiles to operate the printers at top performance capabilities.

The ONYX drivers include support for the following Epson Stylus Pro Series features:


  • 2880x1440, 1440, 720x1440, 720, 720x360, 360x720 and 360 dpi

Ink configurations:

  • For Epson Stylus Pro 7890/9890 printers: Epson UltraChrome K3® ink set
  • For Epson Stylus Pro 4900 printers: Epson UltraChrome® HDR ink set

Print methods:

  • ONYX halftone modes (for maximum control of ink usage)
  • Continuous-tone mode that supports Epson AccuPhoto™ high-definition screening technology

The drivers also include 32-bit ONYX ICC profiles for high quality and productivity print modes on popular Epson media.


The ONYX drivers and media profiles for the Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7890 and 9890 printers are available now from the Printer & Profile Download Manager on the ONYX Graphics web site: http://www.onyxgfx.com/downloads. All current ONYX ProductionHouse, ONYX PosterShop and ONYX RIPCenter Version X10 license holders can download the drivers and profiles and run the printer with no additional driver permissions needed.

Shiraz to show professional RIP solutions for large format printers at FESPA (Hall A3, D63)

Shiraz Rip Screen

Shiraz Software will be exhibiting at FESPA Digital in Hamburg 24-27 May 2011 in Hall A3 booth# D63.  Shiraz will be showing Signature, its entry level solution designed for one user/one printer and Shiraz RIP Server, its production solution for multiple users printing to several large format printers.

All Shiraz's solutions are cross platform and the organisation will be printing from the latest Mac and Windows platforms to the Canon ipf 8300S, launched in April in Europe.

Shiraz's solutions can also be seen on partner stands - HP (A4 C40-41) and Innova Art (stand A4 A55).

Wasatch Computer Technology releases Wasatch SoftRIP version 6.8


Wasatch SoftRIP 6.8 features a new Separations mode in SoftRIP SP that automatically detects the correct spot colour and process separations to produce for incoming jobs; enhanced support for dye sublimation and textile printing; enhanced support of custom inksets for most popular printers; improved handling of PDF files that involve transparency; a new Hindi user interface; and support for multiple new Chinese printers that have completed our quality assurance process.

New Separations Mode

Version 6.8 of Wasatch SoftRIP SP offers new power for the production of separation films and for direct-to-screen and direct-to-plate systems. When operating in the new Separations mode, SoftRIP SP will automatically detect the correct separations to produce for incoming jobs, whether files are opened by a user in the RIP or printed directly from application software, with no user interaction.

If the job contains only two or three spot colours, only two or three separations will be produced. If the job contains a combination of process and spot colours, the appropriate number of separations will automatically be produced. Users can select from stochastic, rosette, and hybrid screening methods to customise a workflow for nearly any separations production process.

Press & Calibration Curves

Press Curves and Calibration Curves are now available in all editions of Wasatch SoftRIP 6.8, not just in the SP Edition, as was previously the case. This makes it much easier for users to construct colour profiles for processes that suffer from extreme dot gain, such as dye sublimation and digital textile printing. It also helps maximise the benefit of our 16-bit rendering pipeline.

Enhanced Custom Inkset Support

This release improves support of custom inksets for most popular printers. One of SoftRIP's key tools for adapting inkjet printers for dye sublimation use is our custom inkset creator that allows users to configure SoftRIP with custom Hi-Fi inksets.

In past versions, users needed an instrument to help produce CIE XYZ data in the inkset creator window. For many configurations, this was an unnecessary obstacle because those numbers are only used for the screen display. In Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.8, the inkset creator allows users to enter colours quickly and easily with our colour selector tool. This process is much more convenient for users who need to configure custom inksets.

Improved PDF Transparency Handling

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.8 includes dramatic improvements to the handling of PDF files that involve transparency. This update fixes the great majority of such problem files we have seen and supports the latest colour and transparency rendering.

New Hindi User Interface

Our new Hindi user interface expands the total number of user interface languages to 27, making Wasatch SoftRIP one of the most widely globalised software products available.

New Support for Chinese Printers

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.8 is our biggest release ever of new support for Chinese printers that have completed our required quality assurance process. Version 6.8 includes support for products from Gongzheng, Micolor, A-Starjet, and Galaxy.

Wasatch SoftRIP is available in the UK and Europe from Tech8

Shiraz Software announces support for new Canon imagePROGRAF 24” and 44” printers

Shiraz Ipf8300

Shiraz Software today announced support for the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6300S (24”) and imagePROGRAF iPF8300S (44”) large format printers.  Drivers and media profiles for these new Canon printers are now available for download for all current Shiraz products.

Launched in the USA in February this year, the 8-colour Canon imagePROGRAF 24” and 44” printers feature similar technology found in the award-winning 12-colour iPF8300, iPF6350 and iPF6300 printers, including Canon’s LUCIA EX ink set and Canon’s FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) technology.

These new additions to the imagePROGRAF line-up broaden Canon’s offering to the graphics arts, photo and production markets and combine high productivity with exceptional print quality.

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6300S and imagePROGRAF iPF8300S large format printers are due to be released across Europe from 1st April 2011.

The new drivers and media profiles can be downloaded immediately via Shiraz’s Live Update feature.

Further information on Shiraz Software can be found at http://www.shiraz-software.com