30 Sep 2023

Solopress launches Soloflo: An API for print procurement

Solopress launches Soloflo: A ground-breaking API for print procurement.

Solopress, a renowned leader in the UK's online print industry, is thrilled to unveil Soloflo - a groundbreaking API designed to vastly improve third-party print procurement processes.

With Soloflo, businesses that sell print produced by Solopress can effortlessly channel orders straight from their customer into the Solopress workflow, dramatically enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

Simon Cooper, Managing Director of Solopress, remarks, "In the print industry, where timing, accuracy, and efficiency are critical, Soloflo will be a game-changer. We've designed it with our customers in mind, especially those who resell printed materials. It makes their ordering process much more straightforward and less prone to errors."

Truly automated, user-friendly print procurement
Existing APIs on the market often fall short when it comes to offering flexible integration, facilitating effortless updates and working with existing SKUs. Solopress have entered this space with a determination to provide a truly user-friendly solution.

Traditionally, resellers of Solopress products grappled with manually transcribing customer orders onto the Solopress's platform or liaising with account managers. Soloflo eradicates manual order inputs.

Elaborating on its merits, Cooper notes, “Soloflo's core benefit lies in its ability to allow orders received by customers to flow directly into our system. Its flexibility and convenience represent a significant advantage that will make Solopress a more sought-after print supplier to customers who prefer to order in this way."

Soloflo overcomes challenges tied to system updates and shifting SKU codes. “System updates and changing SKUs have been a common frustration with other print APIs. Soloflo alleviates this issue with a user-friendly, easy-to-maintain system that integrates whatever SKUs the customer already uses,” explains Cooper. “And importantly, we commit to automating updates and providing advance warnings of any price changes.”

Driven by customer insight
The idea behind Soloflo can be traced back to feedback gathered at The Print Show 2022. Recognising a palpable demand for a bespoke API, Solopress rose to the occasion, with plans to debut Soloflo at The Print Show 2023.
Soloflo’s adaptability is evident in its capacity to serve businesses requiring a ready-made plugin or those needing a bespoke, coded API for seamless integration.

Cooper amplifies this sentiment, asserting, “While our primary audience may be print resellers, we recognise that our customers may define themselves differently, such as media procurement agencies or tech start-ups. Soloflo caters to anyone who needs print production and recognises the benefits of automating the ordering process.”