Caldera to show new version of FLOW+ at SGIA LAS VEGAS

Caldera Flow

The newest version of FLOW+ by Caldera to be shown at SGIA

FLOW+, the first Workflow software which interacts directly with the RIP spooler, will be displaying enhanced features at SGIA Las Vegas.

Caldera developed this business and production management software+ to help its clients and print shop owners access all the information from all the departments of the company: sales, production, finishing, logistics, accounting…

FLOW+ is a complete Wide Format Business Workflow solution, which provides information and control from quote to invoice, while managing the production process (printing and finishing), inventory analysis and planning, automation of the RIP, outsourcing, delivery notes, financial statistics and accounting synchronization.

In an ongoing effort to listen to client needs and develop products suited to their everyday business needs, Caldera has already improved the 2009 SGIA Product of the Year.

  • The interaction between Flow+ and the Caldera RIP has been reinforced. Within the RIP, users have the ability to monitor the files that have already been processed by Flow+, thus permitting users to easily identify which Jobs has already been printed or finished.
  • A complete mail server is now embedded inside Flow+ server. Users now have now the ability to send quotes and purchase orders directly from Flow+ without using another webmail.
  • All the documents that the system can provide (quotes, invoices, PO, production reports …) are now 99% customizable. Flow+  gives you the ability to have multiple templates for Quote, PO, Invoice …
  • The flexibility and fluidity of the Jobtracker has been enhanced. Full Jobs or parts of a Job can be returned to a previous step.
  • The ‘bridge system’ (between Flow+ and other software) is now improved and customisable